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March 6, 2018

Mission is hosting a dinner on Sunday night, March 18th, at 5:30 p.m. to assemble the Gifts from the Heart Disaster Kits. This year, UPC is working on education and hygiene kits.  All are invited and parents are encouraged to bring their children and help them assemble the kits. Last year, several parents used the occasion to teach their children about mission and they really enjoyed the experience.  Needless-to-say, this critical program was hard-hit when they responded to the hurricanes that devastated Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico  while still maintaining their assistance with the refugee crisis so we need to get these kits into the program's storage facilities to replenish their supplies to so we can help them meet the next emergency. 
Please join the Spackman Family in celebrating Eunice's 90th birthday on Sunday, March 11 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. at Spring Wind. The party will be on the basement level.   (p.s. March 5th was Everett's 93rd birthday).   All members of UPC are invited to this celebration!
Easter Breakfast
On Sunday, April 1st, between 8:15 and 10:00 am, there will be an Easter Breakfast in Fellowship Hall for members, friends and college students. A free will offering will be received.   Pete and Joanne Lindahl coordinate this event and will need help in the following areas. Please put your name under what you would be willing to help with and return the form to the church office or put it in the offering plate.  We need m en to cook, work in kitchen and serve breakfast, p eople to help clean and reset tables as needed and refill beverages, p eople to clean up after the meal.
Holy Week services are an attempt to recall through Scripture, music, sacrament, prayer, and light, the entire week's events. We are happy to offer a variety of experiences to inspire worshipers to understand the events leading up to and following Jesus' crucifixion and Resurrection.
Palm Sunday           
Sunday, Mar 25    9:00 & 10:30 a.m.
We hope children & adults will join us on the journey around the church and down the aisle as we joyfully raise our palms in worship.   A Palm Sunday brunch will be hosted by the choir following the 10:30 worship service.
Matins (morning prayer) Service  Monday, March 26           7:00 a.m.  
This is a 30 min. service in the Chapel
Matins Service                 
Tuesday, March 27             7:00 a.m.

Matins Service                                 Wednesday, March 28       7:00 a.m.
Maundy (mandatum 'commandment') Thursday Communion and Stripping of the Church Service                         Thursday, March 29          7:00 p.m.
Tenebrae Good Friday Service March 30                           7:00 p.m.
The Tenebrae (service of Shadows) is an ancient Christian service that makes use of gradually diminishing light through the extinguishing of candles and the reading of scripture to symbolize the events of that week from the triumphant Palm Sunday entry through Jesus' burial.
Easter Sunday Service                      April 1               9:00 and 10:30 a.m.
You are all invited to an Easter breakfast from 8:15-10:00
Christ's Love in Action!
UPC celebrates and thanks

-to the LOGOS participants in Sunday's service

- - Thank you for the ways that you are putting Christ's Love in Action!  
MARCH Care Cart
As Family Promise of Albany County is functioning and hard at work for their upcoming opening, it is evident that they need lots of practical things to help them get started.  The money from the Guthrie Grant has purchased beds, portable cribs, mattresses, pillows, and all sorts of bed bug proof and non-allergenic stuff (check out Marcia's Closet,  it's stuffed), but we can help out with the following needed items:
Ball point pens
File folders
Desk top tape dispensers with tape refills
Electric pencil sharpener
Hanging file folders
Paper clips
Paper tablets
Ball point pens
Disposable diapers in various sizes
Baby/child shampoo
Laundry detergent
Office trash baskets
Notebooks and notebook paper

If anyone has or knows someone who has any of the following items and are willing to donate them to Family Promise, please contact the director, AvaO'Hollearn at  Ava.FamilyPromise82070@gmail.com  or  307-742-6480.
  • Luggage
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Computer table
  • Conference table
  • Book cases
Presbyterian Women 
The Presbyterian Women of Wyoming will hold their annual Spring Gathering in Powell, WY, April 13-14, 2018.  We invite all women of the Presbytery of Wyoming to attend to learn about mission, the PW Bible study, fellowship, worship and more!  Please look for registration in the bulletins at in the church office.
Giving Paul Rechard a Ride to Church
The Deacons are working to coordinate rides to church for Paul Rechard.  Please click the sign up below if you would be willing to help.  Thank you!

Give Paul a Ride
Calendar of Events at UPC
For a full calendar of events click here         
If you are an ordained elder or deacon, your help in serving communion during our worship services would be greatly appreciated. Just click on the following link and then mark the date that will work for you. Thank you from The UPC Worship Committee.

elders and deacons
Discernment...Wisdom at the Heart of Lent
One day some years ago, taking a walk with one of my pastor friends, I asked her, "What's discernment like for you?" I was in the midst of making some decisions and found myself curious to know how she sorted through the choices in her own life. Her response included a couple of stories about St. Francis. In the first story, St. Francis and Brother Masseo are on a journey and come to a crossroads. Not knowing which path to take, St. Francis tells Brother Masseo to stand at the center of the crossroads and spin himself around. When Masseo finally falls down, Francis and his dizzy brother set off in the direction in which Masseo had landed. In the second story, Francis is trying to discern whether he should spend all his time in prayer, or whether he should go out and preach. He enlists Brother Masseo's aid once again. He sends Masseo to two trusted souls, St. Clare and Brother Sylvester, to ask them to pray about this question. In prayer, they each discern the same response: Go and preach. And so he does.
As someone capable of making the act of discernment a looooooong and involved process, I have found great companions in both the tales that my friend shared. I am reminded that on those occasions when there's no one path that's obviously the right one to take, it's often better to set off in some direction if the alternative means staying stuck at the crossroads. God knows how to make use of any path. The second story reminds me of the importance of turning to those who can help me in times of discernment. Faced with a momentous decision, Francis realized the question was too big for him to find his way through alone. He sought the insight of those who knew both him and God well.  
The root meaning of discernment has to do with sifting and separating. When there's a lot to sort through, it can be a dizzying process. The work of discerning one direction or choice from among many may require that we separate ourselves. Removing ourselves from at least some of our usual routines, for moments or for months, can shift the way that we view our life. It doesn't often require taking ourselves to a literal wilderness in the manner that Jesus did. But his trek there reminds us there is wisdom in knowing when to turn toward a place, a person, or a practice that can help us see what we cannot always see under our own power.
This wisdom lies at the heart of Lent. These days challenge us to take on a practice, or give one up, so that we can look at our lives in a different way. As Jesus knew, going into the uncomfortable places isn't about proving how holy we are or how tough or how brave. It's about letting God draw us into the place where we don't know everything, don't have to know everything, indeed may be emptied of nearly everything we think we know. And thereby we become free to receive the word, the wisdom, and the clarity about whom we are and what God is calling us to do.   I love that the angels come to Jesus, there in the wilderness. I imagine them showing up with armfuls of bread and plenty of wine after the tempter has tucked tail and split. I like to think maybe they looked a bit like Masseo, Clare and Sylvester.     So here I am, asking you: What's discernment like for you 18 days into Lent? When you have a choice to make, when something needs sorting and sifting, what do you do? Do you have someone who listens so well to both you and God that they help you hear God's longing for you and are you keeping your eyes open for the sustenance that comes in even the deepest wilderness?        
Continued blessings on your journey!
Rev. Sheri Fry 
INSTALENT Photo Experiment
Thanks to all of you who have sent pictures in to share with us some of your pictorial spiritual reflections on the daily words that have been posted during Lent.
It's easy to participate....Post a picture each day & encounter the themes of Lent on a visual & personal level.   Send your picture to me at U PCLaramiePastor@gmail.com and I will make sure the images are posted on the UPC Facebook page.
3/6: Giving                                  3/20: Practice
3/7: Wisdom                                3/21: Good Samaritan
3/8: Mentor                                  3/22: Play
3/9: Fish Friday                            3/23: Kitchen
3/10: Volunteering                        3/24: Acts of Service
3/11: Family Time                         3/25: Palms
3/12: Recharge                             3/26: Personal Note
3/13: Learning                               3/27: Neighbor
3/14: Favorite Saint                       3/28: Reflection
3/15: Blessed                                  3/29: Wash                   
3/16: Stations of the Cross             3/30: Jesus    
3/17: Joy                                         3/31: Waiting
3/18: Luck                                       4/1 :   Alleluia!
3/19: Rest
Please contact me with your thoughtful joys and concerns about life and worship at UPC! I would love to hear from you as we navigate these days together!
Walking this journey together is always risky, because we cannot enter into relationship with one another without being changed.   Altered. Transformed. In the face of this, we might well ask, do I really want this? Do we really desire to be so undone?   Doing life together is about being willing to have our hearts become larger as we make room for people and stories and experiences we never imagined holding. It's about being willing to have our hearts become more open as we move beyond the surface layers of our assumptions, prejudices, and habits in order to truly see and receive what and who is before us.     You will notice some changes over this year we are together...some are comfortable and some will not be comfortable. Please stay in touch with me and let me know your thoughts as we move together through this time.  
Peace & Blessings,
UPClaramiepastor@gmail.com or 307-742-2061 x 12.
Loving is always risky, because we cannot enter into it without being changed. Altered. Transformed. In the face of this, we might well ask, Do I really want this? Do we really desire to be so undone?
assumptions, prejudices, and habits in order to truly see and receive what-and who-is before us. It is about being willing to have our heart continually shattered and remade as we take in not only the brokenness of the world but also the beauty of it, the astounding wonder that will not allow us to remain the same.
This week's theme is Superhero/Villains.
Mark your Calendars
Vacation Bible School will be June 4-8,  2018.  Hope to see you all there!
Per Capita
Please be sure to pay your member Per Capita of $43.05 for 2018.  Thank you.
Lenten Study
Sundays      5:30 p.m.
Wednesdays 12:00 p.m.
Lenten Study book "Learning to Walk in the Dark" by Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor begins this Sunday, February 18 at 5:30. There is an additional discussion group, which will be held on Wednesday, February 21 at 12:00pm.  Please read the first two chapters of this book and come prepared to share your  thoughts.
Reports & Session Minutes
The UPC Session Minutes and reports can be read at our website at  upclaramie.org/minutes/
Spring Church Office Hours
The hours for the church office are as follows:  Monday and Wednesday 10:00-1:00 and Friday 12:00-3:00.  We want to remind everyone that the church is open.  We check the phone messages and emails on a regular basis. Please, if you feel you need to give the church a call or a visit please do so!
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L iturgist  volunteers
Liturgists  are needed for upcoming services at UPC. 
If you are willing to step forward to do this, please click on the following link and mark the date/time that will work for you. Thank you from the Worship Committee.


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