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Tuesday, December 4, 2017

I want you to be aware that the investigation into self-reported grading discrepancies at Trezevant High School that launched last fall has concluded. This evening, we shared the final report of the investigation in the Board Business Meeting. 

I have stressed the importance of transparency throughout this investigation because I believe we owe it to every stakeholder — employee, parent and community member — to be honest about decisions impacting our students and schools. This timeline  details every step taken throughout this investigation, dating back to September 2016.

This investigation was rooted in the belief and expectation that every employee always maintains the highest levels of honesty and integrity with regard to our academic records. To that end, we have implemented multiple measures to help prevent any such circumstances in the future, including:

  • Tighter controls and more support for our schools, including training for all staff involved with student records processes
  • Regular reporting to track and document transcript changes
  • Expanded data analytics software to increase oversight across the District

As I stated in the Board meeting this evening, I am disgusted by this situation. Specifically, I'm disgusted that the reckless actions of a very small number of individuals has cast such a shadow of negativity over all the tremendous work we're doing for the children in Shelby County. That said, the measures outlined above are only the start. Our Board has challenged us to make absolutely sure this never happens again, and I will make that a personal priority.

Sadly, I know this situation has caused a great deal of stress and concern for the Trezevant staff, families and community over the past 15 months. My hope is that this will help bring some closure. But now, under the inspiring leadership and vision of Trezevant's new principal, Corey Kelly, I am confident that the teachers and staff who remain so committed to student achievement can move forward from this unfortunate history and continue working to restore trust and hope for families.

Thank you all for continuing to work in the best interests of our students and families.