eNewsletter of Calgary's Generative Journalism News Co-Op | November 13, 2014

Here are some of the stories we've been telling this week:


What's Possible When People Step Up to Connect Their Neighbourhood?
Two Calgary women have found a new passion for life and helped foster a friendlier, safer community

Amber Cannon feels most energized when she looks at the time that she's been active in her community and realizes the mental health issues she's struggled with have lessened considerably. 

She and Rowena Saballo, a fellow resident of her neighbourhood, Lincoln Park, in Calgary's southwest, are actively helping to create the kind of community most people want to live in. Read more...

Turning Churches Into Community Hubs
Nov. 22 workshop is an opportunity for Calgary faith communities to explore transforming their worship spaces

Some Lincoln Park residents credit the increasing well-being of their neighbourhood to the work of a local church, Bethany Chapel. The church runs a recycled clothing store for local residents, hosts community dinners and facilitates monthly meetings for local women to connect and learn specific skills. 

This is one picture of how a faith community's gathering place might become a community hubRead more...

'The Big Meet-Up' Will Celebrate the Small Successes 
Nov. 15 gathering a place to share and learn about building abundant communities in Calgary

When it comes to creating abundant communities, celebrating and learning from small successes can enable further thriving. At The Big Meet-Up, a Nov. 15 gathering in Calgary, people will share these stories in a group setting. Read more...

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