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Dear APSAC members:
The  purpose of this email is to share the news that the 30-day  period to vote for APSAC Board members has ended, and the number of votes cast did not meet the minimum stated in the APSAC by-laws.  We are re-issuing the ballot and urge you to click the button below and cast your vote.  
Even if you voted  on the prior ballot, we ask that you vote now.  Data from the prior ballot  is no longer valid .

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Janet Rosenzweig, PhD, MPA
Executive Director
2017 Election to the APSAC Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is pleased to present the membership with the following candidates to consider for election to the Board of Directors.  Currently there is an opening for one elected member of the Board and each candidate has been vetted by the nominating committee.  We request that you vote for one of the candidates. 

The 2017 candidates include:

Frank E. Vandervort, JD

Professor Frank Vandervort is a Clinical Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School where he teaches in the Child Advocacy and Juvenile Justice clinics.  His primary interests include juvenile justice, child welfare, and interdisciplinary practice.  He cofounded the Juvenile Justice Clinic with Professor Kimberly Thomas in 2009.
He is currently APSAC's Immediate Past President, having served as President from 2014-2016. As President, he helped to identify and negotiate the organization's joint venture with The New York Foundling.  In 2012, he established and continues to chair the Amicus & Public Policy Committee while serving on several other APSAC committees.  He has contributed several articles to the APSAC Advisor.  Most recently, he has focused his efforts on raising money to support the organization's activities. A member of APSAC since 1993, he helped to start the Michigan Chapter (MIPSAC) in the mid-1990s and was its President in 1999.   
Bethany Mohr, MD, FAAP

Dr. Mohr is a Pediatric Hospitalist and the Medical Director of the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) Child Protection Team (CPT). The UMHS CPT is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to improving the identification and treatment of abused and neglected children. The UMHS CPT promotes the safety and best outcomes for children and families by strengthening and coordinating the community's response to child maltreatment issues.
Dr. Mohr also provides training on multiple topics within the field of child maltreatment throughout the region and nationally for medical professionals, as well as child welfare professionals.  She works closely with multiple specialists within UMHS upon evaluating suspected victims of child maltreatment. She has been successful in obtaining multiple grants.
Dr. Mohr was the 2016 recipient of the APSAC Outstanding Front Line Professional Award.  Dr. Mohr has been a member of APSAC and APSAC's Michigan State Chapter (MIPSAC) since 2000, holding the following MIPSAC positions: 2009 President, 2010 Vice President, 2012-2014 Vice President, and incoming MIPSAC Vice-President. She is the former editor of the MIPSAC newsletter. Finally, she is a Member of the APSAC MSBP/Medical Child Abuse Task Force.  
Instructions for Voting

Click on the button below to vote.  Again, we request your vote for one of the proposed candidates.  Note:  You will be required to login with your username and password to cast you ballot. 

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The deadline for voting is May 22, 2017.