June 2017
Hello Everyone! 

So was I the only one who didn’t get the memo that this was going to be Global Ransomware Month?!?!  Headlines of these cyber attacks keep piling up and it feels like no one is safe anymore.  But then I read 2 blogs on WannaCry and Petya from our own Ken Rode and realized, like everyone else will, that even a modicum of effort and expense makes the ransomware outbreaks this month a non-issue.  It’s the lazy and unprepared that pay the price. 

So now that we’re safe and can again focus on real work like Quarter End processing, check out the ClientRep Case Study below on how to take the worry out of client reporting.

The combination of ITComplete and ClientRep will make you sleep a lot better next month. Have a Happy 4th!!

Best Regards, 
David Gemma
Managing Director at UNAPEN 

Multiple Significant Global Cyber Attacks in a Month's Time
ZERO Breaches of ITComplete Protected Machines Nationwide

UNAPEN has been protecting client networks using a robust combination of solutions, including Managed IT, Disaster Recovery & Proactive Cyber Security Optimization.

Our expertise and industry specializations are one of several reasons firms choose UNAPEN over the generic sea of providers in the marketplace today. 

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