43rd Editon
December 2017
Serving the Lord through entertainment
      The United States Association Of  Gospel  Entertainers & Musicians
A 501 (c)(3) Faith-Based Ministry/Charity

USAGEM Member John Young came to our organization ready to be of service with his experience as an agent, manager and record label owner. In 2014 he won the USAGEM Non-Performing member award. 

John had been trying for years to bring gospel music to Fifty Forward Madison Station, a senior citizen group to which he belongs. At last July's USAGEM Birthday Bash, he approached President Lynn Fox and Vice-President Mike Dunbar with his idea of putting on a variety show, similar to many of the USAGEM God and Country Jubilees  he had attended. Fifty Forward Madison Station liked the idea. Now, December 7, John's idea will become a Gospel variety show for his senior group, and USAGEM will bring the message of Jesus Christ to a new audience. Fifty Forward is calling the show, "The Gift of Gospel." We pray for the success of this show and ask all our members to do the same. John Young is looking at this as a model that he can book to senior organizations as well as other non-profits. He is also developing strategies to find sponsors for such events. These events will be performing opportunities for all our members.

We have a few free tickets for the show only that have been graciously given to us by a USAGEM member. We will offer these free tickets to the first five members who contact us. You must promise that you will attend the concert. Anyone interested in a free ticket for the show CLICK HERE
We will contact the first five who contact us and will have tickets in their names ready at the Fifty Forward front desk.

We encourage all of our members who can, to attend this event. It will benefit Fifty Forward, a non-profit organization, and USAGEM will receive a donation. Our singers, musicians, stage and sound crew are all donating their time and talent for this event. We ask all of our members who can, to attend and help make it a success so that we can have more such concerts.   It's a great way to for us to help the community, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and have fellowship, praise and worship.

                       USAGEM PRESIDENT LYNN FOX
From The President's Desk . . . . . . . . . 

It's hard to believe that the Christmas season is already here and the new year is right around the corner! During December, my mind contemplates the events and happenings of this past year. I'm very thankful to God for the many blessings we all have received. I'm also very grateful to all of you for your hard work and service to USAGEM. Serving as your president has allowed me to get to know all of you better. I've also grown and learned a lot!

Working side by side with our USAGEM Board Of Directors this year has been a blessing and a joy! We are all very excited about USAGEM and we sincerely delight in getting things done. That said, our board and committee members are some of the busiest people I know! The other day I heard Michael Gardner say something that has stuck with me. He said "I know life is very busy for all of us. You know, God uses busy people because He knows He can count on them to get the job done." With that statement, I believe that Michael may have hit the nail on the head!

As you know, it was decided earlier this year by our USAGEM Board Of Directors to take this year as a time of replenishing and restoration. With this biblical approach in mind and by following the Lord's lead, one path of direction seems to be in the area of television and media. We are very thankful that our 13th Annual USAGEM Awards Show is now fully edited and ready for airing. Also, "Hallelujah Hayride" and "Writers Of The Light" are two brand new television series that are now being filmed and edited for future broadcasts. We thank God from whom all blessings flow!

In closing, Pastor Rick Warren recently shared some words of  wisdom that I'd like pass on to you. He said, "We obey God, not out of duty or fear or compulsion, but because we love Him and trust that He knows what is best for us. We want to follow Christ out of gratitude for all He has done for us, and the closer we follow Him, the deeper our friendship becomes."

Please remember to keep all of our USAGEM members and friends in your prayers. 

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas season!

Lynn Fox
USAGEM President

Pray for USAGEM
and our members

Pray for God's favor upon the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians, and all of its members and friends.  Also, special prayers for the problems, violence, and catastrophes in the world. Pray for our military and first responders who work hard right through the Christmas season.
The board of directors is praying for you at each meeting. If you have a prayer request,  please  let us know. You can reach us at:


USAGEM Vice-President Mike Dunbar

Don't get set in your ways...get set in His ways.

God's always made my path a series of unexpected twists and turns. It took a long time for me to just give in to His way. I still struggle a bit with it, thinking I know what's best...what a mistake that is!  LOL.   I'm getting better, not through any strength of mine, but through His divine help. So, what tip can I offer about navigating life's difficult path?  


When the Lord allows a problem to be set before me, I thank Him for it. Often I'll remember Philippians 4: 4-7
"Rejoice in the Lord always, I say it again: rejoice. Let your gentleness be evident to all, the Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition, and with thankfulness, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."    

Thanking God for allowing a problem to crop up in your life is thanking Him for giving you the chance to feel His love and learn His lessons. 

Next month there may be more tips about wires, guitar strings, the internet, and vocal exercises, but for the month when we celebrate Christ's birth, the tip is: let us just follow Him and give thanks. 


USAGEM is here to help our members, 
Let us know what  we can do to help you.

Please join us in prayer for USAGEM.  
You are USAGEM.

God Bless You and Your Ministry

The Words of our Lord 

"The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy.    But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away.     The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful.    But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown."

Matthew 13:20-23

Becky Davis Short USAGEM              Membership Director                

Introducing a New Membership Director for USAGEM
Becky Davis Short

We are proud to announce the appointment of Becky Davis Short to the position of USAGEM Membership Director. Becky was introduced as the new membership chair during the USAGEM Quarterly Membership Meeting held on October 23rd. Her duties will include the continued updating of the membership roles and keeping them current. In addition, she will be in charge of the recruitment of new members and will oversee the payment of dues/maintenance fees from new and existing members. 

From the small town of Washington, Missouri, Becky is a long-time member of her family singing group, The Davis Family. She started her music career at age four when her dad, Dave Davis was a member of a local quartet called The Gospel Troubadours.

After Dave's time with The Gospel Troubadours ended, The Davis Family was formed. Becky and her family have traveled and performed together as a gospel music group for more than eighteen years. They also have several recording projects to their credit. 

After graduation from Saint Clair High School in Missouri, Becky went on to cosmetology school. Since that time, she has enjoyed a very successful career as a beautician. Interestingly, Becky works and provides hair care in five different beauty salons of skilled and assisted living nursing homes. Since she is self-employed, Becky is blessed to have the luxury of maintaining a flexible schedule, allowing time for her music and singing career. 

Today, The Davis Family is a vocal duo comprised of Becky and her dad, Dave Davis. Her mom, Rosemary Davis is the pianist, and Becky's husband David Short is the family's sound engineer. Their teenage children, Jack and Maddy occasionally join the singing duo with special songs and harmony.

The Davis Family has won awards and received several accolades 
from USAGEM including trophies for New Artist Of The Year, Duo Of The Year, and the USAGEM Sapphire Award. Most recently, Becky performed The National Anthem onstage at the Grand Ole Opry¬© House in Nashville to open the Sunday Mornin' Country¬© celebration. This event is held yearly during the CMA Music Festival.

In a recent conversation, Becky gave much credit to her parents and especially to her mom, Rosemary Davis for the success of their their music and family ministry. She states "I have to honestly say that my mom is the glue that has kept us all together. She has always booked, arranged, and scheduled our concerts for us. Besides being a piano teacher, my mom has served as the pianist at countless church services and events, taught Sunday School classes, and worked tirelessly behind the scenes of The Davis Family for many years. Although she doesn't sing, my mom is our producer and she is a huge part of our family group." Becky concludes, "I have definitely learned a lot from both of my parents. I hold them in high regard, especially for their selfless acts of kindness and the generosity of their time and talents. I'm forever grateful to them. They are my mentors."

Well, we are grateful that Becky Davis Short has agreed to serve in the capacity of  Membership Director for our organization. We are also thankful for the dedication and support of this fine family.  

If you have questions concerning USAGEM membership, dues/maintenance fees, or status as a member, you may contact Becky Davis Short at 


The Dixie Travelers
USAGEM members the Dixie Travelers, also known as the Dynamic Dixie Travelers keep on putting out wonderful, annointed gospel. They've recently had a great write up in Cashbox magazine that talks about their new cd album "The Dixie Travelers The Legend Continues...We Can't Stop Now." 
To read the article: Click Here

Many of our members have songs that celebrate our Lord's birth   
Here are some for your Christmas listening: 
The Fairfield Four: Children Go Where I Send Thee

The Gardners: Are You Expecting Him

Sandi Kay and New Hickory: Mary Did You Know

Peggy Inks: Let's Keep Christ in Christmas

  Debbie Bennett: Mary's Very First Christmas
Joanne Cash; He's not a Baby Anymore

USAGEM Today is distributed to all of our members  as well as to many churches and gospel music industry personnel.  
If you have news items about your ministry please e-mail your press releases or digital flyers to 
USAGEM Today editor Mike Dunbar at:
We may edit press releases as we see fit. Keep in mind that USAGEM is a 501( c)(3) non-profit organization. As such, USAGEM does not endorse a political party or worldly agenda. We are here to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel through song and entertaiment. 


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

Your 2017 United States Association Board of Directors
"Thanks for a year of good work!"
Left to Right:  Randy Ferrell (bottom); Kathy Bissell, Shelton Bissell, Lady Corder Chapman, Tom Campbell, Bev McCann, Mike Dunbar, Lynn Fox, Sheila Berry, Jay Shupe, Sandi Kay Shupe, 
Dottie Snow Tubb,  DeWitt Johnson, and Randy Pierce 
not pictured: Rick Alan King, Candice Kuykendall, Tommie Lewis, Johnny Mack, and Tank Tackett

Stay tuned for USAGEM Television programs "Writers of the Light" and "Hallelujah Hayride" they are in the editing phase, voice overs and theme music have been recorded. We are also planning a USAGEM YouTube channel that would contain members' videos, some live recordings and vlogs. There will be this and more. 
It's all part of our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus. 

The Music City Christian Fellowship (MCCF) is having their annual
Christmas Gala. Many members of the MCCF are also members of the United States Association of Gospel Enternainers and Musicians. The MCCF is inviting our members to their party. Here is the information below. The fee includes a banquet meal, dessert and all the fixings. You will need to make reservations soon as they are filling up. There are still song spots open to performers.
For more information contact Keith Ital.  You'll find his email address in the posting below.
Let him know you're with USAGEM.

Our "USAGEM God and Country Jubilees"
are over until next spring. Thanks to everyone who participated in 2017.We have some exciting new venues lining up for 2018. 
Let us know if you're interested in performing on next year's Jubilees. We'll be developing a schedule soon. 

We are a volunteer organization. Don't wait to be asked...volunteer!

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We, the board and officers of the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians, thank God for you, our members, and we thank him for allowing us to serve you.

"The Greatest Assets of USAGEM Are Our Members"

  USAGEM's members are a diverse group of people creating music and entertainment in various ways. Yet, we all share one goal. To reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  Whether it is one singer in a small church coffee house, a praise and worship team, a Christian comedian, a Grammy winning quartet, a songwriter, a saxaphone player, a booking agent, a gospel music fan, or a family band, we're all here to 

We are a fellowship of servants using out talents to serve the                                                                        King of Kings