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Today over 100 Brittanys begin a new life thanks to the efforts of a Brittany Rescue Consortium comprised of National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network (NBRAN), American Brittany Rescue (ABR), Britt Rescue in Texas (BRIT), New England Brittany Rescue (NEBR) and Florida Brittany Rescue.  As you may have recently learned, the dogs were ordered to be pulled from a breeder property after the court found the breeder guilty of failure to vaccinate and animal cruelty.  The dogs boarded a transport vehicle today and are en route to boarding facilities around the country, where new lives will begin for each precious Brittany.   We have named this rescue effort Magnolia Brittany Rescue, and NBRAN will be taking many dogs. With pregnant females, we don't have an exact number, but we estimate that it will be 50-60 dogs by the time all the females deliver.

Even though a consortium was formed to share the expense and strain on resources of the individual rescues, it is still a monumental financial undertaking for each rescue.  The transport of the dogs alone was very expensive, but moving such a large number of dogs required using a professional transport company. Also, the dogs are largely heartworm positive, and have some serious skin issues and parasites that need to be treated immediately.  A conservative estimate is that it will cost at least $1000 to get each dog healthy and ready for adoption.  The good news is that they are wonderful dogs and seem to be very good natured. 






If you can donate towards the Magnolia Brittany Rescue, please click here.  You can also send checks to:


National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network 

PO Box 3258

Pittsburgh, PA  15230-3258


We will be providing updates and other pictures of the rescue effort in the days ahead, so look for this information on our Facebook page and website.  These wonderful animals deserve to have a second chance.  We hope you can help us provide that second chance with a donation of any size- every dollar will go to the care of the dogs.