We have not had any of these ICS shelters in a few years, and when we could get them before they were new ones that sold over $200. We just got a nice batch of used ones that seems to have been used very little but carried a lot, as most of the wear seems to be to the stuff sack they come each. Since they are used we have them down to $89- a great deal for a tent of this quality. These are a great choice for a tent for an emergency or bugout kit for the person who wants more shelter than a simple tarp shelter and wants something more rugged than a China made tent from the box store.

Improved Combat Shelter Features :

Versatile, Man-Portable, Shelter System for One Person

Consists of a Shelter Body, an Attachable Rain Fly (Provides a Waterproof Shelter and Forms a Shelter Storage Vestibule, or Functions Separately as a Hooch), Support Poles, Ground Stakes, Carry Bag, and a Field Repair Kit

Made from Lightweight, Durable, Ripstop Nylon with a Black Rubber Backing to Block Light from Coming In or Out (If Trying to Sleep in Daytime it is Pitch Black Inside; If its Night Time and You are Shining a Light Inside, the Light Cannot be Seen Outside so in Theory You Aren't Detected by the Enemy)

Stops Infra Red Signature

Flame Resistant

Provides Protection from Rain, Wind, and Snow in Climates Ranging from Basic Cold Through Tropical Hot without Leaking or Collapsing

Main Body Design is Open Front with a Slight Overhang on the Flysheet to Shelter the Entrance

Front Entrance is Double Zipped; No-See-Um Insect Netting and a Waterproofed Panel Behind so You can have the Back Panel

Open in Summer and Get Light and Extra Air in Through the Insect Mesh.

Back Entrance is Zippered and also Made of Ripstop Nylon; Leads to Your Porch Area when the Flysheet is Attached; Allows for Cross Ventilation

Flysheet has Grommets at all its Corners to Accept the Poles, so it can be Used on its Own as a Quick Shelter or Attached to the Main Body via Fastex Nylon Buckles at each Corner and Pegged Down with the Peg Tabs Running Along the Outer Edge for Extra Stability in High Winds; Fly has a Wide Weatherproofing Strip over the Zipper to Assure Zero Leaks and Velcro Secondary Fasteners for quick egress/ingress in combat situations

Main Body Base is a Bath-Tub Type with a Thick Rubberized

Material that Extends About 8 Inches Up the Sides of the Main Body Preventing Water or Mud from Getting In

Sets up like any Regular "Cross Pole" Design but Faster Since it Uses 12 Clip Connectors vs. Sleeves to Attach the Poles to the Tent Body

Tent dimensions 96 in (L) x 40.5 in (W) x 32.5 in (H) at its peak Carrying Weight: 6.50 lbs

Packed Volume Approx. 17" x 5.5" Pattern: Universal Camo

Made in the USA

Manufactured by: ORC Industries