Hoarder Case Update

What a difference a few weeks of care and kindness can make in the life of an animal in need!


In the last few weeks, our crew has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate and rehome animals rescued in a recent hoarding case nightmare. We have successfully treated, fostered or adopted 81 dogs already!  As you may recall, the animals were removed from conditions where they were subjected to shocking filth, untreated medical conditions and starvation in some cases. Dozens of animals still need our help!




Thousands of dollars in services have been donated by veterinarians, and we have received incredible support from rescues and our adoption partners. Still, the costs of caring for, rehabilitating and adopting so many needy animals have been staggering.  On an already tight budget, we've had to take on additional animal care staff, and our animal food costs alone have doubled.  We need your help to make sure the remaining animals get to their forever homes!  


Please, can you DONATE today?


                                 We urgently need funds for:                                 

medical supplies

veterinary bills

animal food 

adoption transport van fuel 

shelter equipment & supplies


Transport Graphic  

These sweet angels will head north on transport in just a few days, as
soon as we
raise the funds to deliver them.  Please help if you can.


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Don't forget: we accept used cars and boats as tax-deductible donations.  Contact us at info@humanela.org.