URGENT: Grandma's House of Hope has been Robbed...
Did you know?
Through our Nana's Kidz program, Grandma's House of Hope provides meals to over 200 children in Orange County who are in need or struggle with food security every month!

Every Bit Counts
Schools provide free or reduced brakfast and luch to children facing food insecurity, but weekends and summers can be a fearful time for these students.  Our Nana's Kidz program provides students with 1 bag of food, usually every two weeks.  Each bag has enough food to make up to 14 meals over two weekends.    

To sponsor a child, or a bag, please click the link below!

Every bit helps!

Grandma's House of Hope
1505 E. 17th St
Santa Ana, California 92705
(714) 558-8600
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A Call For Help...

On Wednesday, June 3rd, at 6:00 in the morning, the staff on site where we store our Nana's Kidz supplies arrived to find one of our sheds completely open, as well as food thrown on the floor.  When Grandma's House of Hope staff arrived later that morning, it was verified that indeed, food had been taken from the storage shed.  

A Broken Lock...
What we have been able to piece together is that the lock on one shed was cut off, and the thieves helped themselves to easy to open packages of juice, snacks, canned fruit, and even peanut butter.

We have a food packing scheduled for this Saturday, and now, we don't have enough food to make our food bags. Without these bags, we can't provide food to the over 200 children in Orange County who are unsure where or when their next meal is coming.

Please help us rebuild what was taken from us!  We can't do it without you!

Empty Food Shelves...
Grandma's Shopping List
 We are in need of the following critical items:

* Peanut Butter (28Oz. or less)
* Jam/Jelly (In Plastic Containers)
* 100% Individual Juices
* Protein/Meals in One (Such as Ravioli, Canned Chicken, or Roast Beef)
* Healthy Snacks (Fruit Cups, Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks, etc)
* Canned Fruit (20oz. or less)

Food Donations are accepted at our main office!