UNEP FI welcomes back readers after the Summer with news of its achievements and bright outlook for Sustainable Finance. 


The unveiling of The Principles for Sustainable Insurance, with support from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner, and many of the world's top insurers, was a high point of the Rio+20 proceedings, and a well deserved success of the UNEP FI Insurance team. 


Another UNEP FI initiative, The Natural Capital Declaration, was launched at Rio, with 39 CEOs signing the Declaration and committing to integrate natural capital considerations into their financial products and services. 


The inclusion of paragraphs 47 and 255-257 in the Rio outcome document was also significant for Finance and it role in Sustainable Development, and UNEP FI is ready to be a key player in the process.


We are very excited about welcoming our signatories next month for the UNEP FI Annual General Meeting. It is a once in a year event that represents a unique opportunity to connect with our signatories and for them to participate in UNEP FI's activities and future strategies. We encourage all our signatories to register for the 2012 AGM which will take place on 11-12 October, at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.


We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.


Yours sincerely,


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Yuki Yasui

Officer-in-charge, UNEP FI

    HighlightThe Highlight
Paragraphs 47 and 255 - 257:  Rio+20 Outcomes

The 283 paragraphs of the Rio+20 outcome document, The Future We Want, are a comprehensive viewpoint of the state of the environment, economics and society by member States. UNEP FI found the paragraphs 47, and 255-257 of particular interest to our work. 


Paragraph 47, "acknowledged the importance of corporate sustainability reporting..." and called on industry, governments and other stakeholders to develop models and best practice to facilitate the integration of sustainability reporting into the reporting cycle. 


Paragraphs 257-258 called for the establishment of an intergovernmental process in order to "assess the financing needs, consider the effectiveness, consistency and synergies of existing instruments and frameworks..". An intergovernmental committee of 30 experts will be nominated by regional groups based on geographical parity. The aim is to prepare a report that will propose options on an effective sustainable development financing strategy. The Committee's work should be concluded by 2014.


UNEP FI will seek to integrate its research and findings into these processes.


More information here.

 NewsUNEP FI News 

Principles for Sustainable Insurance Launched


UNEP FI launched the Principles for Sustainable Insurance on the eve of the Rio+20 Conference. Close to 30 leading insurers, representing over 10 percent of world premium volume and over USD 5 trillion in total assets, along with insurance associations from different regions around the world, became founding signatory companies and supporting institutions.


According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, "The Principles for Sustainable Insurance provide a global roadmap to develop and expand the innovative risk management and insurance solutions that we need to promote renewable energy, clean water, food security, sustainable cities and disaster-resilient communities."


The launch event was co-hosted by the International Insurance Society and the Brazilian Insurance Confederation. The launch marked the start of the UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative to promote the global adoption and implementation of the Principles.


More information here.


Natural Capital Declaration - 1e Workshop in London


Following the launch of the NCD at Rio+20, the initiative continued with the 1e workshop in London on 26 July hosted by ICAEW. The workshop presented the achievements at Rio+20 along with the NCD Roadmap. The core part of the day focused on what type of guidance financial institutions are seeking to implement the four engagements, and how the supporters, conveners and signatories can work together. 


Please note that financial institutions can still sign up to the Natural Capital Declaration. In order to do so, sign off from the CEO is necessary. You can get in touch with us via our website's contact form or directly to ivo.mulder@unep.org.


UNEP FI connects with Climate Change Convention


UNEP FI is among stakeholders who, at the demand of global regulators, have fleshed out the current and future role of finance in the architecture of the global climate change treaty at a Bonn workshop.

The three-day workshop in Bonn follows the recent decision by parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to develop a work program on long-term finance which should be rolled out throughout 2012.


The UNFCCC confirmed the creation of a Green Climate Fund - a mechanism to assist the developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change - at its 16th Conference of the Parties in Cancun, Mexico.  


More information here.

    PublicationsUNEP FI Publications

Biodiversity Offsets: : Voluntary and Compliance Regimes


UNEP-WCMC and UNEP FI have issued a new publication on voluntary and compliance regimes in relation to biodiversity offsets. Over the past years a growing number of businesses, including (multilateral) financial institutions, have started to undertake voluntary biodiversity offset projects as part of their environmental risk management strategies. Motivations to do so relate to demonstrating leadership, gaining an ability to influence the regulatory process, reducing operational risk exposure and taking advantage of new business developments.


Full download here.


Tomorrow's Capital Markets


Tomorrow's Capital Markets represents the first phase of a long-term effort that aims to scrutinise sustainability the effectiveness of the current incentives structure and correct its most blatant flaws.


The paper identifies the complexity of incentives faced by different actors along the investment chain and flags some of the fundamental challenges - from communication gaps to the lack of viable metrics - arising from this intricate web.


Tomorrow's Capital Markets also extends an invitation to all parties interested in developing this agenda to partake in dialogues scheduled throughout 2012-13. The initiative will culminate with a major presentation of findings and proposals in the fall of 2013.

Full download here.


Lenses and Clocks: Financial Stability & Systemic Risk


The report Lenses and Clocks: Financial Stability & Systemic Risk, argues that post-financial crisis efforts to shield the economy from volatility must be extended to include emerging sources of instability in the environmental, social, and governance realms if markets are to achieve robust growth and create wealth for all.


The report further contends that the imperative of detecting long-term financial risks - a lesson of the recent financial crisis - requires a heightened perception for unconventional, long-term risk.


Such long-term but steadily growing risks include climate change, resource depletion, social upheaval, and other risks stemming from environmental, social, and governance phenomena - all of which are seldom identified and assessed by financial analysts, and therefore too rarely managed by financial institutions.


 Full download here.



UNEP FI and the Latin American Bank Federation, FELABAN, released at a Rio+20 side-event the results of a pan-Latin American study on the integration of sustainability principles among banks of the region in the report Integracion de la sostenabilidad en las instituciones financieras Latinoamericanas.


Conducted among 85 financial institutions in 19 countries, the study is the most important effort ever undertaken in the region on this subject. The report includes 19 case studies of good practices. It crowns a recently agreed partnership between UNEP FI and FELABAN that has infused with new vigour the march towards sustainable finance in Latin America.


Full download here.

    UpcomingEventsUNEP FI Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting 11-12 October, 2012, Geneva


The UNEP FI 2012 Annual General Meeting will take place on October 11th - 12th, at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. We look forward to welcoming our Signatories members for this unique opportunity to connect and participate in UNEP FI's activities and strategy.


Prior to the Annual General Meeting, on October 10th, the Banking Commission and Principles for Sustainable Finance meetings will be held at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. 


Webinar: CIO Briefing - Measuring and Disclosing the Carbon Intensity of Investments and Investment Portfolios


3 October 2012, 14:00 - 15:00, CET


Physical impacts of climate change continue to intensify and grow in frequency with increasingly disruptive implications on socio-economic systems. Public perception and prioritisation of climate change mitigation is hence expected to sharpen. In the face of these and other such emerging challenges adopting responsible investment approaches by accounting for and disclosing GHG emissions can fundamentally protect and enhance asset value whilst mitigating long-term risk to the investment performance.


Attendees to this Webinar will hear about the latest developments, as well as key insights from both investment practitioners and thought leaders. Questions raised will include:
  • Why are corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions important to you, now more than ever?
  • Why should you start measuring and disclosing the GHG emissions associated with your investments and portfolios?
  • How can you address the GHG emissions associated with your investments and investment portfolios?
  • How can you start looking at the physical impacts that climate change will have on your activities?
  • Nick Robins - Head of Climate Change Centre, HSBC
  • Julie Gorte - Co-chair, UNEP FI Asset Management Working Group, and Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing, PAX World
  • Julian Poulter - Executive Director, Asset Owner Disclosure Project
  • Nigel Topping - Chief Innovation Officer, CDP
  • Asset Owner Representative (TBA)

Registration herePlease register by the 26 September. 


More information here.


Accounting for the future, 8-12 October, 2012


ACCA's Accounting for the future is a worldwide event exploring the role finance professionals will play in building a stronger and sustainable global economy. 

Topics to be covered include risk management, valuation, corporate reporting, investor engagement and the green economy. The event will be brought to you via live-webcasts and on-demand videos. There will also be events taking place around the world in the UK, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malaysia and Ireland.


More information here.


Launch of the E-RISC Report

19 November | 13.30 - 18.00 | Bloomberg London Auditorium 

followed by a reception 


The E-RISC project (Environmental Risk in Sovereign Credit analysis) assessed the materiality of natural resource and environmental risks in the context of sovereign credit risk. While sovereign bonds have generally been considered safe securities, the ramifications of sovereign downgrades reverberate, a growing number of investors and analysts are increasingly questioning the comprehensiveness of information used to assess sovereign credit worthiness. With a current total of more than USD 40 trillion of outstanding sovereign debt, the stakes are high and the issue demands closer inspection.


The launch takes places on the 19 November and is hosted by Bloomberg in London. Please register your interest for the launch with Meiling Su, who will then confirm your attendance and provide further details on the agenda. 

    TrainingUNEP FI Training

Promotional Offer: UNEP FI members and civil society representatives benefit from a discount on all UNEP FI training courses! More details on www.unepfi.org/training.
Environmental and Social Risk Analysis (ESRA) Online Course 

ESRA Online Course  

Next courses: 8 - 26 October (French)

                     29 October - 16 November (English)

                     12 - 30 November (Spanish)


Register now for the Environmental and Social Risk Analysis (ESRA) Online Course! 


This course is an interactive educational experience that runs over a three-week period. It is intended specifically for risk managers and analysts in commercial, corporate, investment, and retail banking in, or dealing with, developing countries and emerging markets.


So far, we have conducted more than 50 editions of the Environmental and Social Risk Analysis (ESRA) Online Course in three different languages (English, Spanish and French), and this course continues to be in high demand. 


More information and registration here.

Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Finance Sector Online Course


Next course: 15 October - 5 November (English)


Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Finance Sector Online Course. Register now!


The Online Course on Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Finance Sector provides participants with a fundamental understanding of the science behind climate change and the structure of the international climate change regime. Furthermore, this course aims to educate participants on how financial markets-across the banking, investment, and insurance sectors-can cope with the resulting risks of climate change, and seize the potential opportunities.


More information and registration here.

    OurCommunityOur Community
Four New Members join the UNEP FI Community

Findeter which stands for Financial Corporation for the Territorial Development S.A (Financiera del Desarrollo Territorial S.A.) was founded in 1989, through the 57 Supreme Decree. 


Corporacion Financiera Nacional (CFN) is a development bank in Ecuador, which has become the executory arm of productive reactivation policies of the government. Since 2012 CFN has incorporated into its role of a development bank, the concept of sustainability, which refers to the implementation of an environmental management system.


Grupo Financiero Banamex was created in August 2001 as a result of the sale of Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival to Grupo Financiero Citigroup. Joining Citigroup has allowed Banamex to offer an extensive range of financial services in Mexico and the world.


Robeco is a prominent independent asset manager, founded in 1929 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Robeco offers investment solutions in a broad range of strategies and is a global leader in sustainability investing.

    NewsfromPartnersNews from Partners

The Plastic Disclosure Project - Webinar 4 October


The Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) seeks to help businesses improve their efficiency while reducing their environmental impact through measuring and managing their "plastic footprint."   


In the coming months, the PDP will be inviting organizations from around the world to submit disclosure reports, increasing transparency in reporting standards to the benefit of the UNEP FI community. 


 More information here


Climate Finance Innovation Facility - 3rd Call for Proposals

CFIF provides developing country financial institutions with technical assistance and funding for the development of climate focused financial products and services. It thereby helps financial institutions innovate new products and services for the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.


CFIF is pleased to announce its 3rd Call for Proposals, inviting applications from financial institutions based in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The selection procedure consists of a two-step application process. In the first step, applicants are requested to submit a concept note using the application form that can be downloaded from 
http://climate-finance.org. Applications are to be submitted electronically to cfif@fs.de on or before 30 September 2012.


UNITAR / UNEP E-Learning Course, 2nd Edition: Introduction to a Green Economy: 8 October - 30 November


In response to the high demand received, UNITAR in partnership with UNEP will deliver a 2nd edition of the e-learning course. Participants will learn about different concepts and  facets of the green economy, as well as global, national and sector-specific challenges and opportunities to advance low-carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive development. Additionally, participants will begin to develop basic skills for applying the green economy concept in a real world economic, policy and/or personal context.  


More information here


UNEP FI joins SusCon, International Conference on Sustainable Business & Consumption as supporter - 


For the third year SusCon - the International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption - will bring together decision-makers from businesses, NGOs, governments and UN organisations that strive for the concrete implementation of an "inclusive green economy".  The conference takes place November 27-28, 2012 in the World Conference Center in Bonn.


More information here


To get in touch with the UNEP FI Secretariat, please contact info [at] unepfi.org or visit us at www.unepfi.org.

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