March 2017
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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

In January we walked through a LinkedIn checklist, then a Facebook company page profile checklist in February - let's tackle Twitter this month.

Although @POTUS has helped to demonstrate the power Twitter as a form of personal communication, it's not right for every business. That said, I often recommend that some companies keep their Twitter account, sometimes to attract followers, and sometimes to source content.

If you are a celebrity (or the President) people may be interested in following you to see what you're up to. If you are a regular business person, Twitter is another way to share content, and to search for content.

If you decide to keep (or establish) your Twitter account, here are some ways to make the most of it:

Twitter Profile Checklist
  • Do you have a professional and engaging profile photo? (500 x 500 pixels...)
  • Do you have an interesting background/cover photo? This is a great place to showcase the personality of your business. (1500 x 500 pixels)
  • Do you have a succinct Twitter bio? (You have 160 characters to tell what you or your company are about)
  • Is your website listed in your Twitter bio?
  • Are you tweeting regularly? (recommendations as to frequency vary; it's also okay to tweet the same thing several times - it's easy to miss a lot on Twitter, especially if the reader is following many people)
  • Are you tweeting useful content? (and are you being true to your bio? If you are a staffing business, we may not be looking to you for the hockey game play-by-play....)
  • Do your tweets contain photos? (These are opened and shared far more often than text-only tweets)
  • Are you engaging others with your tweets? (using hashtags, @mentions and links to other sites or articles)
  • Is the link to your Twitter profile displayed on your website and in your email signature?
  • Are you re-tweeting others? (you can simply hit the "re-tweet" button, or "quote tweet" where you can add your own comments before you share)
  • Are you following new people regularly? (this is a good place to look for content to share, or to find people who may be interested in sharing your content)
  • When you're searching for content on a particular subject, remember to so a Twitter search in addition to your other sources.
Even if you are not a Kardashian, there are people who will be interested in articles or information that you publish or share, based on the info listed on your profile bio. 

Your Linkedin connections are professional contacts that you may or may not know personally, but you've chosen to connect with. Facebook (company page) and Twitter followers are more likely to be people that you don't know, but are interested in your business or your subject matter.

Social media should entertain, educate or engage, so if you stay within those guidelines, you'll find that you are building a following of people that find value in your information.

Linkedin Update

Our January eNewsletter provided a Linkedin Company Page checklist. Linkedin is moving our cheese...again. If your personal profile has migrated to the new format, you'll notice some changes:

  • You can no longer share articles you've written to Groups. You will have to go to the Group, copy & paste the link to your article and post it as a Discussion.
  • Contact info, website url's etc. are now shown in the right column of the profile (not the Home page), rather than in the header.
  • Skills & Endorsements are shown differently. Linkedin shows the # of people who have endorsed you, but only the latest one shows up as a contact.
  • It's not so easy to find your Groups! Scroll down to click on See More under the Following section in your Profile and a menu will pop up showing Influencers, Groups, Companies & Schools.

I'm perfectly comfortable complaining about free services, but I actually PAY for Linkedin each month, so I feel a little extra entitled. A little heads up with the key changes from Linkedin when they switch to a new format would be appreciated! Poke around in your Linkedin personal profile to see what's new.