September 15, 2017



Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Below is the map that the Solid Waste Management Department provided our office yesterday to show where their trucks were picking up storm debris.  They reported that there are 121 trucks in the field, and from this map it looks like there might have been a couple of them in District G.

Council Member Travis, noticing the lack of trucks on the hard hit west side, spent the evening and the morning sending emails and texts to the administration demanding trucks in the area.

We are happy to report that this weekend storm debris removal will begin in Nottingham Forest, Memorial Glen, Fonn Villas and a few other neighborhoods in these areas.  

Please remove all parked vehicles in these areas this evening.  Trucks will begin debris removal early in the morning. Large trucks need to be able to safely access streets in these neighborhoods. If the trucks cannot get to the debris piles because of parked vehicles, they will not be able to pick up the debris.
Apparently, the administration is putting out trucks based on where the 311 calls are coming in for service. If your storm debris has not been picked up, please call 3-1-1 and report your address and that you need your storm debris removed. Ask your neighbor to call 3-1-1.  Post this request on your community website, bulletin board, or via your eblast system.
We continue to be told by SWM that there is no schedule for debris pickup.  They will let our office know day by day where their trucks will be, and we will let constituents know where they can anticipate debris pick up. We are still working hard for all of our neighborhoods still in dire need of debris removal.

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