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Two new books explore U.S. involvement in Pakistan and Afghanistan and what the future holds for the region.


The Pakistan-US Conundrum The Pakistan-US Conundrum  

Jihadists, the Military and the People -- The Struggle for Control


Yunas Samad   


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"An important book that needs to be read for its deep understanding of Pakistan's history and its analytical brilliance on the country's contemporary social and political situation. It challenges the internationally sponsored security-driven agenda for the region and provokes us to think seriously about Pakistan and its people with empathy and in solidarity. In doing so, this study shows a way out of the current quagmire by encouraging the deepening of democracy and initiating meaningful social and economic reforms that benefit the people of Pakistan." - Kamran Asdar Ali, University of Texas, Austin (Read more reviews) 


Yunas Samad's trenchant analysis of contemporary Pakistan illuminates five key players: the country's people, army, Islamists, and politicians, and the American forces struggling to maintain Pakistan's social and political stability. Samad describes the alliances borne of political and strategic expediency that continually undermine the legitimacy of the state, and he measures the extent to which the country's existence is now in jeopardy.


Samad follows these provocative issues in detail before returning to his key themes: the mistreatment of ordinary Pakistanis by military and civilian rulers, the steady decline of citizens' material circumstances over the past twenty years or more, and the grand designs of Islamabad and Washington that continue to undermine Pakistani political life while ushering in new forms of Islamist and sectarian politics.   


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Famine in North Korea

When More is Less     

The International Project in Afghanistan  


Astri Suhrke  


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"When More is Less contains the pithiest description I know of where Afghanistan will be in 2014. Suhrke dissects, with an unblinking eye, how we got here, thanks to the stifling 'military embrace' of Operation Afghanistan." - Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network (Read more reviews)



Western-led efforts to establish a post-Taliban order in Afghanistan are in serious jeopardy. Beginning with the dynamics of Western intervention and its parallel peacebuilding mission, Astri Suhrke examines the forces that have shaped this grand international project and the apparent systemic bias toward deeper and broader international involvement.

Deepening Western involvement in the region has been dysfunctional rather than helpful, and massive international support has created an extensively weak, corrupt, and unaccountable state. U.S.-led military operations have only undermined the peacebuilding agenda, and increased international aid and monitoring have only led to Afghan resentment and evasion. Suhrke instead proposes a less intrusive international presence and recommends a longer time-frame for carrying out reconstruction. She also encourages negotiations with militants to introduce a more Afghan-directed order. 



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