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June 2012
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A 2-day workshop offered by the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education and Ideal Media. Participants will be able to learn about key issues in sustainable businesses and network with other professionals who want to engage in ethical and responsible practices.   

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"Coming to UPEACE really gave us hope and empowerment; to see what other people where doing, and to tell our story..."


Dr. Valerie Schmitz, Director, KM Global Charter School


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Imagine waking up one morning, looking in the mirror, and realizing that you're much bigger than you were when you went to sleep the night before. Well, that's exactly what happened with the Centre! Karen Vison�, recent graduate of UPEACE and a Centre alumni has joined as our full-time Coordinator.


How are we dealing with this growth spurt? Last week, we engaged in a planning process that had each of us think about two questions, "What do I really enjoy doing?" and "What am I really good at?". Based on these two, we then decided upon the roles and responsibilities each of us would take on. Being a big believer in the 'Appreciative Inquiry' methodology, it was particularly interesting to implement this process for the Centre's team. I realized as we went through this that time flies and it had been too long since we'd asked ourselves these questions in any systematic way. It felt good to practice what I teach.


Catch Mohit's final thoughts at the end of the newsletter! 

The Centre's new Coordinator

My name is Karen Vison� and I have just joined the Centre's team as Coordinator.


I first heard of the Centre through a friend who had taken the course 'Educating for the 21st Century'. At that time I was working for an international hotel chain, as I studied hospitality management, but was feeling that the work I did had no impact on others' lives. Sure, they had a great vacation or business trip, but that was it. So I started exploring what career change I could make, when my friend sent me one of the Centre's e-mails introducing the 'Skills for Nonprofit Leadership' course.


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Women's Empowerment via Social Entrepreneurship

The UPEACE Centre for Executive Education (Centre) is delivering its signature online course 'Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change' as part of a new professional exchange program. The 'Empowering Women through Social Entrepreneurship' grant aspires to promote mutual understanding among Costa Rican and US women. It focuses on the areas of public health, environmental sustainability and socioeconomic development. It is funded by the U.S. Department of State and jointly run by UPEACE and the University of Connecticut. The Centre has adapted what was previously delivered as purely an online course and is offering it as 'hybrid', combining face-to-face delivery at the beginning and the end with online learning. 

Innovation at Banco do Brasil

The University for Peace held its second executive training for Banco do Brasil in New York this Spring. Twenty top executives in the Bank participated in the seminar "Responsible Banking in a Multicultural World". The participants dealt with the subjects of sustainable and responsible investments, corporate social responsibility, and doing business in a multicultural world, among others. The Centre's Director, Mohit Mukherjee, facilitated a participant-centered session titled 'Innovating Beyond Borders'. The group had a chance to practice 'Design Thinking' beginning with brainstorming and ending with a presentation of their top idea. 

Mohit's final thoughts...


I'll recall here my wish for 2012 (from our January newsletter). It was "To continue to learn and teach what I love, while travelling less". So it is with considerable excitement that we announce the Centre's next online course 'Beyond Traditional Leadership'. Over a period of 6-weeks, beginning August 15, it will explore the central question: "How do you connect deeply with the people you work with, see things from their perspective, and help unleash the tremendous potential that each one of us within us?".   


We invite you to share your ideas with our team and accompany us on this journey!


Mohit Mukherjee

UPEACE Centre for Executive Education