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Personalized Learning Night TONIGHT
Most Likely to Succeed Screening

University Park invites you to a special screening of  MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED

Thursday, January 19
  • 5:30 SCREENING
  • 7:00 QA/Discussion

Free babysitting for current UPark students (up to 30 children)

Kindly RSVP at  EventbriteClick  here  for more details. 

Grant Varveris
Team UPark

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Thanks to all who attended our evening PTA social last Tuesday. It was nice to ring in  the new year with some good cheer and comraderie! If you are not a PTA member,  please consider becoming one today so you receive an invitation to our meetings. It's  only $10 for the year, and you can sign up online HERE

January 17th - 27th
Donate your gently used winter coats for a Denver homeless shelter. Drop off your coats in the donation boxes near the main office.
We are donating the coats to the Family Motel in Denver. This is a temporary home for families in need.
All size coats will benefit a child or an adult in need.
Thank you! We hope you can donate! Please contact Allie McMahon with questions. 
- UPark Student Council Members 

Family Math Night 
February 9th 5:30-7:00
Have you ever wondered what math lessons look like in your child's classroom? Have you ever wondered what math is like in middle school? Do you want know how to support your child's learning style at home? Or how we are supporting your child at school? How do math and art relate and support each other?  Come to UPark's family Math night to find answers to these questions and more. Mark your calendars and know that more info will be coming!
We will be offering 2 rounds of sessions for both children and adults. Sessions will include a math/art project, games/activities for both school and home, support for different learning styles, and information about math in the elementary classroom. BONUS! For the first time EVER, Merrill Middle School Math teachers will ALSO be here to give a presentation about middle school math and answer questions from families!
Join Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Archambault, Mrs. Wise, Ms. Byrne, Mrs. Redmond, and other UPark staff for a night of fun and information! Please RSVP HERE.  

UPark Art Night

UPark's annual art night is next Thursday, January 26th from 5:30 to 7:00 in the gym. Students will create hanging sculptures, finger print art, collage greeting cards, watercolor paintings and more! We look forward to seeing you all! Please contact Carol Redmond with questions. 

UPark Crayola ColorCycle Program

We're excited to tell you about a very special program we are coordinating at our school in conjunction with Crayola. It's called Crayola ColorCycle - an amazing new program devised to turn used markers into energy!
All around University Park students and teachers will collect used markers that are ready to be discarded. The markers are then sent to a facility and converted into clean fuel. This fuel can be used to power vehicles, heat homes, cook meals and more! 
Please help support our efforts by sending your kids in with any used markers you may have around the house - even non-Crayola brands. Drop-off bags will be located around the school for your child to deposit the markers.
Thank you in advance for participating! With the help of parents like you across the country, the Crayola ColorCycle program can keep tons of plastic out of landfills each year.  Remember, don't throw out that used marker-ColorCycle it! Learn more at
Evan Petrucelli - 5th Grade
Britany Rivas Pinedo - 5th Grade

How Denver Schools Get and Spend Money

Every school year, our school leaders and educators have the incredible mission of guiding students toward success. Just as we know every student and school community is unique, every school's budget looks a little different, too.  Denver Public Schools have the freedom to craft budgets and programs in a way they see best for their unique community.  So, how do schools get money -- and spend money -- in DPS? Put simply: Money follows students, no matter which school they attend.

Click here to watch DPS' How Denver Schools Get and Spend Money video for more information.

UPark school tours are in progress!

Let your friends and neighbors know that if they would like to learn more about this amazing little school they just need to sign up for a tour. See below for tour dates and times. Call the main office at 720-424-3410 to RSVP.
  • Friday, January 20th - 9:15am and 2:30 pm
  • Friday, January 27th - 9:15am and 2:30 pm

Discovery Day @ UPark!
When: Friday February, 3rd
What: Day Camp from 7am to 5:30pm
Interested in registering your child/children? Please click here.

University Park Elementary Calendar

3 ways to access calendar information! Go to the University Park Website,  click on the CALENDAR ICON, or look below!  


5 Star Wizard Hat Students

Congratulations to last week's 5 Star Wizard Hat students! They were recognized by their teachers for positive behavior. 

Last week's students include: Malcolm Schleicher, Trevor Welch, Shreyas Rao, Jace Gustafson, Charlie Ann Jennings, Laudya Mikayla, Emerson Cord, Chase Cestra, Franziska Henze, Ryder O'Keefe, Madeleine Blair, Calvin Davidson, Leora Starks, Skylar Gold, Amara Moreno, Khalid Aljebreen, Miles Noble, Juliet Montanaro, Karma Montoya, Evan Carmichael, Mary Jane Murphy, Lara Olsthoorn, Maia Ottenbrite, Dexter Sheely, Clara Johnson, Romeo Ruiz, Connor Newcomb, and Cruz Valdez. 

Wizard Hats are given throughout UPark to celebrate students' good choices and positive behavior. We use a common vocabulary and teach Critical Thinking skills using the BrainWise curriculum.    Each week there is a random drawing of 2 students done by classroom teachers. These children are photographed and receive a token of our appreciation. 

*At the end of each month we will be donating all clothing in the lost and found and anything left in the halls (all clothing will go into our little red school house in our parking lot).