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***UPDATE***, We have received word from sources from the Key campaign that Lee Belmonte isn't the campaign manager. However, we have confirmed he is a volunteer. He claims to have 2 other crews helping him. And his wife works at the County Clerk's office under Pat Key. We know he has been paid in the past for putting up campaign signs. We don't know if he has been paid by Pat Key's campaign to do the same.

You may say this isn't reflection of Pat Key. However, people have given her campaign descriptions of the vehicle and the person stealing the signs in the past 2 weeks. And to not shut Lee down immediately, when they had a description of the vehicle and a partial plate number, well that's for the voters to decide if Pat should be held accountable for Lee's criminal actions...

(What we sent out this morning) 8:30am this morning Bixby police arrested and booked first deputy Pat Key's Tulsa County Clerks campaign manager, Lee Belmonte! No stranger to being arrested. Pat's opponent, Dean Martin, has had purchased around $10,000 in signs for his campaign and many are gone or destroyed. $100's of dollars in steel re-bar as well. Many of those locations Mr. Martin secured were then replaced with pat key using the same re-bar.  Mr. Belmonte campaign manager for Pat Key also had Nathan Dahm signs he had been taking along with replacement signs for Key and Tim Wright.
Help Dean Martin
Dean Martin for County Clerk
Dean Martin isn't a career politician.  In fact, he's been in the private sector for over 30 years. But Dean is now ready to fight for all Tulsans to bring conservative leadership to the Tulsa County Clerk's office.

Dean Martin's campaign is asking for our help. The runoff election is this Tuesday so to volunteer call 918-637-1929. 
Help Nathan Dahm
Nathan Dahm 2012

As we said yesterday we had been contacted by the Nathan Dahm campaign and is in need of our help.  His opponent launched a huge negative attack against Nathan trying to smear him.  We are asking if you could volunteer for 2-3 or more hours from now through this weekend, it would be very helpful.  Tuesday, August 28th, is the Runoff election so there is no time to waste.


If you or anyone else you know can help then please call 918-615-2335 and they will get you set up to help out. 

You know what to do and thanks for your support!



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