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Two New Attractions Announced for PortFest, Plus Be Sure to See New Sculpture "Heron"

Two new cool attractions have been announced for the Port of Redwood City's PortFest Saturday, October 7.
  • Billed as the world's first true jetpack, JetPack Aviation will show off is jet turbine-powered backpack, capable of vertical takeoff and landing, at demonstrations at 10:45 a.m.12:45 p.m. and 1:45 p.m.
  • A video game truck from Kids Cool Game Truck in San Jose will be at PortFest from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The jetpack demonstration will launch from the end of Wharf 5 in full view of PortFest located in the public access area of the Port.  They will fly up to a height of 60 feet out over the Redwood City harbor and return for a landing at Wharf 5.
David Mayman demonstration

"Our jetpack is just the beginning of the personal flight revolution," according to JetPack Aviation CEO David Mayman. "With this technological breakthrough, JetPack Aviation has created an entirely new aviation market for individuals, corporations, and military customers. Our jetpack will open a vast range of new and exciting applications including rapid organ transportation, high-rise fire escape, and rescue missions behind enemy lines."
Mayman added, "Like the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, Jetpack Aviation is standing at the leading edge of a brand new industry: Personal Flight Mobility.  And like those famous brothers, we are smashing technological barriers through hard work, creative insight, and a whole lot of R&D."  

The free video game truck features:

Limousine Style Interior : The Game Theater has a luxurious limo-style interior with comfortable stadium-style seating and climate controlled environment.
Laser and Under Glow Light : The laser lights change colors throughout the gaming experience. Plus, there is under glow lighting with changing colors outside the Game Theater for an exciting nighttime display.
5 Huge High Definition TV Screens : There are five huge high-definition screens and gaming stations inside the unit where players can enjoy action, dancing and sports games.
HUGE Game Library : One of the largest ever-expanding video game libraries available. With the most popular video games, and more on their way, gamers will have no problem finding the latest and best games to keep them entertained.
Surround Sound Audio System : With powerful sound bars under every screen for an immersive experience, the audio system surrounds the players with rich sound.

New at the Port since last year's PortFest is the bellwether of Redwood City's public art expansion to the Port of Redwood City, where the sculpture piece the "Heron" was The Heron dedicated last fall. The sculpture is of a large heron taking flight.  It was installed on a concrete pedestal at the Port's public access area (site of the Opening Ceremony at 10 a.m.) with its proximity and views of the waterfront and restored wetlands and wildlife habitat on Bair Island was deemed the most appropriate and preferable site for the display of public art.

PortFest, a  free community celebration of the working and recreational waterfront, is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 7.  The 2017 Redwood City PortFest is historic -- the Sesquicentennial for Redwood City (150th anniversary) and the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the Port.  We are also celebrating as an Anchor Event for Save the Bay's "Bay Day."  More information:         
Port of Redwood City  |  675 Seaport Blvd  |  Redwood City, CA 94063

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