Tupelo Press 
Writing Conferences:

Truchas, New Mexico

  May 20-23, 2016

In May we return to  Truchas, New Mexico  for a no-nonsense, intensive workshop conceived and presented by three of the most experienced poets and editors in the nation:   Jeffrey Levine , poet, Editor-in-Chief and founding Publisher of Tupelo Press, Mark Doty , prize-winning poet, and  Veronica Golos , award-winning curator, teacher, and poet.

"This is a conference where writers really work -- going further, in days of intensive conversation and close reading, into the inner workings of poems, trying to understand the ways we can make our struggling constructions of words come more and more alive. Truchas is an unforgettable place, a fierce and vital landscape, and when thunderstorms come rolling over the mountain and the yellow meadows, it feels like the world itself is asking you to look closer, think harder, feel more deeply." --  Mark Doty