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April 10, 2018

You are invited...
Please join us at an open house 
to celebrate the 
50th wedding anniversary  of 
Peter & Joanne Lindahl
Saturday, April 14th, 2018
Laramie Historic Railroad Depot
1st and Kearney
C4 Dinner Deliciousness
On behalf of the C4 College "kids" we thank you from the bottom of our hungry hearts for all the delicious meals that have been prepared for us this year! Your cooking and serving efforts have been enjoyed and appreciated!   Home cooking away from home!
Our time together is drawing to a close, as the semester will soon end. We are hoping that we might be able to find 4 more culinary connoisseurs to share their skills with us.
April 18
April 25
May 2
May 9
Please contact Pastor Sheri at UpcLaramiepastor@gmail.com if you would be willing to share a meal on one of those dates. Our average attendance is 15ish people. 
Be Firm with the North Door!
The Property Committee would like to encourage everyone to be firm with the North Door! We will be looking at it soon to help it be easier to shut. But until then, please make sure that the door shuts behind you!
A very special walking cane was lost Easter Sunday at church.  Last seen was at the Easter Breakfast.  If you know of its whereabouts please contact the church office.  Thank you!
Christ's Love in Action!
UPC celebrates and thanks:

-The men of the church for serving the Easter Breakfast

--Thank you for the ways that you are putting Christ's Lov in Action! 
APRIL Care Cart
Whiting High School (WHS) strives to maintain students - many facing serious personal problems-in school to provide them with a solid learning foundation on which to build and meet their goals.  Currently WHS has increased its student body to 45 while keeping its low teacher student ratio.  This allows the school to live up to its motto, "With high expectations comes high support."  It is a Character Counts school that embeds the six pillars of character into their program: trustworthiness; respect; responsibility; fairness; caring; and citizenship.  Given the dire economic realities facing most of their students, all school meals are free and the school runs its own "store" where students can obtain food and other necessities at no cost. The school's principal is thrilled that UPC is planning to make some donations to their efforts and has asked for paper products and toiletries.
Items to be donated:
-disposable razors
-shaving cream
-hair conditioner
-shower gel
-dental floss
-skin/hand lotion
-fingernail file
-toilet paper
If you are an ordained elder or deacon, your help in serving communion during our worship services would be greatly appreciated. Just click on the following link and then mark the date that will work for you. Thank you from The UPC Worship Committee.

elders and deacons
VBS sign up!
The weather is getting warmer...its time to start thinking about Vacation Bible School.

UPC will hold  VBS  June 4th - 8th from  9:00- 11:30 am.

Please follow this link to register:

Please let Michelle Harris know if you have any questions.
UPC is pleased to offer online giving opportunities.  For more information click  on-line giving  
Calendar of Events at UPC
For a full calendar of events click here         
Presbyterian Women 
The Presbyterian Women of Wyoming will hold their annual Spring Gathering in Powell, WY, April 13-14, 2018.  We invite all women of the Presbytery of Wyoming to attend to learn about mission, the PW Bible study, fellowship, worship and more!  Please look for registration in the bulletins at in the church office.
Season of Resurrection
Sunday's gospel story of Doubting Thomas offers us a secret room, and, with it, an invitation to touch, to cross more deeply into Jesus' story and our own. John tells of a room in which the disciples gather-a locked room, for fear. For secrets. And there, in their midst, Jesus appears, offering his hands and side, offering peace, offering the Holy Spirit, breathing into them. But Thomas is gone, John tells us, and will not believe unless he sees. So Jesus returns a week later, slides through the shut doors of the secret room, shows himself to Thomas. "Put your finger here and see my hands," Jesus says, as if touching and seeing are one and the same. "Reach out your hand and put it in my side. Do not doubt but believe."
Thomas would have found good company amongst many Christians in the middle Ages, when there arose a form of devotion that gave particular attention to the wounds of Christ as an entry into prayer and contemplation. With an approach to both flesh and spirit that can be challenging for us to understand in the world today, these mystics saw in Christ's wounds, an array of meanings. Christ's wound became, among other things, an opening through which he offers his life-giving sustenance as a mother shares her milk with her child; a womb-space that offers the possibility of rebirth, and a place of union between lover and beloved.
While such a vivid approach to the wounds of Christ may strike our 21st -century sensibilities as odd or gruesome, this form of contemplation was not seen as an end in itself. Mystics and artists understood the flesh of Christ as a threshold: that his wounds were an entryway, a portal into God. Contemplating the wounds of Christ could also prompt medieval Christians to touch the wounds of the world. The wounds of Christ are the sufferings of the poor, the outcast, and the unfortunate. These imaginative approaches to Christ's wounds, and the access they offered to medieval folk who sought intimate acquaintance with him, do not dismiss or justify the violence of the crucifixion story.
Encountering these visual images, however, has challenged me to wonder what sort of doorway they offer to me, and to us, in these days that, as they ever have been, are so profoundly marked by violence. I have come to see more clearly the ways that being in the world and loving one another - even from our most intact, integrated places, much less our less-intact ones, exposes us to wounding, to the giving and receiving of pain. Christ's wounds exemplify this. They show the depth of his willingness to enter into our loving in all its hurt and hope and capacity for going horribly wrong. In wearing his wounds...even in his resurrection...he confronts us with our own and calls us to move through them into new life. The crucified Christ challenges us to discern how our wounds will serve as doorways that lead us through our own pain and into a deeper relationship with the wounded world and with the Christ who is about the business of resurrection, for whom the wounds did not have the final word.
As we continue into this Easter season, how do we see the wounds of Christ in the wounds of the world? How might we be called to reach into those wounds - not to wallow in them, not to become overwhelmed by them, but to touch them and minister to them and help to turn them into doorways that draw us deeper into Christ? In this season of resurrection, may you see the risen Christ all around you. May you be blessed in your seeing and lean yourself into the new world that he offers to you.                             Rev. Sheri Fry
Mary Martha Circle
Mary Martha Circle will continue its study in Hebrews Wednesday, April 18th at 1:00 pm at the home of Lois Irving,2426 Skyview Lane. Freda Dixon will lead us in lesson eight of our study and Isa Riley is our co-hostess.  All women of the church are invited to join our circle to study the book of Hebrews entitled "Cloud of Witnesses" by Melissa Bane Seiver.  If you would like to join us please let Lois, 742-3130 or Isa, 745-5517  know you are planning to be with us.  This is a great opportunity for fellowship and study. 
Ghost Ranch
June 17-23, 2018
We hope you will consider having your youth (incoming 6th grade through graduated 12th grade) joining us on a service trip to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico in June.
The Youth Service Corps program at Ghost Ranch provides middle school and high school youth with opportunities to deepen connections through meaningful service work on and off Ghost Ranch property.
Youth work an average of 20-25 hours during their Sunday-Saturday stay at Ghost Ranch. Service work extends from the ranch and out into the great Northern New Mexican communities surrounding Ghost Ranch providing enriching and engaging cultural educational experiences. Each day, YSC participants are provided with opportunity to contemplate the meaning, purpose and connections made through service work, reflections and other spiritual offerings.
This program also includes opportunities for the group to participate in fun activities; ropes course, hiking beautiful trails, kayaking and swimming on Abiquiu Lake's waterfront and ranch swimming pool and ranch wide games.
If you would like more information please contact Rev. Sheri Fry at UPClaramiepastor@gmail.com or call 307-742-2061 x 12.
Registration is due by Sunday, March 25. Cost is $450 and financial assistance from UPC is available.  
Elizabeth William and Rev. Sheri Fry will be the chaperones on the trip and we are hoping one of the college adults will also join us. 
Per Capita
Please be sure to pay your member Per Capita of $43.05 for 2018.  Thank you.
Reports & Session Minutes
The UPC Session Minutes and reports can be read at our website at  upclaramie.org/minutes/
Spring Church Office Hours
The hours for the church office are as follows:  Monday and Wednesday 10:00-1:00 and Friday 12:00-3:00.  We want to remind everyone that the church is open.  We check the phone messages and emails on a regular basis. Please, if you feel you need to give the church a call or a visit please do so!
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L iturgist  volunteers
Liturgists  are needed for upcoming services at UPC. 
If you are willing to step forward to do this, please click on the following link and mark the date/time that will work for you. Thank you from the Worship Committee.

Giving Paul Rechard a Ride to Church
The Deacons are working to coordinate rides to church for Paul Rechard.  Please click the sign up below if you would be willing to help.  Thank you!

Give Paul a Ride
Save this Date
In addition to the women's team for Habitat that was recently announce by Pastor Fry, a UPC team will go to Cheyenne on Saturday, August 18th, to help with one of the twin homes that Laramie County Habitat will be building this summer.  Please contact Nancy Lick at sadielady2@charter.net if you are interested in joining this team.  The church members who went on last summer's build reported that it was a very positive experience that was well-organized and supervised by the Habitat staff and local volunteers.  More information will be made available as the date nears.
Efforts continue to contact Laramie's Habitat with no response to either the telephone number or e-mail address that Mission has.  According to Pat, staff at the Cheyenne Habitat, the efforts of their Board of Directors to assume the mortgages of the past Laramie builds has met with a frustrating web involving banks, etc.  She said that the Laramie Habitat has "fallen off the map" as far as she knows.  If anyone knows of a viable local contact for Habitat, please let a member of the Mission Committee (Wayne, Vi, and Nancy) know.

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