January and February 2018
New Year Edition
Serving the Lord through entertainment

      The United States Association Of  Gospel  Entertainers & Musicians
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Prayers for a blessed New Year from the USAGEM Board of Directors

The United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians (USAGEM)
Board of Directors meeting January 8, 2018 held at Santa Fe Cattle Company in Nashville
Membership Dues
It's time to update your annual USAGEM Membership dues! All fees are now due on January 1st and required to be paid by the deadline of March 15th. This includes everyone, including all lifetime members. 

During our January board of directors meeting, board members paid theirs dues. 
They know what it takes to keep USAGEM running effectively. 

Members can update and pay their yearly maintenance fee/dues of $25 by using PayPal at or may opt to send a check or money order to:

USAGEM Membership 
PO Box 121583
Nashville, TN 37212

 USAGEM God and Country Jubilee
USAGEM's God and Country Jubilee season will begin in spring. These are shows featuring acts from each or our musical genres. They are held each year on the fourth Friday of the months of May through October.  We are lining up several venues for these advents.  The first one in 2018 will be held on May 25, 2017. Performers interested in performing at this and other God and Country Jubilee programs should contact their genre leaders. Time slots for performers are 20 minutes. You can use tracks or play yourselves. There will be table space available for performers to sell cd's and other merchandise. Some of the Jubilees may have a band available. 

Check with your genre leaders for full details.  

Genre leaders are: Charlene Harrison (Black Gospel)  ; Candace Kuykendall (Christian Country)  ; Philip McCoy (Contemporary Christian)  ; Sandi Kay Shupe (Bluegrass Gospel)   ; and Tank Tackett (Southern Gospel)  
   "Gift of Gospel" a success. See the full story below!
From The President's Desk . . . . . . . . . 

As we have now finished the Christmas season, I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts as we start the new year. I have shared with you before about my amazement of the generosity of time and talents that many of our musicians and artists give to others. 

It seems that more than any other line of work, entertainers are willing to step up to the plate and help those in desperate need through recording projects, benefit concerts, and other fund raising activities and events. Many times there is no pay involved. If they deem it a worthy cause, they just simply donate their time and talent and expect nothing in return. 

The bible has a lot to say about giving. Luke 6:38 says "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with what measure you use, it will be measured to you."

You know, God's word renews our mind and fills our heart with His purpose. We are prepared to receive His blessings in order that we can be a blessing to others. Through our songs, our music, and our events, God allows our planted seeds to prosper and receive a great harvest. Proverbs 11:25 says "A generous person will prosper; whosoever refreshes others will be refreshed".  

In closing, I just saw this post from someone who wrote "My goal in 2018 is to be filthy Rich; Rich in adventure, Rich in health, Rich in knowledge, Rich in laughter, Rich in family, and Rich in love". This is my prayer for our organization and for all of you as we begin 2018!

In His Service,

Lynn Fox

Your New USAGEM Board Members 

During the recent USAGEM Quarterly Membership Meeting held on October 23, 2017, five new board members were nominated and elected by acclamation to serve a three year term on the USAGEM Board Of Directors. We proudly welcome  Deon Unthank, Phillip McCoy, Peggy Inks, Sandi Kay Shupe, and  Charlene Harrison. They will each begin their three year term on January 1, 2018. 

These new genre representatives will join other existing board members:  Lady Corder Chapman, Tommie Lewis, Tom Campbell, Randy Ferrell, Dottie Tubb, Candace Kuykendall, Bonnie George, Rachel Taylor, Paul Sparks, and  Tank Tackett. Officers of the organization are  Lynn Fox, President; Mike Dunbar, Vice-President; Sheila Berry Harrison, Secretary; and  Bev McCann, Treasurer. 

Special thanks to  Dewitt Johnson, Jay Shupe, Shelton Bissell, Randy Pierce, and  Rick Alan King for serving and completing their respective terms on the USAGEM Board Of Directors. According to the association bylaws, each of these members will be eligible to serve again after one year. 

Again, congratulations to our new board members! 
Pray for USAGEM
and our members

Pray for God's favor upon the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians, and all of its members and friends.  Also, special prayers for the problems, violence, and catastrophes in the world. 
The board of directors is praying for you at each meeting. If you have a prayer request,  please  let us know. You can reach us at:


USAGEM Vice-President Mike Dunbar

Spreading the Word

Press Releases etc.


If your ministry wants to have write ups or announcements in church bulletins, website event calendars, newpaper articles, or even here in our newsletter, the best way to do that is by sending a press release. Here are some tips on sending a press release.

First off, what is a press release? A traditional press release is written content that can be printed verbatim or may simply give writers or editors key facts from which they can compose a piece for print. An effective press release will have certain attributes:
It will be print worthy as-is. A print worthy press release uses a formula of "who, what, when, where, how" which can be followed by  details, biorgraphical material, anecdotes etc. It is presented pretty much in that order so the media (bulletin, newpaper, radio or tv announcement)  can cut out parts of the release from the bottom up. The following is an example. 

Bill Smith and the Heavenly Host, a gospel quartet, will be performing Sunday  evening, 7pm, at the Main Street Church. The performance is free but there will be a love offering taken. 

Bill Smith and the Heavenly Host have been performing together since 1999. Their 16th CD "Praise" will be released this summer and will be available through their webite. The recording of "Praise" took place during a thunderstorm and the sound of thunder on their first song was actully recorded as it happened. 

Notice that you can cut from the bottom up so an editor can cut and paste  only this much:
Bill Smith and the Heavenly Host will be performing Sunday evening. 
  or they can cut after "taken" 

Bill Smith and the Heavenly Host, a gospel quartet, will be performing Sunday  evening, 7pm, at the Main Street Church. The performance is free but there will be a love offering taken. 

or they can cut after"website" or use all of it and it still reads well and makes sense.   Notice also that the press release is written in the third person. As a rule, press releases are always written about someone. Even if you are writing about yourself, you write as if you were writing about someone else.  


If you're sending a press release that wasn't asked for, send it in the body of an email,  DON'T SEND AN ATTACHED FILE TO A NEWSPAPER, WEBSITE, PROMOTER, ETC. WITHOUT GETTING PERMISSION FIRST.  They won't open it. Better to send a link to your website. 


Finally, the best tip I know about press releases is this:  Learn how and when to use them, then send them often. Anything that helps us in spreading the message of Christ is worth doing. 


USAGEM is here to help our members, 
Let us know what  we can do to help you.

Please join us in prayer for USAGEM.  
You are USAGEM.

God Bless You and Your Ministry

Why did you run off secretly and deceive me? Why didn't you tell me, so I could send you away with joy and singing to the music of timbrels and harps?

-Genesis 31: 27

The Word of God
  Do everything without grumbling  or arguing,
 so that you may become blameless  and pure, "children of God  without fault in a warped and crooked generation." Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky 

-Philippians 2: 14-15

A Message from the USAGEM Membership Director

Happy New Year! I am so excited to report that we have some new members already for 2018! 

Kerry and Teresa Sparks live in Kimberly Alabama. They met through music and love to sing, play, write and Minister through music. They have been serving for over 30 years in church music. Jeannie Byrd Bailey is a new member. She is an award-winning artist, ordained minister, songwriter and lead vocalist with The Singing Byrds from Danville Kentucky. They have several charting songs. Diane Reade is from Lebanon Tennessee. She has been singing in church since she was 2 years old but did not come out of her shell until she went to the altar in her twenties. She has a new project titled "What Was Left of Me" . This project was produced by Oak Tree Productions. Diane comes from a long line of country singers but her heart is in gospel music. Kelley Cline is a southern gospel singer songwriter. Kelley lives in Nashville and has a new project titled "No Need to Hide"
So I believe the year has started off really really well! Not only that, several members have already renewed! I am really excited about what God has in store for us this year!

Becky Davis Short, 
USAGEM Membership Director


USAGEM is proud to announce that our board member (who is also one of our founding members), Tank Tackett, has been asked to become 
a regular permanant member of the Songfellows Quartet. Both Tank and Ed Hill will travel with the quartet and will share the baritone spot. Recent health issues have necessitated Ed taking things a little easier but he is not retiring by any means. Ed's 62 year career will continue. Tank Tackett sang tenor with Jerry and the Goffs and the Statesmen Quartet. Tanks wide vocal range will give the Songfellows a wider range of vocal arrangements. Both Ed and Tank will be featured on the new LET'S HAVE A REVIVAL recording by the SONGFELLOWS. Congratulations, Tank, a great singer, loyal USAGEM member, and a Christian gentleman. 

USAGEM members Sonshine Road 
(Kevin and Rach elle Nelson) Have re leased their new CD "Journey to the  Son." It was produced in Nashville Tennessee  by USAGEM member Jimmy Jack Whitaker and recorded at Mark Mosley's studio. The title song was written by USAGEM member Glenn Tubb. Glenn's wife, USAGEM board member Dottie Tubb sang harmony on the title song. They all met on the Jimmy Jack Foundation Cruise. Rachelle heard Glenn sing the song and the rest is history. 

Don and Cindy Baughman ( King's Couple) are located in Nashville TN where they do regular senior center and church shows in the area. They've been contacted by several radio stations for their cd's and are planning a trip to Kansas this year to sing at a revival. Don and Cindy have appeared at events for both USAGEM and MCCF. Most recently at the Gift of Gospel USAGEM show and at the MCCF Christmas Party. They can be contacted at: 681 Canoe Branch Rd, Castalian Springs, Tenn37031

The next issue of USAGEM Today will come out in March. God Bless all of our members. Stay Warm

USAGEM Today is distributed to all of our members and to many churches and music industry personnel.  
If you have news items about your ministry please e-mail your press releases or digital flyers to Mike Dunbar at:
We may edit press releases as we see fit. Keep in mind that USAGEM is a 501( c)(3) Non-Profit organization. As such, USAGEM does not endorse a political party or worldly agenda. We are here to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel through song and entertaiment. 


USAGEM's Writers of the Light television show  is getting ready for submission to be put into rotation on Nashville's NECAT television. We have eight segments edited and being made into four episodes. It's now a matter of  adding the voice overs and theme music etc. 

We have a registered domain and soon a website dedicated to Writers of the Light. Eventually we will have a USAGEM YouTube channel which will contain television shows such Writer's of the Light and Hallelujah Hayride, also we there can be music videos, educational programs, bible study and vlogs. We will accept submissions for this as well. 

For those who do not know, Writers of the Light is a television program dedicated to USAGEM songwriters. Gospel songs and uplifting songs are performed by the writers and on occasion there will be members' co-writers joining them in playing their collaborations. 

 Lynn Fox is the host. He welcomes and introduces the guests and later interviews them. It's a relaxed but joyful atmosphere. 
The show is open to all USAGEM members who have written or co-written their own original songs. Songs should be gospel, Christian, uplifting and appropriate for a Christian audience. 
We ask for members who would like to be on this and other USAGEM programs to contact us at: 

We do not charge our members a fee for appearing on any of our programs, we do suggest a donation to USAGEM, but it is not mandatory. 

Any charges for fees to be paid to publishers, song licensing, backtrack licensing fees, or any fees other outside of USAGEM will be the responsibility of the performer. Performers will know in advance of any such fees. Writers of the Light charges no member fees for songs written by the member or for cowritten songs. 


Member Glenn Douglas Tubb has generously offered to USAGEM members free use of any of his songs for any of our television, youtube etc. shows.  If any of our members are looking for songs, contact Glenn through the USAGEM website. 

USAGEM Gift of Gospel show for Fifty Forward 
in Madison Tennessee, December 7, 2017
Bringing the word to the world

 Last December USAGEM put together a variety show at the behest of our member John Young. John, also a member of Fifty Forward, a senior group, has been trying for quite sometime to have a gospel event at the group's dining hall in Madison Tennessee. The room was filled with an energetic audience, there were ovations and cheers. Much thanks to John Young and to the singers and musicians who made the show possible. USAGEM singers incuded, in alphabetical order, Don and Cindy Baughman, Tom Campbell, Lady Corder Chapman, Mike Dunbar, Charlene Harrison, Bev McCann, Sandi Kay Shupe, and Paul Sparks. Accompanying musicians were Tom Campbell, fiddle; Lady Corder Chapman, piano; Mike Dunbar, bass; Lynn Fox, piano; Kevin Kathey, drums; Jack Roulier, guitar; and Jay Shupe, pedal steel. Sandi Kay Shupe, Mike Dunbar, and  Paul Sparks provided harmonies. All of the singers and musicians donated their time and performance, and Tom Campbell supplied the sound. Fifty Forward gave USAGEM a generous donation for the show. 

John Young is going to begin planning another booking for our members using the Gift of Gospel as a model. We will have more information on this in coming issues. Thanks and blessings to all who participated, especially John Young and Fifty Forward. 

Russ and Linda Murphy off to Texas

Daniel and Teresa Johnson and USAGEM threw a moving party for Russ and Linda Murphy, heading to Lubbock, Texas where Russ will be taking on the job of senior pastor. Among the party goers and performers were: President Lynn Fox and his wife Beverly Fox, Roy Fox, Dale Fox, Vice-President Mike Dunbar and his wife Denise Dunbar, Glenn and Dotte  Tubb, Melanie Walker, Ann Hartmann, Charlene Harrison, Bev McCann, and Steve Chapman and his wife Annie. 

The party was held in the back room at the Sportsman's Grille (Lodge) in Brentwood TN. it was COLD there (see the coats on the folks in the photos below) but everyone's hearts were warm.

Here are some videos from the party! 

Russ and Linda speech and songs  CLICK HERE 

Glenn Tubb sings "Give Satan an Inch" CLICK HERE

Ann Hartmann sings "God's Got the Box"  CLICK HERE

MCCF Christmas Party 

The Music City Christian Fellowship (MCCF) shares many members with USAGEM. Last December 17th their Christmas Party was held at the Nashville Palace. Some of our members in attendance included: Lynn Fox, Melanie Walker, David Smith, Diane Reade, Marty Merchant, Peggy Inks, Mona Faith, Mariah Neff, Bev McCann, Jim Henley, Rene Jones, and Don and Cindy Baughman (King's Couple) a wonderful, blessed time was had by all. Can you find your friends among these photos? 

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We, the board, appointees and officers of the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians, thank God for you, our members. and we thank him for allowing us to serve you.