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  USRCC Business Newsletter
USRCC Activities
USRCC at the Russia Investment Forum 2018

On 15 February 2018, the Roscongress Foundation and the U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement on the sidelines of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. The signing ceremony was attended by Roscongress Foundation CEO Alexander Stuglev and Executive Director at U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce Tamara Doescher.  Read more...
USRCC's HR Panel and Networking Event 
  "From Entry Level to CEO - How to Continue Moving Up the OrgChart

On February 22, the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce ("USRCC") hosted its HR Panel and Networking Event  "From Entry Level to CEO - How to Continue Moving Up the OrgChart". The event was organized by the USRCC Young Professionals Committee and took place at the University of Houston.

The keynote presentation was made by Dr. Suryanarayanan RadhakrishnanClinical Assistant Professor, University of Houston, Bauer College of Business,  Managing Director, UH Energy who shared his thoughts and expertise on what are the key skills and traits an employee must develop in order to transform into a leader.

Panel speakers included Melissa Calhoun , Senior Director, Talent Management, Human Resources,   Halliburton, Dave Gocek, Vice President, Human Resources, Emerson Automation Solutions, Glenda Valero de Silano , HR General Manager,  Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production, Alexandria Uribe , Global Talent Manager, Mining & Minerals, Automation & Controls, Technology & Consulting Business Lines, Wood plc. The panel was moderated by Ilya Aranovich, Global Licensing Manager, GTC Technologies, USRCC Young Professionals Committee Chair.

During the comprehensive discussion panelists provided the audience with their frank professional opinions about how to survive in a big organization, discussed the key tips that  help the transition from an individual contributor to a management role and how to adopt a long-term positive and productive frame of mind for managing performance of a work group, build trust, make decisions, and deal with difficult situations.

Thought by the moderator, Ilya Aranovich, Global Licensing Manager, GTC Technologies, USRCC Young Professionals Committee Chair:

"A great event hosted in close partnership with the University of Houston! I am thankful to the USRCC Young Professionals Committee for putting together an informative session filled with tips and insights on how to survive in the corporate world, establish yourself as a leader and really push the limits in your career through working together with teams in a modern, diverse, international and even virtual reality.  Dr. Suryanarayanan Radhakrishnan, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Houston, as the keynote speaker opened with the presentation on the most important takeaways from his 36 years career in Shell that define true leaders. Listening, sharing credit, taking responsibility were traits highlighted by personal experiences from Dr. Radha's assignments in different segments of Shells business around the world.
The keynote was followed by the panel session which I was honored to serve as a moderator and meet in person our experienced panelists. Melissa Calhoun, Senior Director, Talent Management, Human Resources,   Halliburton  kicked off with insights from her own career, which she started in a position as a field engineer, on how technical employees and altogether individual contributors can approach their first supervisory role and provided her experience with best practices for having the right conversations about both lagging and outstanding performances. Dave Gocek, Vice President, Human Resources, Emerson Automation Solutions having supported Emersons global teams spoke about his views on the philosophy an organization should adapt on developing leaders and how important mentoring and networking inside and organization is. Glenda Valero de Silano, HR General Manager, Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production, having served in the Chevron system in the US, Canada, Kazakhstan gave an international view on her biggest leadership and personal challenges while transitioning in roles and shared her perspective on managing difficult tasks as a team. Alexandria Uribe, Global Talent Manager, Wood plc,  discussed the globalization of organizations and virtual work teams, leadership and stakeholders and gave her insights on the benefits companies can gain by having multiple generations of professionals collaborating in the workplace.

After this great networking opportunity, everyone left equipped with valuable idea's on how to approach career progression".


Testimonial by the panelist Alexandria Uribe, Global Talent Manager, Mining & Minerals, Automation & Controls,   Technology & Consulting Business Lines, Wood plc:

"I had the pleasure of serving as one of the panelist at the USRCC's "HR Panel and Networking Event "From Entry Level to CEO - How to continue moving up the OrgChart". It was such a wonderful opportunity for HR Practitioners to share real world experiences with such a diverse audience and in return, gain insights into their questions and perspectives. As an HR leader, I regularly seek out opportunities to network with emerging talent and I found this event to be an exceptional platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. I have to thank Maryna Solodka, General Manager USRCC, personally for recommending me to participate as a panelist and the entire USRCC team for organizing such a unique and effective networking event".


Saghar Miri - MS-HRMHR Specialist, Organizational Development, EthosEnergy Group:

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to U.S. - Russia Chamber of Commerce for organizing such fantastic and successful event. I was impressed by all of the prominent motivational speakers, and personally learned a lot from them. Great ambience, tremendous learnings, and great interaction showed how well-planned the event was. It has been a privilege to be a part of this event along with all the other people attended there".

To view event pictures visit our Facebook Page

The U.S.- Russia Chamber of Commerce 

The USRCC Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities Committee 
invites you to attend the reception in honor of 

The Russian Healthcare and  Agricultural  Delegations

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The St. Regis Houston
The Remington Private Dining Room
1919 Briar Oaks Lane, Houston, Texas 77027
USRCC Members -  Free/Non-Members  - $30
*Hor d'oeuvres will be served*

The USRCC is honored to welcome participants of the International Visitor Leadership Prog ram. Russian Healthcare Delegation was invited to the United States under the  auspices 
the U.S. Department of State's 
February 26, 2018 - March 3, 2018.

Healthcare Delegation Representatives include:

Dr. Mikhail AMELIN
Chief, X-Ray Diagnostics Department, Federal Center of Neurosurgery, Novosibirsk

Chairman, Tyumen Regional Medical Community, 

Head of Methodology Department, Federal Center for Neurosurgery, Tyumen

Dr. Vitaly MOROZOV
Head, Laboratory of Invasive Medical Technologies, Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk

Mrs. Ekaterina TRAVNIKOVA
Chairman, Center of Social Support "Navigator", Irkutsk

Head, TB Department, Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Vocational Education, Irkutsk

Additional information about the participants of the Healthcare Delegation is available  here

The USRCC is proud to announce the first-time 
Houston Livestock and Rodeo  participants and exhibitors from 
Russian Tyumen Region Agricultural Delegation

  Agricultural Delegation Representatives include:

Sergey Arkhin
President of Russian Regional Association of Agricultural Producers

Additional information about the Agricultural Delegation will be provided shortly

  USRCC Trade Mission to Russia
May 2018

The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce (USRCC) invites you to participate in a Trade mission to the  St. Petersburg International Economic Forum . Participants will have an opportunity to meet Russian government officials and some of the most influential leaders in U.S.-Russia trade and investment relations. The USRCC will coordinate private meetings, an exclusive CEO Roundtable and introductions, in addition to attending the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPEIF).

Participating companies will gain market insights, make industry contacts, solidify business strategies, find business partners, and advance specific projects with the goal of increasing U.S. trade and investment to Russia.

For more details about the Trade Mission please contact us  directly at      

USRCC Internship

The USRCC is looking for new team members!

 play a key role and the contributions they make impact the day-to-day functions of the chamber and shape the future of relationship between Russia and the U.S.

There are many ways you can get involved with the USRCC. Whether you are an experienced leader or a student, there is a place for you. By volunteering you can be at the very centre of our high-profile events held in Houston, Chicago and New York City and interact with influential leaders in the U.S.-Russia trade and investment.
To learn more about the position  click here or contact us directly at info@usrussiacc.org 
call 713.429.4680
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New Member Spotlight

USRCC is honored to welcome our new member 
Roadrunner Rubber Corporation

"Roadrunner Rubber Corporation is a Houston based manufacturer of industrial, forklift, and heavy machinery tires. Roadrunner is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year. Our tires are unique in that they solve many of the issues with modern machinery and logistics with the same reliance on quality chemistry, a tried and proved manufacturing method, and expert customer service. Our tires are now used in all 50 states, we export them to 22 countries around the world, and our tires are used as OEM on several of the biggest forklift companies in the world. In the Houston and Dallas areas we also provide service and installation to retail customers. In a world of mass production, at Roadrunner we pride ourselves on being the problem solvers in the industry, and our tires move everything from tools for oil and gas, to the groceries you buy, to the device where you are reading this now. What makes Roadrunner different is our ability to adapt to the 21st Century without losing the craftsmanship and attention to detail which has characterized our tires since 1968. Our world literally does not move without Roadrunner tires. We are the only company in the world that produces a synthetic rubber low zinc tire that is helping to decrease the zinc in our groundwater. If you are in the greater Houston or Dallas area, or need a better and unique solution to tires issues around the world, we have the experience, the know how, and a wealth of hands on knowledge of every situation around the world. Please let us know if we can help your company save time and money with our products, our service, and our commitment that every day is a new opportunity to do better, and be better". 

For more information, visit www.roadrunnertires.com

Members' News
ExxonMobil - Percieved Difficulties Present A Rare Opportunity

Seekingalpha.com, February 22, 2018: ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) is a more than $300 billion oil company and one of the largest publicly traded oil companies in the world. The company has seen its stock price drop by almost 15% on the back of a rough earnings announcement recently, however, as we will see in this article, the company's deceptively strong results, growth potential, and commitment to shareholders make now a good time to buy. 
ExxonMobil Deceptively Strong Results 
ExxonMobil has a top-tier asset base that helps to justify the company's premium valuation. As an investor, this asset base represents, to me, the stability of the company's cash flow going forward.  Read more...
ExxonMobil acquires stake in the BTC oil pipeline

Oilandgasinvestor.com, February 19, 2018: ExxonMobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) has acquired 2.5% stake in the Azeri Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline from CIECO, a subsidary of Itochu, an ExxonMobil official said Feb. 19.
"ExxonMobil became an owner of 2.5% stake in the BTC project in November 2017," Aygun Tanriverdiyeva, an ExxonMobil official in Baku, told Reuters.
"The company acquired the stake in the project from CIECO," she said without elaborating on details of the deal.
The BTC pipeline company operates the pipeline, which ships oil from Azerbaijan's major Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil fields to Turkey via Georgia.   Read more...
The Impact Of Gazprom's China-Russia Gas Pipeline

Oilprice.com, February 17, 2018:  Gazprom's Power of Siberia pipeline is more than two-thirds complete.  It will be delivering gas to China by the end of this year.  A second pipeline is still under discussion.
A report yesterday from Alex Mercouris at The Duran noted some frustration from China over the irregular liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies coming from its contract partners in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
It seems the Turkemi and Uzbek governments are shaking down China for better prices because gas demand in Western China's autonomous regions is growing rapidly.  Complicating matters is the tough winter in Europe which spiked LNG demand there as well.   Read more...
In the deepwater versus shale oil contest, Shell backs both

Euronews.com, February 20, 2018:  LONDON (Reuters) - Royal Dutch Shell < RDSa.L> will expand deepwater output and turn a profit from its shale production in coming years as both together will help the oil major cope with a world of low crude prices, the head of its oil and gas production said on Tuesday.
Shell's deepwater production in Brazil, Nigeria, the Gulf of Mexico is much bigger and more profitable, but the firm sees the nimble, fast-returns U.S. onshore shale as an engine for growth.
"We can see strong (shale) production growth, strong cash surpluses that gives us a balance in our portfolio where you can ramp investment up and down, you can moderate that, very unlike deepwater which is quite chunky," Andy Brown told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of the IP Week conference.   Read more...
Emerson: Empowering the digital workforce of the future

Isa.org, February 20, 2018: Over the past 30 years, advances in automation have done fantastic things for the manufacturing sector in terms of reliability, safety, and operational efficiency. But today, despite all the hype about the promise of the Internet of Things, the industry has reached a point where those gains are leveling off. Manufacturers cannot simply "efficiency their way" to top-quartile performance any longer.  In this environment, managers have the relentless pressure to do more with less. Do they cut back on staff and ask more of the workers they keep? Will the sensational headlines claiming that automation kills jobs come true? These reports routinely miss the big picture. History has taught that while technology can unsettle the current nature of work, disruption consistently brings new opportunities for value and net employment growth, not loss. Capitalizing on these opportunities means not only investing in technology, but also fundamentally transforming the way you do business. But while it is clear manufacturers understand the need to evolve, many struggle to find a predictable path forward.  Read more...
The Week in Review
Russia, Saudi Arabia Boost Economic Ties With Energy Memorandum

Caspiannews.com, February 22, 2018: The geopolitics of the Middle East have changed dramatically over the past seven years, since the Arab Spring and Syrian civil war. But not all is war and politics.
Major energy deals between Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, and Russia - the largest producer outside the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) - are also reshaping alliances in the region, and a high-level visit to Riyadh by senior Russian officials last week helped bring Russo-Saudi ties into focus.
On Monday, the Saudi Arabian National Oil Company known as Aramco and Russia's Novatek signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on projects in the natural gas sector, according to a press release posted to the Russian company's website.  Read more...
Africa remains promising market for Russian industrial goods

Realnoevremya.com, February 22, 2018: In recent years, Russia has been seeking to increase exports of its industrial products to markets of Latin America, Asia and Africa. However, there are several issues that complicate business partnership, such as a lack of interaction at a business level and rather low competitiveness of Russian goods.
In the promising African market, Russia has to confront competition from Western players and Asian countries such as China, India and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, considers Modern Diplomacy. The Kremlin is interested in Latin American, Asian and African markets as an opportunity to secure Russia's economic interests abroad and support Russian industries in the context of Western sanctions. Although the Soviet Union had strong ties with the African continent and made a significant contribution to the social and economic development of African countries, the relations came to a standstill in the 1990s. Currently, Russia's foreign trade turnover with Africa amounts to rather modest $12bn.  Read more...
Maksim Sokolov: Armenian products' export to Russia market grows at great pace

News.am, February 20, 2018: Armenian products' export to the Russian market also grows at a great pace.
Maksim Sokolov, Transportation Minister of Russia, stated the aforementioned at Tuesday's 18th meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation, the press office of the government of Armenia informed Armenian News-NEWS.am.
Sokolov, who is the co-chair of this commission-together with Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, thanked the latter for his constructive assessment of the work that was carried out within the framework of this intergovernmental commission.  Read more...
Yandex launches its own carsharing service

Tass.com, February 23, 2018: Russia's Yandex launched a carsharing service in Moscow and the Moscow Region through the Yandex. Drive application, the company said on Wednesday. Yandex car fleet totals 750 vehicles for the moment and will continue growing, it reported. Yandex plans to launch an in-house carsharing service became known as early as in December 2017. The Yandex. Drive carsharing application was made available for downloading to iOS and Android last December. Carsharing is a component of Yandex geo-services.  "Carsharing has already become a portion of the transport infrastructure in many cities. We believe therefore that our expertise and technologies in the transport sphere will contribute to its development in Russia," head of Yandex geo-services Roman Chernin said in a comment.
The price of the per-minute car leasing via the Yandex. Drive will start from five rubles ($0.08) and will be driven by traffic and demand for cars. Furthermore, a fixed rate with the travel price computed in advance will be launched soon in a test mode. All tariffs comprise the cost of gasoline, parking, and insurance.  Read more...
Russian diesel locomotives arrive in Cuba

Rt.com, February 23, 2018:  A second batch of Russian locomotives, comprising eight vehicles, has arrived in the port of Havana this week, according to the head of the Russian engineering company Sinara Transport Machines (STM).  Gennady Dotsenko told TASS that 28 additional units (in four batches) will be delivered to Cuba this year. "We are planning to unload seven diesel locomotives in March and expect them to reach Havana in late May or early June," he said.  The first batch of seven diesel locomotives of the TGM8KM series was delivered to the Caribbean island in November. As part of the contract signed by STM and the Cuban import agency Tradex, Russia will supply 75 locomotives to the country by the end of 2021.  Cuban Union Railways (UFC) already operates a fleet of Russian diesel-hydraulic locomotives, which are mainly used to haul sugar trains. UFC hauls 16 million tons of freight per year for the sugar industry.  The new locomotives are primarily destined for this purpose, as the present fleet is ageing, but UFC plans to deploy the new trains for other services, including passenger operations.  Read more...
Russian grain exports near record of 50mn tons

Rt.com, February 20, 2018: The growing production of grain in Russia is boosting the country's exports, which are close to a record 50 million tons this year according to the director of the SovEcon analytical center, Andrey Sizov.
The director said that the country exported 48 million tons between July 2017 and the end of January 2018.
Last year, the country ceded its status of leading wheat exporter to the United States. The Russian Agriculture Ministry expects to regain the status by the end of this agricultural year [July 2017 - June 2018]. It forecasts grain exports to be 45 million tons against 35.5 million tons in the previous year.
Overall, agricultural production in Russia is projected to grow three percent this year, from last year's 120.7 million tons. That would be the best-ever harvest for Russia, even counting the Soviet era.  Read more...
The cosmetics company selling Siberia to the world

BBC.com, February 22, 2018: If it wasn't for the intoxicating smell of competing perfumes, you might think that cosmetics company Natura Siberica was making ice cream.
At its factory in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, large vats of shampoo the colour of raspberry ripple soft scoop are being whipped into a smooth consistency.
Nearby, a body cream that looks like mint yoghurt is being slowly churned in a large metal cylinder, and a worker is adding dried berries to gallons of body rub that could be strawberry sorbet.
Founded in 2008, Natura Siberica is a Russian company that makes a wide range of organic hair and skincare products made with extracts from herbs grown and harvested across the vast and remote Russian province of Siberia.
Russia interested in exports of meat, dairy products to Thailand

Blackseagrain.net, February 22, 2018: Russian producers are interested in exports of meat and dairy products to Thailand, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexey Gruzdev told reporters on Wednesday.
"Specific companies are interested in mutual inspections. Inspections of our meat producers take place," the official said responding to a question whether Russia holds talks on opening of the Thai meat and dairy markets for Russian products.
It is difficult to evaluate the capacity of this market so far; deliveries are important within the framework of comprehensive promotion of Russian agricultural products in Asia, Gruzdev said.  Read more...
Egypt becomes biggest market for Russian goods

Rt.com, February 22, 2018: Statistics from the Russian Export Center show that Egypt has outpaced China as the largest buyer of Russian products. In 2017, the country imported Russian goods worth almost $1.8 billion - up 44 percent from the previous year.
Egypt is the world's largest buyer of wheat due to high consumption of bread. It ships wheat from Russia, Ukraine, France and the United States.
Russia has recently boosted wheat export contracts on expectations of a record grain harvest, and Egypt is one of its biggest customers. Wheat exports to Egypt have averaged between four and five million tons a year, and are expected to reach six million tons. Moscow and Cairo are currently in discussions regarding the possibility of Russian participation in the construction of grain infrastructure in Egypt.  Read more...
Russian Centre of Science and Culture opening in KK

Theborneopost.com, February 22, 2018: The opening of the first Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) branch office in Sabah will expand the relationship between Malaysia and Russia in the culture, economic and education spheres, said Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman.
"The RCSC has been operating in Kuala Lumpur since 1981 and now a branch has been established in Sabah, which I view as a positive step.
"This effort will introduce Russian culture to more Malaysians in Sabah and will also serve to promote what Sabah has to offer to Russians," Musa stated this in his speech, which was delivered by Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Pang Yuk Ming, who represented the Chief Minister in officiating at the opening ceremony of the centre here yesterday.  Read more...
Hong Kong university joins forces with Russian institution to launch EMBA programme

Scmp. com, February 20, 2018: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology partners with Moscow School of Management to offer dual-degree programme in preparation for "Belt and Road Initiative"
"The market is eager for high-level business education which ties closely to the area," says Dr Steven DeKrey, associate dean at the HKUST and chairman of Academic Council at SKOLKOVO .
New rig dispatched for operations at Azerbaijan's offshore gas field

Azerinews.az, February 23, 2018: The Heydar Aliyev semi-submersible drilling rig was dispatched on February 23, 2018 from the offshore supply and logistics base of the Caspian Drilling Company for drilling work in the Absheron field, the company said.
The construction of the Heydar Aliyev semi-submersible drilling rig, the world's first and the only sixth generation rig, withstanding the pressure of 1,400 atmospheres, completed in May 2017.
The Heydar Aliyev semi-submersible drilling rig belonging to Azerbaijan was built by the Caspian Drilling Company and will continue to be operated under its leadership.
After completion of work on the ABX-2 well in the Absheron gas field, in which SOCAR and TOTAL hold shares, the Heydar Aliyev semi-submersible drilling rig will start drilling the ABD001 well, as a result of which the first gas will be produced from the Absheron field.   Read more...
US-Russia Related News in Russian
Новости членов Палаты
«Газпром» поставил два рекорда подряд  

News.rambler.ru, 23 февраля, 2018:
 Газпром установил новый рекорд. Максимальный исторический показатель суточного экспорта газа в дальнее зарубежье 22 февраля составил 645 миллионов 700 тысяч кубометров газа. Предыдущее пиковое значение сутками ранее было на 600 тысяч кубометров меньше.
Ранее глава "Газпрома" Алексей Миллер заявил, что в 2017 году холдинг увеличил добычу газа по сравнению с 2016 годом на 12,5 процента - до 472 миллиардов кубометров. Экспорт газа в Европу вырос более чем на 8 процентов, превысив 193,5 миллиарда кубометров, передает телеканал "Россия 24".   Читать далее...
Доказанные запасы углеводородов «Лукойла» составили 16 млрд баррелей н.э. 

News.rambler.ru, 19 февраля, 2018: Доказанные запасы углеводородов «Лукойла» по классификации SEC (комиссия по ценным бумагам и биржам США) составили 16 млрд баррелей нефтяного эквивалента (н.э.) по состоянию на 31 декабря 2017 года, из которых 75% приходятся на нефть, сообщает компания.
Обеспеченность компании доказанными запасами углеводородов составляет 19 лет.
По результатам геологоразведочных работ и связанных с ними открытий, а также эксплуатационного бурения, в 2017 году «Лукойл» прирастил 501 млн баррелей н. э. доказанных запасов. Наибольший прирост в размере 198 млн баррелей н.э. был достигнут в основном регионе добычи компании - Западной Сибири.   Читать далее...
«Роснефть» размещает облигации на 20 млрд рублей  

News.rambler.ru, 23 февраля, 2018: "Роснефть" завершила сбор заявок на десятилетние биржевые облигации серии 002P-05 объемом 20 млрд рублей, говорится в сообщении компании. Ставка первого купона определена в размере 7,3% годовых.
Ставка 2-12 купонов установлена на уровне первого купона. Фактическое размещение облигаций намечено на 2 марта.
Совет директоров компании утвердил бессрочную программу биржевых облигаций серии 002Р 25 октября 2017 года. Представитель "Роснефти" ранее говорил ТАСС, что эта программа является рамочным инструментом, позволяющей размещать бумаги на основании отдельно принимаемых решений.   Читать далее...
Новости недели
Дерипаска возглавит «Норникель», сообщили источники  

News.ramber.ru, 23 февраля, 2018: Олег Дерипаска намерен стать президентом ГМК "Норильский никель", сообщил РИА Новости источник, знакомый с планами бизнесмена.
По его словам, именно с планами в отношении "Норникеля" связаны кадровые перестановки в "Русале" и En+ и уход Дерипаски с постов президента обеих компаний.
"Опыт взаимодействия с Владимиром Потаниным показал, что только изменения в расстановке сил обеспечат максимальный рост стоимости инвестиции. Одним из шагов может стать смена менеджмента "Норникеля". Итоговая цель Олега Дерипаска - стать президентом Норильского никеля, объединив в команду 20 лучших управленцев из отрасли", - рассказал собеседник РИА Новости, отметив, что такие перемены необходимы, чтобы сделать ГМК "самой эффективной в мировой отрасли".
Информацию о соответствующих планах Дерипаски подтвердил и источник, близкий к акционерам "Русала". В алюминиевой компании от комментариев отказались.   Читать далее...
ФАС разрешила «Транснефти» приобрести контроль в НМТП 

News.rambler.ru, 23 февраля, 2018: Федеральная антимонопольная служба (ФАС) России одобрила получение "Транснефтью" контроля над 50,1% голосующих акций ПАО "Новороссийский морской торговый порт" (НМТП), сообщается в материалах службы.
Ведомство согласовало приобретение компанией Fenti Development Ltd, входящей в группу "Транснефть", права определять условия осуществления предпринимательской деятельности НМТП посредством приобретения 500 обыкновенных акций (50,00% голосующих акций) компании Omirico Limited.
"Совершение сделки приведет к установлению косвенного контроля ПАО "Транснефть" над 50,1% голосующих акций ПАО "НМТП" в результате совершения сделки по передаче компанией "Порт-Петровск Лтд. " 50% голосующих акций компании "Омирико Лимитед" приобретателю", - говорится в сообщении. Читать далее...
Объем банковских вкладов россиян в 2017 году увеличился на 7,4%

Tass.ru, 22 февраля, 2018: Рост банковских вкладов россиян в 2017 году в относительном выражении составил 7,4%, а без валютной переоценки - 8,6%. Об этом говорится в анализе развития рынка вкладов физических лиц в 2017 году, подготовленном Агентством по страхованию вкладов (АСВ).
Таким образом, объем средств населения в банках в 2017 году увеличился на 1 трлн 787,1 млрд руб. и составил 25,987 трлн руб. При этом средний уровень процентных ставок по рублевым годовым вкладам на сумму 1 млн руб. снизился на 1 процентный пункт. - с 7,4% до 6,4%.Как указывается в отчете АСВ, доля депозитов в отчетном периоде в иностранной валюте снизилась с 23,7% до 20,6%, что произошло в результате укрепления курса рубля и низких процентных ставок по вкладам в иностранной валюте.  Читать далее...
ФК «Открытие», «Траст», РГС-банк и Бинбанк объединят 

News.rambler.ru, 23 февраля, 2018: Решение об объединении ФК "Открытие", "Траста", РГС-банка и Бинбанка принято, заявил глава ФК "Открытие" Михаил Задорнов в интервью агентству Reuters."Мы составляем график и планы, но это длинная история. Объединенная сеть группы - 950 точек продаж в 70 регионах", - уточнил он. По мнению Задорнова, "Траст" и Рост-банк являются наиболее вероятными кандидатами на роль банка для консолидации "плохих" активов. "Никакие активы пока не передавались", - отметил глава ФК "Открытие". В начале февраля глава Банка России Эльвира Набиуллина заявила, что регулятор обсуждает выделение специального банка для консолидации в нем "плохих долгов". Ранее в санируемом ЦБ банке ФК "Открытие" заявили о планах передать проблемные активы группы "Открытие" в специальную структуру. В отдельной структуре могут быть консолидированы "плохие" активы, которые есть на балансе ФК "Открытие", "Траста", пенсионных фондов и "Росгосстраха", говорил глава ФК "Открытие"  Читать далее...
ФАС одобрит сделку ВТБ по покупке «Магнита»  

News.rambler.ru, 22 февраля, 2018: Решение Федеральной антимонопольной службы по покупке банком ВТБ пакета акций ритейлера «Магнит» будет положительным. Об этом сообщил глава ФАС Игорь Артемьев по итогам заседания правительства РФ, передает РИА Новости. «Никакой проблемы здесь я не вижу. Банк не имеет активов в этой сфере и никакой монополизации не происходит», - сказал глава службы.
Он отметил, что ФАС проследит, чтобы «Магнит» под крылом ВТБ не превратился в «монстра».
«В рамках контроля за экономконцентрацией мы будем следить, чтобы у нас никакой не возник «монстр» монополистический в этой сфере. Но в принципе, представить, что такой «монстр» возникнет очень трудно, потому что рынок очень высококонкурентный. У нас помимо «Магнита» есть несколько очень крупных сетей», - сказал Артемьев. Читать далее...
РСТ надеется на продление сертификата эксплуатанта Azur Air  

News.rambler.ru, 21 февраля, 2018: Вице-президент Российского союза туриндустрии (РСТ) Юрий Барзыкин выразил надежду на то, что авиакомпания Azur Air сможет продлить сертификат эксплуатанта. Об этом он сказал RNS.
«Думаю, что Azur Air разрешит свои вопросы. Во всяком случае, они об этом неоднократно заявляли», - сказал он.
При этом, по его словам, отзыв сертификата окажет влияние на туристический рынок России.
«Безусловно, может сказаться, так как существуют туроператоры, которые формирует свои программы на базе Azur Air, им придется искать других контрагентов», - отметил Барзыкин. Читать далее...
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