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October 2017 News & Updates
COS Events
Distinguished Speaker Series
Set your calendars for January 17 as we continue our Distinguished Speaker series with Assistant Professor J. Marla Toyne, a bioarchaeologist, for the talk, Where Condors Reign: Vertical Archaeology in the Mountains of Peru.  Learn more about the series

Physics Career Exploration Day 2017
Today's physicists find themselves working in almost every science and engineering environment, including teaching, and are often in leadership roles.  Physics Career Exploration Day is designed to help students learn about the great career opportunities available to them in the field of physics and to engage in the learning environment and programs at UCF.  Learn more
Science Cafe: Hard Lives, Mean Streets
Jana L. Jasinski, Ph.D., Interim Vice Provost for Faculty Excellence, a Pegasus Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean in the College of Sciences, will lead a talk that explores the implications of the intersection between homelessness and violent victimization, on October 26.  Read more
COS Highlights     
Anthropologist is Changing Lives Through Research

John Starbuck , Ph.D., thought studying anthropology might lead him to a career in a museum, but it's done more than he could've imagined - his research and discoveries are changing the lives of people affected by Down syndrome and those with cleft lip or palate.  Read more
College of Sciences Receives $16M in Research Funding 
UCF faculty brought in $136 million in research funding in 2017, a year that was also marked by national recognition for the number of patents issued to UCF, tech transfer excellence and overall innovationUCF's research is getting national attention.  Read more

Drone Research Hits New Heights
As the popularity of drones and geospatial technologies continues to rise, the Citizen Science GIS research team aims to train the next generation of community-minded scientists in the art and science of drone flights, image processing, open data sharing and spatial storytelling with drone imagery. Read more
Faculty News
Welcome, New Faculty! 
The College of Sciences welcomed 20 new faculty members this year! Meet them
James Bacchus Joins Political Science Department

James Bacchus, who joins UCF as Distinguished University Professor of Global Affairs, will lead the UCF Center for Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity.  Read more
Physicist's Career Launched by Cassini Mission
When NASA's Cassini mission ended on Sept. 15 by plunging into Saturn's atmosphere, UCF Physics Professor Josh Colwell reminisced about the mission that launched his career and the family he's made throughout the almost 20-year journey.   Read more
Alumni Spotlights
UCF Alumna Creates Her Own Path
Nicolette Jackson originally entered UCF with the intention to study journalism, but realized it wasn't entirely what she wanted. She then tried biology, but still struggled to find where her true passion was.   Read more
A 12-Year Delay Leads to Success
Melissa Gomez attended small private schools until fall 2000, when she found herself a freshman film major at one of the nation's largest universities. She chose to leave UCF, believing she was wasting her time, but returned with a new goal.  Read more

Shining Knight Speaks up for Underprivileged Youth

Codeye Woody spent his time at UCF working hard in classes and volunteering his time to read to underprivileged children living in Parramore. This gave him the opportunity to study and understand economically challenged areas in bigger metropolitan cities.  Read more
Student Stories
Anthropolgy Student Focuses on Sustainability
What if you could spend the summer reading books by the beach in San Diego? That's what Sarah Davenport did, but that's not all.  Read more
Knightlife: The Turtle Team
It's 9:30 p.m., the sun is down, and your shift is about to start. You put on your long pants, long-sleeved shirt, bug jacket and fanny pack with your nightly turtle kit.  Read more

Student Stories: What Happens When Your Apartment Floods

We've featured journalism student Isabelle D'Antonio's first-hand account of what happened to her during Hurricane Irma. Read more

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