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When:  Thursday, January 18, 2018 6pm-8pm
Where:  Arcodoro Ristorante
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Complimentary appetizers will be provided. Happy Hour prices for drinks will be available.

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  USRCC Trade Mission to Russia
May 2018

The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce (USRCC) invites you to participate in a Trade mission to the  St. Petersburg International Economic Forum . Participants will have an opportunity to meet Russian government officials and some of the most influential leaders in U.S.-Russia trade and investment relations. The USRCC will coordinate private meetings, an exclusive CEO Roundtable and introductions, in addition to attending the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPEIF).

Participating companies will gain market insights, make industry contacts, solidify business strategies, find business partners, and advance specific projects with the goal of increasing U.S. trade and investment to Russia.

For more details about the Trade Mission please contact us  directly at      

Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) Program

February 24 - March 17, 2018
Managed by the U.S. Department of Commerce

Road Construction for Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,  Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan 

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) program has established a program to train up to 18 Eurasian road construction specialists.  SABIT has successfully trained over 6,000 executives and scientists from Eurasia and other regions. SABIT provides trainees the opportunity to become familiar with a U.S. industry sector and its regulations, establish valuable business relationships, learn about innovative technologies, equipment, and services, and come to understand market-based business concepts. 

The training program will begin with one week of training on best practices in business management. This will be followed by two weeks of practical site visits and training at U.S. companies, associations, and government agencies. The program may also have a visit to a trade show. 
This program is designed for specialists in the road industry, and will focus on technical and managerial aspects of road construction. Candidates who apply to participate in the training program should be in a position of significant responsibility and have at least 3 years of management experience. Preference is given to applicants with technical training and relevant work experience in road construction and infrastructure projects, who currently hold a leadership position in their company or organization. Program participants with this level of experience will be in a position to obtain the most benefit from participating in the training program. The program will be interpreted from English into Russian by professional, simultaneous interpreters. Therefore, participants must be fluent in Russian or English.

The application deadline is January 5, 2018.  For view more details and apply, please click here

USRCC Internship

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 play a key role and the contributions they make impact the day-to-day functions of the chamber and shape the future of relationship between Russia and the U.S.

There are many ways you can get involved with the USRCC. Whether you are an experienced leader or a student, there is a place for you. By volunteering you can be at the very centre of our high-profile events held in Houston, Chicago and New York City and interact with influential leaders in the U.S.-Russia trade and investment.
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Members' News
NEW OFFSHORE ENERGY PLAN WILL BENEFIT SOUTH CAROLINA ENERGY CONSUMERS, January 4, 2018: David McGowan, Southern Region Director of the American Petroleum Institute (API), today welcomed the Interior Department's new five-year offshore oil and natural gas leasing plan, which puts South Carolina on the right track towards greater energy production, new jobs and economic growth.
"This bold new leasing plan is welcome news for South Carolina's energy consumers and economy," said McGowan. "The ability to safely explore our energy resources is an important part of constructing a robust, forward-looking energy strategy that will provide economic growth, spur investment and manufacturing, and boost job creation while safely coexisting with South Carolina's tourism industry. The development of our abundant offshore resources will also help the U.S. meet its energy needs well into the future while also strengthening our national security."
Gazprom Gas Exports Rise To Record High In 2017, January 3, 2018: Russia's Gazprom raised its exports by 8.1 percent annually to a record high of 193.9 billion cubic meters in 2017, the chairman of Gazprom's management committee, Alexey Miller, said on Wednesday.
In a speech at the end of December 2017, Miller said that "Last year, we set an absolute record for gas exports with 179.3 billion cubic meters. We will beat that amount by the year's end, with over 190 billion cubic meters of gas delivered to consumers. I would like to note that this year will see several countries at once set new records for Russian gas imports. I am speaking first and foremost about our largest consumers, Germany and Turkey."  
This Week in Review 
Russia Posts Highest-Ever Natural Gas Output in Expansion Drive, January 2, 2018: Russia registered its highest-ever natural gas production last year amid plans to expand into China and boost sales of liquefied natural gas.
The nation's output of the fuel jumped 7.9 percent to 690.5 billion cubic meters, according to data emailed Tuesday by the Russian Energy Ministry's CDU-TEK unit. That beat the previous record, set in 2011, by 2.9 percent.
Russia, the world's largest gas exporter, is working to boost output with plans to increase production of LNG with new plants in an area that stretches from the Baltic region to its Pacific coast.  Read more...
Messoyakhaneftegaz secures financing for Messoyakha project in Russia

Drillingandproduction,, January 2, 2018: Messoyakhaneftegaz has secured the first tranche of a syndicated loan of RUB100bn ($1.74bn) from Gazprombank and Sberbank towards the development of the Messoyakha project in Russia.
The term of the project financing facility is for a term of 100 years with Gazprombank committing to provide RUB40bn ($700m) while Sberbank offering the remaining RUB60bn ($1.05bn).
The Messoyakha project will see the development of the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field located in the Tazovsky district of the Yamalo-Nenetsk Autonomous Region, 340km north of Novy Urengoy.   Read more...
Iran Gas Refinery Displays Products in Russia, January 1, 2018: Iran's Hasheminejad Gas Refinery has put on display its products including sulphur bentonite fertilizer at a showcase in Russia's Kazan.
Iran mounted the fair last week in the Russian city to display the industrial capabilities of the northeastern province of Khorasan.
Hasheminejad Gas Refinery attended the fair with the aim of hunting out marketing opportunities in other countries.
Sulphur Bentonite is 90% pure elemental sulphur. It provides degradable sulphur to plants and therefore can have the following advantages over other forms of sulphur fertilizer  Read more...
Chinese oil import capacity from Russia doubled, January 2, 2018: China could double the amount of crude oil it receives from Russia with the start of commercial operations of a pipeline, state media reported.
The official Xinhua News Agency reported the second line of a Russian oil pipeline went into commercial service on Monday. It means Chinese imports of Russian crude oil could double from about 100 million to 300 million barrels per year.   Read more...
About 14,000 tons of benzene exported from Atyrau refinery, January 5, 2018: Atyrau oil refinery became the first in Kazakhstan to supply benzene - a raw material for petrochemicals - for export, Kazinform reported.
"In the past 2017, as many as 8,951 tons of benzene or 104 percent of the planned amount was produced. Since the beginning of the production of benzene, up to the present time, 14,380 tons of products have been produced and shipped. The entire product is exported to Russia.  Read more...
Russia to produce LEAP powerplant components from 2018, January 3, 2018: Russian aero-engine specialist UEC Saturn in 2018 will launch production of components for CFM International LEAP powerplants, which are intended for new-generation Airbus, Boeing, and COMAC narrowbody airliners.
As follows from the company's quarterly report, its division involved in the manufacture of blades for the SaM146 engine (the one powering the Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jetliner) was harvested for specialists in 2017 to set up a dedicated team responsible for launching production of a LEAP component, which would require meeting 150 different parameters. UEC Saturn is understood to have been working actively to introduce the requisite manufacturing processes and get used to the associated production equipment.
Series production will require purchases of extra equipment and the recruitment of additional personnel in 2018.
Vietnam, Russia sign truck manufacturing deal, January 3, 2018: The governments of Vietnam and Russia have signed an agreement to collaborate on manufacturing trucks in the Southeast Asian country for domestic and regional markets.
The inter-government protocol, signed on 27 December 2017 in Hanoi, features mainly the localised production of commercial trucks but also covers specialised vehicles for military applications.
Under the protocol, Russian truck manufacturers - including Kamaz and Uaz - will be required to transfer technologies and skills to Vietnam to facilitate production and localised maintenance support. The two sides will also look to penetrate export markets in Southeast Asia.   Read more...
BMW Continues Search in Russia for Plant Site, January 2, 2018: BMW continues talks with the Russian government and regional authorities about establishing a plant within the country.
Possible site options include St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Kaliningrad regions, according to Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, who is responsible for development of the auto industry.
BMW's interest in Russia was recently confirmed by Senior Vice President Hendrik von Künheim, who said BMW is going to increase the level of localization of its existing production at the facilities of Russian auto company Avtotor near Kaliningrad.
Von Künheim has said the automaker has studied several technological zones within Russia specially designed for auto production, and that a decision will be forthcoming.  Read more...
Renault, Lada, Hyundai-Kia poised to gain from Russia's new stability, January 3, 2017: Mazda's Joerg Schreiber is a veteran of the Russian car market, yet even he cannot recall a time like the present. Instead of the usual cycle of boom and bust, the Japanese automaker's top regional executive sees slow, steady - almost predictable - economic growth.
"I've been here for some years now and I can't ever remember such a period of stability," the Mazda Russia boss told Automotive News Europe. "Consumer inflation is at a record low in the post-Soviet era."
Schreiber, who is also chairman of the AEB Automotive Manufacturers Committee that compiles data on the local car market, hiked his 2017 forecast in October to 1.58 million vehicles, an 11 percent overall gain on 2016, and sees further increases this year.  Read more...
New Rostov reactor starts up, January 2, 2018: Russia's latest nuclear power reactor, Rostov 4, reached criticality and minimum controlled power on 29 December. It is Russia's 36th reactor in a fleet that meets about 18% of the country's electricity demand.
With the integrity and function of all operation and safety systems already verified, the unit is now in the final stage of commissioning. What follows are measurements of the neutron-physical characteristics of the reactor core to confirm compliance with design parameters and a full testing programme of the reactor control and protection systems. It will supply some electricity to the grid during these tests.   Read more...
More Kazakh stores to appear in Russia, January 4, 2018: Kazakh groceries are planned to be opened in Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk regions of Russia, the Kazakh embassy in Russia reported.
"Presently, there are two stores of Kazakh food products in Omsk, their number is planned to be increased to 50. Next are the nearby major Russian cities -Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk. The organizers intend to create a whole food network, the main feature of which will be natural, environmentally friendly food products manufactured in Kazakhstan, " the embassy said.
In the first half of 2018 in Omsk, it is planned to build seven pavilions with Kazakh food products. The opening of Kazakh stores in Russia is handled by KazMarket LLC.  Read more...
Russia, Uzbekistan sign nuclear-cooperation agreement, January 2, 2018: Russia's Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation and Uzbekistan have signed a nuclear-cooperation agreement that Rosatom says will pave the way for bilateral cooperation "in many aspects of civil nuclear energy", the RFE/RL reports.
Rosatom said the agreement was signed on December 29 by its Director-General Aleksei Likhachyov and Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister Nodir Otajonov.
"The collaboration could include creation and development of infrastructure in Uzbekistan, training, construction of nuclear power plants and research reactors, as well as operational and maintenance support during their life cycle," the Rosatom statement said.  Read more...
PHYSICS: RUSSIA TESTING FIRST HIGH-FREQUENCY GENERATOR TO BUILD ITS OWN ATOM SMASHER, January 2, 2018: Russian physicists are building their first klystron generator, a critical particle accelerator component for which the country has previously had to rely on external suppliers in Europe or Japan. Now, researchers from the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Science's Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics are testing a model they believe could be up and running within the year.  Read more...
Russian space producer breathes new life into single-stage carbon fiber rocket project, January 2, 2018: Apparently inspired by the success of Falcon 9, a Russian rocket producer has reportedly revived a project to make a reusable robotic launch system. A rare new engine will be required to complete the innovation, however.
The revival of a project called 'Korona' by the Makeev Rocket Design Bureau was reported on Tuesday by Interfax news agency, citing the company's Chief Designer Vladimir Degtyar.
The rocket was in active development by the Bureau between 1992 and 2012 before ceasing due to a lack of funding for the prototype phase. In January 2017, it was reported that the designer was eager to revive the development. It is unclear whether funding has since been secured.  Read more...
US-Russia Related News in Russian
Новости недели
В России начнется производство фургонов «Пежо», 4 января, 2018: Уже в первом квартале 2018 года на заводе «ПСМА Рус» в России стартует серийное производство коммерческого фургона «Peugeot Expert». На заводе в Калуге идут последние приготовления к запуску конвейера.
Это избавит от необходимости импортировать эти автомобили в Россию из Франции, как происходит сейчас - пока что фургоны «Peugeot Expert» для российского рынка производят на заводе, который находится во французском городе Севельнорд.  Читать далее...
УАЗ планирует удвоить экспорт автомобилей в 2018 году, 1 января, 2018: УАЗ планирует в 2018 году удвоить экспорт своей продукции, доведя экспорт до 8 тысяч автомобилей в год.
Представители завода отметили, что ставка будет сделана на страны Латинской Америки, Юго-Восточной Азии и Ближнего Востока, информирует агентство «Автостат».
В 2017 году УАЗ выпустил более 43 тысяч автомобилей. Также была достигнута договоренность о производстве машин в Казахстане.   Читать далее...
«Газпром» уложил больше 700 км морского участка «Турецкого потока», 4 января, 2018: «Газпром» уложил больше 700 километров морского участка газопровода «Турецкий поток» по двум ниткам. Об этом рассказал журналистам председатель правления «Газпрома» Алексей Миллер.
«Продолжается активное строительство газопровода «Турецкий поток». На сегодняшний день суммарно по двум ниткам уложено более 700 километров (около 38 процентов) морского участка газопровода», - сообщил Миллер. В конце декабря он рассказывал об укладке более чем 650 километров морского участка газопровода.
  Читать далее...
Завод «Мазда Соллерс» в 2018 году планирует увеличить производство на 10%, 4 января, 2018: Дальневосточный завод «Мазда Соллерс» в 2018 году планирует увеличить производство на 10% относительно прошлого года. Об этом агентству «АВТОСТАТ» заявили в пресс-службе предприятия, отметив, что на данный момент у завода имеется необходимый запас мощности для того, чтобы работать в условиях увеличивающегося спроса. По итогам 2017 года дальневосточный завод «Мазда Соллерс» выпустил 24085 автомобилей Mazda СХ-5 и Mazda6, что соответствует уровню предыдущего года (24110 машин). Напомним, в июне 2017 года на предприятии началось производство кроссовера Mazda СХ-5 нового поколения.  Читать далее...
Беларусь в 2017 году увеличила экспорт товаров в Россию, 3 января, 2018: Беларусь в январе-октябре 2017 года увеличила экспорт товаров в Россию по сравнению с аналогичным периодом 2016 года на 20,1% до $10 млрд 642 млн, передает 3 января Интерфакс со ссылкой на данные Белстата.
"Стоимостные объемы экспорта в Российскую Федерацию увеличились по всем группам товаров, кроме энергетических", - констатировали в статкомитете.
Наиболее существенное увеличение стоимостного объема поставок в РФ отмечено по таким позициям как грузовые автомобили, сливочное масло, сыры и творог, тракторы и седельные тягачи, машины для уборки сельхозкультур, лекарственные средства, молоко и сливки несгущенные, части и принадлежности для автомобилей и тракторов.  Читать далее...
Российские химики создали универсальные компоненты для любых лекарств, 1 января, 2018: Ученые Института живых систем Балтийского федерального университета имени И. Канта с коллегами из Лаборатории химической фармакологии Санкт-Петербургского государственного университета предложили простой способ получения соединений дикарбоновых кислот, которые являются «кирпичиками» для создания практически любых молекул. Например, таких, из которых состоят разного рода лекарства, в том числе противовоспалительные и противораковые. Читать далее...
Экспорт итальянского вина в 2017 году стал рекордным благодаря России, 3 января, 2018: Объем экспорта итальянского вина в 2017 году достиг рекордных €6 млрд. Об этом сообщила пресс-служба ассоциации итальянских сельхоз производителей Coldiretti.
По данным ассоциации, показатель вырос на 7% в сравнении с 2016 годом. Отмечается, что рост был обеспечен за счет увеличения продаж итальянского вина в РФ на 47% и в Китае на 25%.
«Итальянское вино в России стало одним из немногих агропродовольственных товаров, не пострадавших от эмбарго», - приводит «РИА Новости» слова из сообщения пресс-службы.  Читать далее...
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