42nd Editon
November 2017
Serving the Lord through entertainment
      The United States Association Of  Gospel  Entertainers & Musicians
A 501 (c)(3) Faith-Based Ministry/Charity
USAGEM Television productions. 
Five episodes shot and ready for editing.
Hallelujah Hayride
Top photo, left to right: Mike Dunbar (director), Lynn Fox (host), Stu Martin (guest), Debbie Bennett ( guest), and visiting USAGEM member, Tammy Vice

Bottom photos, left to right: Stu Martin, Debbie Bennett

Writers of the Light
Top photos, left to right: Randy Ferrell, Bev McCann
Bottom photos: left to right: Joanne Cash,  Russ Roberts
                       USAGEM PRESIDENT LYNN FOX
From The President's Desk . . . . . . . . . 

November is a time that all of us turn our minds toward Thanksgiving. In our Fox Family, we get together on Thanksgiving day to enjoy a large meal and give thanks for our many blessings! 

The Bible has a lot to say about gratitude. Thankfulness is a very prominent theme. First Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus". Giving thanks in ALL circumstances should be a way of life for us, naturally flowing from our hearts and lives as Christians. Ultimately, God is in control of every situation. We must realize that God can work through anything in our life, good or bad, to accomplish His purpose. We trust Him to work all things together for good in the lives of those who love Him. 

Psalms 136:1 says, "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever." The people of God are thankful people, mainly because they realize how much they have been given. God is worthy of our thanksgiving. It is only right to credit Him for "every good and perfect gift" He gives!

During the first part of 2017, the board members and officers of USAGEM felt very strongly that our organization should take a year of restoration and replenishing. With this biblical approach in mind, it was decided to take a year off of hosting the USAGEM Convention & Awards and just follow the Lord's lead and direction.

One of the paths that God seems to be leading us is in the area of television and media. Our 13th Annual USAGEM Awards Show is now edited and ready for airing. The Friday Evening Showcase presentations are also complete.  

USAGEM recently hosted a Viewing Party for the 13th Annual USAGEM Awards Show and we want to thank everyone that attended. It was a great night of food, fun and fellowship. USAGEM members that helped to make this event successful include Mike Dunbar, Bev McCann, Shelton Bissell, and Becky Short. Very special thanks to Juan Lopez for his work on the show and the many hours he spent editing! My hat is off to all of you! Special thanks to Michael Gardner, DVD copies of the USAGEM Awards Show and the Friday Evening Showcase performances are now available to everyone!

Another film project that is coming to fruition is a brand new television program specifically geared for our USAGEM songwriters. Mike Dunbar is the director of this new show appropriately named "USAGEM Writers Of The Light".  Each of these programs will feature two guest songwriters who will perform two or three of their penned songs, and include an interview with the host of the show. Tom and Mary Campbell  have graciously opened up their home and studio for the filming.  

The first four shows have now been filmed and will feature songwriters Lady Corder Chapman, Joanne Cash, Tom Campbell, Ann Hartmann, Deb McCann, Randy Ferrell, Russ Roberts, and Mike Dunbar. Presently, Juan Lopez is in charge of the cameras, lights, and editing. I understand that the "USAGEM Writers Of The Light" show will be first aired in the Nashville viewing area on  Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television (NECAT).

"Hallelujah Hayride" is another new television program that our organization has in the works. This show is geared towards our performing artists, duos, and groups. It is filmed at New Century Productions in the Mill at Lebanon located in Lebanon Tennessee. The first show features Debbie Bennett and Stu Martin. We will keep you updated on this objective and others as they come together. 

One more thing! I want to congratulate our new board members who were unanimously elected by acclamation during our last membership meeting in October. They are Charlene Harrison (Black Gospel), Sandi Kay Shupe (Bluegrass), Peggy Inks (Christian Country), Philip McCoy (Contemporary Christian), and Deon Unthank (Southern Gospel). Each of these new board members will start their three year term on January 1, 2018
In closing, let's continually give thanks to God from whom all blessings flow! Also, please remember to keep all of our USAGEM members and friends in your prayers!

In His Service, 

Lynn Fox
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Pray for USAGEM
and our members

Pray for God's favor upon the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians, and all of its members and friends.  Also, special prayers for the problems, violence, and catastrophes in the world. 
The board of directors is praying for you at each meeting. If you have a prayer request,  please  let us know. You can reach us at:


USAGEM Vice-President Mike Dunbar

As you've read, USAGEM is moving into video production to help our members get the Gospel of Jesus Christ out to the world. 

Along with Hallelujah Hayride and Writers of the Light, we are planning to start a USAGEM YouTube channel that will give our members an outlet for their own video productions.  That brings us to today's tip.


Video is one of the strongest ways for gospel entertainers to bring the talents God gave them to the world.
It's not  some incredibly technical task to produce your own video for YouTube. It can be as simple as using your cell phone. 

Most smart phones offer 1080p 30fps video recording. That's plenty for a simple YouTube video. Make sure to set your camera to 1080p 30fps.   A free app such as iMovie  can import your recordings and add snippets of videos. Here is some good information: 

And here are some other tips


If you're using a cell phone to record video, hold it sideways, instead of straight up the way you would dial a call. Make sure the picture fills the screen and is not framed square, if it does come out square, check the camera settings. 


Cell phone camera microphones are not studio quality. If you have recorded your songs in a studio, use those recordings for your videos. Play the recording aloud while you shoot your video so you can act or direct action to match the music.  You can use a free editing app for your recordings and it will work fine. Some such apps are iMovie on your iphone or ipad, or Movie Maker for PC or WonderShare for Mac. There are many other video editing apps as well as some inexpensive (and some not-so-inexpensive) software. With these you can use photos, public domain footage and images all available on the web, and/or the video or images you've taken yourself.


The lens that most phones use when you set it to look at yourself while recording or taking selfies  are usually not as good as the lens on the back of the camera (the one that records what you are looking at). You can shoot something with both lenses to test their acceptablility. 


YouTube has certain settings that it prefers, if possible it is better to record in those settings than to have to convert them later. However, most smart phones and pads have automatic settings that are ready to send to YouTube. Check your settings.

Here's a simple YouTube video I did in a few hours. It was added to a song already recorded.

Nothing fancy, just some public domain (free to use) images along with a few pictures taken with my iphone. By the way, this is embeded in the USAGEM web page. Please upload any videos you have to your page.

USAGEM is here to help our members, 
Let us know what  we can do to help you.

Please join us in prayer for USAGEM.  
You are USAGEM.

God Bless You and Your Ministry

The Words of our Lord 

Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time:  "Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you."  Jonah obeyed the word of the LORD and went to Nineveh. 


      Rick Alan King, Wendi and Randy Pierce  

The 2017 "Way Beyond The Blue" concert series continues to be a great success for Rick Alan King and Randy & Wendi Pierce and special guests. One of the show highlights is the formation of the trio comprised of Rick, Randy & Wendi. Rick states, "I am so pleased with how our voices blend and our 3-part harmony is beautiful". These concerts/shows offer a mixture of gospel and positive country music along with a lot of humor, cold water, coffee and cookies, and always a very special patriotic finale.

Be on the lookout for a "Way Beyond The Blue" concert coming to your area in 2018. You will not be disappointed!

For more info or to schedule a concert contact:
Rick Alan King
Randy and Wendi Pierce

Member John Young's senior group Fifty Forward has booked a USAGEM variety show called The Gift of Gospel to be held on December 7, 2017 in their meeting center located at 301 Madison St., Madison TN. It is open to the public. Dinner will start at 6pm, and the show will go from 7-8:30pm. Admission for dinner and show will be $15, the show alone will be $10. Among the members performing will be Lady Corder Chapman, Sandi Kay, Lashell Spears, the Pearly Gates,  and Charlene Harrison. USAGEM will be receiving a donation for the show. John said he would be willing to book other shows like this for USAGEM.
Thanks John! 


Jam Session at Joanne Cash's

Top left to right: Bill Poe, Wally Parks, Mike Dunbar, Joanne Cash, Lynn Fox, Richard Starkey and Rick Otts
Bottom left to right: Chad Crow, Dr. Harry Yates and Jill the toy West Highland Terrier.

Members Dr. Harry Yates and Joanne Cash Yates had several people out to their house for a jam session recently, including some of our USAGEM members. It was a wonderful time of Gospel, Christian Country, and Bluegrass. 
A standout at the jam was Richard Starkey, guitarist, who recently played on the Grand Ole Opry radio show as part of Starkey and Clark. Joanne showed everyone memorabilia of her brother Johnny Cash. She also told how Johnny read the bible every day and showed pictures taken with Dr. Billy Graham.


 While in Nashville to shoot an episode of USAGEM's Hallelujah Hayride, member Debbie Bennet got to play onstage at the Grand Ole Opry as part of the Opry's tribute to Ralph Stanley. Debbie keeps busy spreading the word of the Lord. 


USAGEM Today is distributed to all of our members and to many churches and music industry personnel.  
If you have news items about your ministry please e-mail your press releases or digital flyers to Mike Dunbar at:
We may edit press releases as we see fit. Keep in mind that USAGEM is a 501( c)(3) Non-Profit organization. As such, USAGEM does not endorse a political party or worldly agenda. We are here to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel through song and entertaiment. 

1 I waited patiently   for the  Lord;

    he turned to me and heard my cry. 
He lifted me out of the slimy pit, 
    out of the mud and mire; 
he set my feet  on a rock 
    and gave me a firm place to stand.
He put a new song in my mouth,
    a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
    and put their trust in him.

Psalm 40: 1-3

What are they and what are they all about?

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.     - Matthew 24:14

We are told to spread the gospel of the Lord to the world.  In these times video has gone far beyond traditional television. It is on cable, on satellite, on wi fi, dvd, digitally transferred, on the internet, shared with flash drives and sd cards. The more ways there are, to broadcast the further we can reach with the message. It's easier to broadcast and harder to block than ever before. 

Video, especially in conjunction with music, is more personal and more able to connect with the mind and the heart than music alone. And, that's a good way to reach the lost. 

USAGEM has had some opportunities and developed ideas that can help our performing members get their songs and performances onto video at several levels of broadcast. We are starting with two programs, "Writers of the Light" and "Hallelujah Hayride." 

The first, Writers of the Light, is about songwriters. It is shot in an intimate setting with a four camera shoot.  Simply produced, these "unplugged"  performances show the audience how a song might be experienced before ever being recorded. The background is warm and bright, plain pine wood walls. The sound has a "roomy" quality recorded with high quality condenser microphones in a stereo pattern. 

The second, Hallelujah Hayride, is shot in a tv studio (pictured above) that has a set meant to evoke a night time hayride with black background and sparse decoration. It is more performance oriented. For now, it is shot using artists' song tracks. The equipment includes a moving camera which rides slowly on a rail for motion shots. 

Both shows have a similar format. Two guests singing three songs each with each guest being interviewed by the host. There will be theme music for each show with theme bumps between segments.  

The shows are shot to conform to Nashville Education, Community and Arts Television (NECAT) standards. We have producers from NECAT who will air the shows, but this is not the only broadcasting that we intend for them to have. Among other things, these shows will head a lineup on our upcoming YouTube channel. We will join the YouTube Tech Soup program for nonprofits which will avail us of "technology tools, resources and knowledge" to improve how we present our members on YouTube. 

 We will also be adding special programs such as Christmas shows, our award shows etc. There will be broadcast programs that fit members at different stages in their ministries. we also will be providing broadcast opportunities for members who produce their own videos or have them produced. We are aiming high over the long run, looking to have a presence on major cable and satellite television. 

USAGEM  is not asking fees from artists who appear on Writers of the Light or Hallelujah Hayride. Donations will be accepted but are not necessary. For now, both of these programs are only made up of original music, public domain music, or cover songs with written permission from publishers and songwriters.  In the future we may make provisions for "cover" songs.  Then we may ask that artists pay any fees necessary to license such songs from publishers. However, we still will not ask fees for our organization in return for video services. We believe God will sustain us in this.

Writers of the Light and Hallelujah Hayride together form the flagship of  USAGEM's video arm. Our production team will be putting together the guest rosters for them, but once these shows are ready and aired, and the YouTube Channel is up and running, we will have several video production and broadcast opportunities open for any and all of our members. We thank the Lord for all opportunities. 
General Membership Meeting and 13th Annual Award Show Video Viewing Party Oct. 23 2017  

The General Membership Meeting and 13th Annual Award Show Video Viewing Party was a resounding success.  Fellowship and food was followed by the full video of last year's award show. The applause after the first segment was an indication of how well the video was accepted by the attending members. Members who took part in the award show and/or the Friday night showcase will receive four dvd's that contain the entire award show as well as the Friday showcase.
 If you haven't received yours soon, contact us here and leave your mailing address 
as well as your preferred email address:  CLICK HERE

Our "USAGEM God and Country Jubilees"
are over until next spring. Thanks to everyone who participated in last year's programs.We have some exciting new venues lined up for 2018. 
Let us know if you're interested in performing on next year's Jubilees. We'll be developing a schedule soon. 
We are a volunteer organization. Don't wait to be asked...volunteer!

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We, the board and officers of the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians, thank God for you, our members. and we thank him for allowing us to serve you.

"The Greatest Assets of USAGEM Are Our Members"

  USAGEM's members are a diverse group of people creating music and entertainment in various ways. Yet, we all share one goal. To reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  Whether it is one singer in a small church coffee house, a praise and worship team, a Christian comedian, a Grammy winning quartet, a songwriter, a saxaphone player, a booking agent, a gospel music fan, or a family band, we're all here to 

We are a fellowship of servants using out talents to serve the                                                                        King of Kings