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July 2017 News & Updates
COS Events
Living Shoreline Stabilization: De Soto National Memorial Park
Join the UCF Coastal and Estuarine Ecology Lab for a Living Shoreline Stabilization event on August 12-13 to help stablize highly eroded shorelines from Hurricane Matthew and boat wakes, within this national park. To learn more about this family-friendly event. Read more

Farm to Table Cooking Demonstration
UCF biology Pegasus Professor Graham Worthy spoke about the pressures of population growth on the future of Florida's coasts.   Read More
TEDx Talk With Coastal Implications
UCF biology Pegasus Professor Graham Worthy spoke at TEDx about the pressures of population growth on the future of Florida's coasts. Read more
COS Highlights     
Solving a Turtle Health Mystery

Almost 50 percent of the green sea turtles in the Indian River Lagoon have tumors all over their bodies and the cause of the disease remains a mystery.  Read more
PTSD Intensive-Therapy Approach Proves Highly Effective 
At the UCF RESTORES Clinic that treats post-traumatic stress disorder, veterans and active military members are put face-to-face with what has caused them anguish.  Read more

Helping Avoid Long Lines at Theme Parks
Two UCF alumni and a student each earned first place in a competition that stretched their statistical math skills to help people visiting theme parks avoid long lines. Read more
Faculty News
Molecular Electronics Scientists Shatter 'Impossible' Record
An international research team that includes UCF Professor Enrique del Barco has cracked an important limitation that for nearly 20 years has prevented the practical use of molecular diodes.  Read more
Socializing on Mars

Besides the obvious technological hurdles that are faced, a future Mars mission will require an in-depth look at different social and psychological issues.  Read more
UCF Expert Teams up with Astronaut for World Asteroid Day
For the third annual World Asteroid Day on Friday, UCF physics Professor Humberto Campins teamed up with friend and astronaut Tom Jones for a special presentation at Kennedy Space CenterRead more
Alumni Spotlights
A Typical Day like No Other
University of Central Florida political science alumnus Mike Nichola '11 MA goes to work every day to make a difference.  Read more
Jammin' Knight Takes on Circuit Court
Political science alumnus Matthew Baker's journey has taken him all over Florida, but some of his fondest experiences were here at UCF.   Read more

UCF Continues to Stand for Opportunity for AlumKnight Joan McCain

Outstanding AlumKnight Joan McCain knew UCF would provide the opportunity, experiences and internships to launch her career in marketing and communication. Read more
Student Stories
A Startup Beats the Odds
University of Central Florida graduate student Jordan Manning and his startup, Abe AI, have beat the odds and are headed to South Africa.   Read more
Healthcare Accessibility Research
Mackenzie Hager's desire to help has driven her to be a voice for those in need.  Read more

Taking a Step Back to Move Forward

A team of University of Central Florida students made it to the semifinals in a data analysis challenge sponsored by the Society of Actuaries. Read more

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