Pullias Center at the AERA 
Annual Meeting 2016 
Public Scholarship To Educate  Diverse Democracies
Join the faculty, researchers, and doctoral students of the Pullias Center for Higher Education presenting at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) this spring. The meeting will take place from Friday, April 8 to Tuesday, April 12 in Washington, DC. 
Friday, April 8

Darnell Cole, Michael Lanford, Faridah Kutty
Examining the Impact of Diversity Courses and Diversity-Related Experiences on College Students' Critical Thinking in Malaysia
Joanna Drivalas
Access and Self-Advocacy for Students with Learning Disabilities
Saturday, April 9

Antar Tichavakunda  
University Class Confessions Websites: Making the Hidden Visible

William Tierney, Raquel M. Rall
Lessons Learned: The Failure of Pennsylvania State University's Board of Trustees in the Sandusky Affair 

Federick Ngo, Jenna Sablan, Q. Tien Le
Asian and Pacific Islander Progression Through Community College: Disaggregating the Data

Adrianna Kezar
Division J Vice Presidential Address: The Many Faces of Public Scholarship

Zoe Corwin, Amanda Ochsner, Antar Tichavakunda
A Game-Based Approach for Improving College Access and Enrollment for Underserved Students
Sunday, April 10

William Tierney, Randall F. Clemens
The Role of Ethnography as Ethical and Policy-Relevant Public Scholarship

Kristan Venegas, Araceli Espinoza
Defining Our Classroom Selves: Our Gender, Our Shoes
Monday, April 11

James Ward
Rational Choice and For-Profit Regulation: Understanding the 90/10 Rule
Tuesday, April 12
Elizabeth Park, Federick Ngo, Edward Chi
Selection on Noncognitive Traits: Possibilities for Community College Students

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