UPDATE: Change to Client Redetermination Notices
Attention Providers, there will be a change in the delivery of notification for client Redetermination Notices!

Beginning with April redetermination dates, you will now receive a notice approximately 45 days prior to a child's redetermination due date. Please note this will be the ONLY notice you will receive regarding a child's redetermination date. You will need to check portal for actual last date of care.

*You will continue to receive notices if there are any changes to the client's eligibility prior to the redetermination date.

In order to allow sufficient processing time and to ensure continuity of care for children, please encourage your families to complete their redetermination packets in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service to all families!
If you have questions please call LaTisha Jones at 727-400-4488 or Carrie Culbertson at 727-400-4460.
Thank you, 
Family Services Staff
If you have questions, please call LaTisha Jones at 727-400-4488, or Carrie Culbertson at 727-400-4460. 

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