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February 6, 2018

Alicia Ford from Camp Story will be with us  this Sunday  to answer your questions about summer camp.  Please plan on joining us.  Camp is a wonderful experience for the kids!
Mark your Calendars
Vacation Bible School will be June 4-8,  2018.  Hope to see you all there!
Mid & SR High 
Mid High Youth Group starting this Sunday from 4:00-5:00 pm at the church!!  See you there!

Ghost Ranch summer work trip registration for middle school and high school youth will be mailed out this week. Keep an eye out for that information coming to you soon!
Your children will love this
 (and some adults, too)
The Laramie Foster Closet is dedicated to provide local children in foster care with the gifts of dignity and childhood.  They are conducting a sweet fundraiser or Friday, February 9th, from  3 p.m. to 6 p.m.  at the Albany County Library to raise funds to provide for the birthdays of foster children here in Laramie.  Cupcakes and frosting/decorating supplies will be provided along with other child-friendly activities. The cupcakes are $1.00 or 4 for $3.00. 
UPC youth school fund raiser
Many of our UPC youth are headed to Teton Science School, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this April.  Nadia Buchanan, Delilah Dixon, Tyler Gale, Sam Harshberger, Trenton Rogers, Brynn Utton,  and Mikayla Williams are all Beitel students and UPC youth.  They are hosting a potato bar dinner on  Saturday, February 10 from 4-6 p.m. at The Moose Lodge located at 409 South 3rd Street with their classmates.  Tickets are $5 each or $20 for a family of more than 4 people.  There will be a potato bar, a drink and dessert.  There will also be a silent auction.  Please contact any of the youth or call Hillary Utton  307-251-6512 for tickets.  We will have tickets available on  Sunday, January 28th for purchase.  Thank you for supporting these kids in this special educational experience!
This weeks LOGOS theme is
Picture Perfect Night!  See you there.
Christ's Love in Action!
UPC celebrates and thanks

-Howard Parker, Holly Barker, Cameron Collamer and Hillary Utton for spending over 2 hours at church for the UPC book review.  

-All who came to help make decorations last Thursday for Family Promise.

- - Thank you for the ways that you are putting Christ's Love in Action!  
Spring Church Office Hours
The hours for the church office are as follows for Fall startihng September 6th. Monday and Wednesday 10:00-1:00 and Friday 12:00-3:00.  We want to remind everyone that the church is open.  We check the phone messages and emails on a regular basis. Please, if you feel you need to give the church a call or a visit please do so!
February Care Cart
A major component of the Presbyterian Church USA's disaster relief strategy are the various disaster relief kits through its Church World Service (CWS) partner.  These kits allow for an immediate, short-term response to hurricanes, tsunamis, war, floods, fires, etc. both here in America and internationally.  The kit distribution occurs while the relief organizations are assessing needs and getting their services established. 
The kits start with us and we send them on to the Service Centers in either Maryland or Arkansas where volunteers check , sort, and pack them into CWS shipping cartons.  Our kits then are kept in a warehouse until they are needed.  Some kits may go to Africa or the Middle East to provide refugee children with school supplies, to the Caribbean where hygiene supplies are provided to hurricane victims, or to America's Gulf Coast with clean-up supplies following a flood.  Over 46,000 kits (and some blankets) were shipped in response to Hurricane Matthew.  In 2017, 206,000 disaster kits were shipped throughout the world with nearly half being hygiene kits and 12,000 being clean-up buckets.  Five of these buckets came from UPC.
Thanks to the UPC women we're adding school supplies to this year's disaster drive.  The cloth bags that were made and donated meet the requirements for the School Kits.  The 2018 Kit drive will focus on both Hygiene Kits and School Kits.  Mission will host an evening cover dish supper during March to allow parents to help their children assemble the kits along with other church members.  The children did a marvelous job last year and Mission is looking forward to working with them and the rest of our church family
again this year.  The needed donations are the following:
School Kits:  blunt-nosed scissors; 70-count spiral notebooks or pads with 200-210 pages (no loose-leaf paper); 30 centimeter/12 inch rulers; small pencil sharpeners; large erasers; boxes of 24 crayons (no more than 24!).  They ask for pencils but we have lots of Heifer pencils that we can use.
Hygiene Kits: 16" X 28" hand towels (NO fingertip or bath towels); washcloths; wide-tooth combs; nail clippers; bars of soap; toothbrushes; large band-aids.  CWS adds toothpaste immediately before shipping).  
A Message from Rev. Sheri Fry
Dear UPC Congregation,
In the interest of transparency, I wanted to write to you and share the Presbyterian Church USA policies regarding separation ethics pastors are asked to sign and abide by when we leave a community of faith.  It has become clear to me after Charlotte Laycock ' s funeral that this policy is not widely known by UPC members and I want to share it with you.  You may not agree with the policy and there are parts of it I too, do not agree with but we then must work to change the parts of the policy we want to change.  This is a national church policy that originates in Committee on Ministry (COM) for the Presbyterian Church USA. 
Please contact me with your comments and questions.                                                    
Peace, Sheri                                                                                                                     
Rev. Sheri Fry                                                                                                      Interim Pastor

Separation Ethics for Pastors
The relationship between a pastor and congregation is often deeply personal, built on an accumulation of shared transitional and transformational times in personal and corporate lives. It has evolved through teaching, preaching, sacraments, weddings, funerals, and presence in times of crisis, praying with and for members, counseling, and shared leadership.
When the relationship between a pastor and a congregation ends for any reason, it marks the beginning of a period of high emotions, uncertainty, and excitement for both the pastor and the congregation.
In the months and years that follow, the congregation will evaluate its ministry and seek new leadership; this is a particularly important time in the life of the congregation and it requires appropriate distance from the past pastor so that the congregation can embrace its future.
Likewise, that time is important for the former pastor to embrace a new stage in his or her life whether that is retirement, a new call, a new vocation, or a period of Sabbath from the practice of ministry. When congregations and former pastors do not keep appropriate distance from each other, it impedes the ability of both to accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this new stage of their lives.
Memorandum Of Understanding
Statement of Ethics For Former Pastors
Committee on Ministry
When a pastor leaves a church, there are bonds of affection between the minister and members of the church which Continue to be cherished. Relationships of friendship continue, but the pastoral relationship does not.
The Committee on Ministry recognizes there are potentially difficult situations involving the relationship of the minister and his/her former congregation. This also applies for associate pastors and temporary pastor situations. In order to assist the pastor and the congregation to avoid awkward situations and to encourage the new pastoral relationship that will be established, the Committee on Ministry has adopted the following ethics:
  1. For the health and welfare of the church, it is important that the former pastor and his/her family find another church to attend. The former pastor's continued presence in the life of the church almost always hinders the congregation and the incoming pastor in developing the necessary relationship for successful ministry. This can be a difficult and painful event for the former pastor and his/her family. However, considering the needs of the church, the former pastor and family participating in another better serve the best interests of all involved church.
  2. The former pastor shall avoid all conversation and communication with church members about the new pastor, as well as problems and issues regarding the former church. If approached, the former pastor needs to tactfully explain that ethics do not permit such a discussion.
  3. Participation by a former pastor for any pastoral function shall be only at the initiation and invitation of the moderator of session and the Committee on Ministry. The former pastor should avoid participation in funerals, weddings, baptisms, etc. for members of the former church. This practice will be difficult, but if the first invitation is accepted there is little reason to refuse other requests. At all times, the former pastor should remain sensitive to possible tension that can arise from his/her presence in the former church. In short, church members should not request a former pastor to perform pastoral duties.
  4. If requested the former pastor should tactfully decline.
  5. The Committee on Ministry welcomes and encourages consultation, interpretation or resolution regarding these ethics as needed by session, congregations, former pastors or incoming pastors.
  6. Representatives of the Committee on Ministry shall review and provide a copy of these ethics to departing pastors and to sessions prior to the election of a Pastor Nominating Committee. In addition, a letter regarding these ethics shall be shared with the congregation_
  7. Representatives of the Committee on Ministry shall inform incoming pastors and provide them with a copy of these ethics prior to their reception into the Presbytery. A signed verification shall be retained in COM files.
  8. Pastor's verification: I hereby verify that I have received a copy of the Statement of Ethics For Former Pastors. I further verify that I fully understand and will abide by the Statement of Ethics For Former Pastors.
Period of Separation
It is customary for a former pastor to observe a period of no contact with the congregation for a period of time after the call is dissolved.  Ordinarily, this period lasts until 1 year after a new pastor is installed.
Family Promise Fundraiser
Join us for Trattoria Promessa, an Italian-themed event on February 10 from 6-9pm at the Eppson Center to include appetizers, wine, dinner, dessert, musical entertainment, a silent auction and 50/50 raffle. Many UPC members and friends are helping out! Nancy Lick is the event coordinator; Lorinda O'Hashi is our dinner cook; Carole Hertz is decorating a table; and Kathryn Jones will be performing! Many others are volunteering in a variety of ways. Tickets are $40 each or two for $75 and can be purchased at The Still, First Interstate Bank, the Eppson Center, or online (will-call) at  familypromiseofalbanycounty.org. Hope to see you there!
Want to use UPC's space?
You should! And your group should! After all, this is part of the Evangelism component of the Strategic Plan - use the building more often. All you have to do is get a "Building Use" form from Nikki in the church office or Matthew Painter. Fill it out and put it in Matthew Painter's mailbox (chair of Property Committee). The Property Committee will review the request and the requested space can be reserved if available. It's that easy!
There's Music in the Air!
FYI:On Thursday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Dr. Robinson at the University of Wyoming will be rehearsing UWYO's new children's chorus.  This singing opportunity is for children in grades 2 - 5.  It's a great opportunity for the community's children to experience music.  More information is available at https://tinyurl.com/UWCCinfo and/or registration is at https://tinyurl.com/UWchildren .  If you have questions or concerns, contact Dr. Robison directly at Tiger.Robison@uwyo.edc
Lenten Study
Please join me for the Lenten Study with Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor's book "Learning To Walk In The Dark."  Taylor will be our guide through a spirituality of the nighttime, teaching us how to find God even in the darkness and giving us a way to let darkness teach us what we need to know.   
She writes, "Darkness is shorthand for anything that scares me - either because I am sure that I do not have the resources to survive it or because I do not want to find out.  The problem is this; when despite all my best efforts, the lights have gone off in my life, plunging me into the kind of darkness that turns my knees to water, I have not died.  The monsters have not dragged me out of bed and taken me back to their lair.  Instead, I have learned things in the dark that I could never have learned in the light, things that have saved my life over and over again, so that there is really only one logical conclusion.  I need darkness as much as I need light."
We will offer two groups for fellowship and conversation during Lent.  We will meet on Sunday nights at 5:30pm beginning on February 18-March 18 or Wednesday afternoons at 12:00pm beginning February 21-March 21 at the church.   
I hope you can join us at one of those meeting times.  Books will be available in the church office for pick up beginning February  7.  

Rev. Sheri Fry
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The UPC Session Minutes and reports can be read at our website at  upclaramie.org/minutes/
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Presbyterian Women 
Time to register for The 2018 Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women will be held August 2-5, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky. 2018 is also the year that PW celebrates its 30th anniversary! Click here to register.
UPC is pleased to offer online giving opportunities.  For more information click  on-line giving  
Giving Paul Rechard a Ride to Church
The Deacons are working to coordinate rides to church for Paul Rechard.  Please click the sign up below if you would be willing to help.  Thank you!

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If you are an ordained elder or deacon, your help in serving communion during our worship services would be greatly appreciated. Just click on the following link and then mark the date that will work for you. Thank you from The UPC Worship Committee.

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Liturgists  are needed for upcoming services at UPC. 
If you are willing to step forward to do this, please click on the following link and mark the date/time that will work for you. Thank you from the Worship Committee.

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