Pullias Center at the ASHE 
Annual Conference 2016 
Higher Education & The Public Good
Join the faculty, researchers, and doctoral students of the Pullias Center for Higher Education presenting at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) this Fall. The meeting will take place from Wednesday, November 9 to Saturday, November 12 in Columbus, OH. 
Wednesday, November 9

Federick Ngo, Jenna Sablan
Asian and Pacific Islander Student Progression through Community College: Disaggregating the Data
Suneal Kolluri
Race Tracking: A Review of the Literature on Advanced Placement Enrollment and Race
Thursday, November 10

Michael Lanford, William Tierney
Roundtable: Globalization as a Framework for Developing a Research Agenda

Sharla Berry
Creating Community in Online Graduate Programs: Innovations That Impact Students' Experiences

Federick Ngo
What Math Matters for Community College Success? Insights from Diagnostic Tests

Julie Posselt
Reframing Notions of Rigor: Building Scaffolding for Equity and Student Success 

Darnell Cole, Joseph Kitchen, Adrianna Kezar  
Pilot Surveys, Cognitive Interviews, and Focus Groups - Oh My! A Mixed Method Approach toward Designing a Longitudinal Survey to Examine Learning Communities and Students' Educational Outcomes

Adrianna Kezar, Julie Posselt
Graduate Student Session: Conversations with Scholars 
Friday, November 11

Sharla Berry
Teaching and Learning in Online Spaces: Instructor Practices that Support the Formation of Virtual Community

Adrianna Kezar
Conundrums in Publishing: A Conversation with Editors and Authors on Emerging Norms in Higher Education

Michael Lanford
Understanding Florida Students' Decisions to Enroll in Developmental Coursework through Rational Choice Theory

Federick Ngo
From AP Calculus to Algebra: Math Mismatch, Remediation, and Redundancy in the Transition to College

Arely Acuna Avilez, Thomas DePaola, Marissiko Wheaton, Darnell Cole
Using Theory of Possible Selves to Examine the Contexts of Postsecondary Success
Saturday, November 12

Julie Posselt
Keeping Race on the Radar? Administrator's Diversity Framing and Awareness of Admissions Policy in a Post-Affirmative Action Context

Julie Posselt
Mental Health in Graduate and Professional Education: Identifying Individual, Relational, and Disciplinary Risk Factors

Interactive Symposium:

Adrianna Kezar, Darnell Cole, Matthew Soldner,  
Tatiana Melguizo,  Rosemary Perez,  Araceli Espinoza-Wade
Thompson Scholars Learning Community (TSLC): A Mixed Methods Examination of a Comprehensive College Transition and Success Program for Low-income Students


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