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Two Christianities --- the Known
and the Unknown
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For over 2,000 years, there have been two Christianities --- the exoteric, or generally accepted, one that most people who identify themselves as Christians believe in and the other, the one that the Christ Mind in Jesus taught only to the disciples.  The teaching that was taught to the disciples, or the esoteric teaching --- was the mystical.
In the Infinite Wisdom of the Christ Mind or Universal Consciousness was the recognition that the broad masses of people who incarnate on to this physical earth plane are young souls with limited capacity of spiritual awareness.  Such souls can only assimilate what is said or experienced up to a certain level of spiritual awareness.  As everyone lives in Eternity, these souls will, through many incarnations, grow in awareness until they awaken to a higher Universal Consciousness of Reality and Universal Selfhood.  Until that time, they have the exoteric or outer Christianity to give them belief in God and the continuance of life beyond the physical.

Until our awareness has awakened to the Universal, we live in more personal, ego-centered awareness.  Any other spiritual belief is a challenge to the ego identity, which has accepted the exoteric as being the "final word" or authority on religion and thus on the fragile support system that maintains the personal, ego identity.  It is not therefore surprising that when the mass of exoteric Christians encounter anything of the esoteric or mystical teachings of Christ, they cannot identify it as being Christian.  Exoteric Christians through the ages have oftentimes labeled mystics as heretics. Their judgment is both understandable and forgivable, as they were without higher Universal Awareness.

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