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In the summer of 2000, the the idea of a "west coast Deming conference" was conceived, shared with colleagues, and enthusiastically endorsed.  A team of volunteers was soon formed to explore the financial and legal aspects of hosting a conference.  Within months, we gained our legal status and added a web presence.  Fast forward to 2011, when we are preparing to host our 10th annual Forum in Los Angeles and are expecting as many as 200 attendees from across the U.S., with attendees confirmed from Europe as well.   Join us as we celebrate 10 years of providing awareness and application of ideas that are essential to teamwork in any organization.   Join us for 6 days of "better thinking about thinking," that include 2 days of Pre-Conference seminars and workshops (all free to attend), followed by a weekend Conference, and ending with 2 days of Post-Conference seminars and workshops (all free to attend as well).   All for $400, with a $50 discount if you register on or before March 28th.


We are delighted to announce that registration is now open for our Tenth Annual Forum, titled

Exploring Opportunities: Imagine...Define....Lead......


And now, we ask you to invest a few minutes of your time at our 2011 Forum website and, considering what you will experience in our Forum, we hope you will register to join us in April.

For memories of our 2010 Forum; follow these links to see a photo montage or a short video of interviews, courtesy of students of David Gillette at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo.
In2:IN 2011 Forum Team
In2:InThinking Network 2011 Forum
Exploring Opportunities: Imagine...Define....Lead......
In2:InThinking Network


Each month, we join with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's InThinking Network to invite you to participate in a conference call with esteemed Thought Leaders and meet them mind-to-mind.  Once a year, we invite you to meet such Thought Leaders and fellow InThinkers; and meet them both mind-to-mind and face-to-face.  Soon, it will be time to convene in Los Angeles.


Through our planning efforts, we selected a Forum theme which is inspired by the efforts of our members to engage in thinking transformations. This year we celebrate the ability of our members to continue to "Explore Opportunities: Imagine...Define....Lead......"   This year's presentations provide us with ample opportunities to explore the potential for thinking together, learning together, and working together.  James Green will get our exploratory thinking off the ground with an opening keynote, "The Revolution in Planetary Sciences: New Worlds, New Discoveries."  Jane Lorand will close with a focus on "Change the Game: Not Just the Rules."  In between, we'll be provoked by Tom JohnsonJon Bergstrom, Ryan Schoenbeck, Leslie Peters, Graham Leicester, Frumi Rachel Barr, Debbie Cook, and Peter Stonefield.  And, let us not forget a wonderful evening of entertainment on Saturday night.

As always, we have scheduled a wide variety of pre- and post-conference seminars and workshops, 19 in all, and all offered free of charge to attend, on topics ranging from Creativity, Conflict, and Courage to Cause(s) of Confusion: Beyond Root Cause Analysis to F-Test: The Case Against Grading In2 What To Do Differently, set two days ahead and two days after the weekend conference, making for six days of mental and physical provocations, designed to maximize transformation so that our future will not just be survival, but thriving.  All for an investment of your time, energy, and $400, with a $50 discount for registrations received before Monday, March 28th. 


2011 Forum at a Day-by-Day Glance... 

Monday, May 2nd & Tuesday, May 3rd - Post-Conference Sessions

Contact us by e-mail with any

 questions you may have about our 2011 Forum.