January 12, 2018 Happy New Year!!
Welcome to the UUFSD Weekly Newsletter!

Inspired by our UU principles, we are a vibrant, intentionally diverse congregation that models and promotes both locally and globally: love, spiritual growth, service, right relations, and sustainable living.
Upcoming Services

January 14, 2018
"The New Poor People's Campaign"
Rev. Meghan Cefalu
Worship Associate: Patricia Cofre-Stone

January 21, 2018
"Why We March"
Guest Speaker: Lisa Shaffer
Worship Associate: Candace Sage

January 28, 2018
Rev. Meghan Cefalu
Worship Associate: Jennifer Bearden

February 4, 2018
"The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith"
Rev. Meghan Cefalu
Worship Associate: Livia Walsh

NOTE: The UUFSD Office will be closed on Monday, January 15th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We will reopen again on Tuesday, January 16th.
Saturday, January 20th, 7:30-9:30pm in Founders Hall

Join us for a special evening with Indiana singer-songwriter-poet Carrie Newcomer, who has been described as "a prominent voice for progressive spirituality, social justice, and interfaith dialogue." As we move into the New Year, enjoy the optimistic message of her song “Lean in Toward the Light” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxAUmNjWaIs . Discounted early-bird tickets are $20 online at https://carrie-newcomer-uufsd-jan2018.eventbrite.com or pay $30 at the door. Doors open at 7:00 PM and concert begins at 7:30 PM. Come early and enjoy some wine and homemade treats.  
Quorum Required -- Congregational Meeting
Sunday, January 21 at 10:15 between services
Plan to come early before second service!
Plan to stay around after first service!

UUFSD will hold its next Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 21, at 10:15 am (between the two Sunday Services). Please plan to attend! A quorum is required and all members should make an effort to attend. At this meeting, Reverend Meghan Conrad Cefalu will speak, President Mark Tuller will give an update on Fellowship matters, and we will hold the annual election of the Nominating Committee. We welcome nominations to the Nominating Committee, either in advance or from the floor, with the consent of nominee. Christie Turner, Ale Hoffmann, Marta Giri are incumbents and willing to continue if there are no other nominations. We look forward to holding a concise and impactful Congregational Meeting on Sunday, 1/21 at 10:15 am.

- Secretary of the Board of Directors, Alisa Guralnick
On January 14th, the UUFSD Choir performs two pieces
in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stand Upon the Rock , by Rollo Dilworth

Rollo Dilworth (b. 1970) is Associate Professor of Choral Music Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He credits his elementary music teacher in St. Louis, MO, with encouraging him to learn piano and sing. More than 150 of Dilworth's choral compositions and arrangements have been published. Dilworth attended Catholic School where music was a weekly activity. He has always been attracted to choral music and arranged his first piece at age 11.

Circle Round for Freedom , by Linda Hirschhorn

Linda Hirschhorn , from Northern California, became a songwriter at the age of 23. She immersed herself in writing rounds and harmony at the age of 40 when asked to teach music for a women's prayer service at one of the first Jewish women's conferences ever organized. This piece is an example of her passionate view of the world.
Socially Responsible Investing
This Sunday, January 14th, 12:15-2:00pm in Founders Hall

Socially Responsible Investing is the process of investing money in corporations, infrastructure and community development that are not causing social or environmental harm. The designation is based on scrutinizing business practices: the treatment of employees, customers, communities and the environment and by being respectful of social justice and ethical issues. It is an investment approach that integrates environmental, social and governance values (ESG) into financial analysis and decision-making. Hear more from Shane Yonston a Financial Planner who specializes in this type of investment. Learn to walk the talk and influence change from the comfort of your desk.  
Notification of UUFSD Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 16th, 6:30-8:30pm in the Minister's Office

All are welcome to attend
Your Generosity is Appreciated!

The following worthy charities have benefited from the Generosity of the UUFSD Fellowship in the last few months:

ACLU $1,962
Camp de Benneville Pines $1,000
Promises2Kids $1,546.21
COREFI Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico $320
Weekly Call To Action

On January 4th, the Presidential Administration unveiled a plan to allow offshore drilling in nearly all waters off the continental US. Promote the interdependent web of all existence by calling our US Senators with this call script: "Hi. My name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [CITY, ZIPCODE]. I'm calling to ask Senator [HARRIS/FEINSTEIN] to support S. 999, the COAST Anti-Drilling Act, to protect our fragile coastal regions. Thank you." Dianne Feinstein (202)224-3841/(619)231-9712 Kamala Harris (202)224-3553/(619)239-3884.    
Drum Circle! Join the Beat!
Wednesday, Jan. 17th, 7:00-8:30pm
in Founders Hall
Led by Frank Lazzaro

A seriously fun experience!!

All ages and levels welcome, no experience necessary.

Bring a drum if you have one, otherwise extra drums provided.

$10 donation requested
Our Book Clubs are reading
Non-fiction right now!

The Daytime Book Club is currently reading Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair that Shaped a First Lady by Susan Quinn .

We will discuss this book at 10:30am on Thursday, January 18th .
Book clubs meet in the Palmer Library here at UUFSD. For more information, email bookclub@uufsd.org
Daytimers Men's Group
Food, Conversation, and Fellowship
Friday, January 19th, 11:30am-1:00pm
Join us for lunch and lively conversation every third Friday of the month at Roundtable Pizza, 1321 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas. All topics are welcome in a flexible format.

Contact Ben Platnik at 858-792-2072 or 619-987-5324 to confirm.
January Food Bank Update!

In January we bagged 9,500 lbs. of oranges and pears that went to those in-need locally the very next day. You all are AMAZING! First-Timers you MUST email me for the Group Code in order to help in the future sara@saraohara.com  
Women's March
Saturday, January 20, 2018, 10:00am-1:00pm
The San Diego Women's March will be one of many worldwide events honoring the movement that brought out 5 million marchers on January 21, 2017, in what is considered the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history. The San Diego Women's March is currently scheduled for January 20, 2018 from 10 am - 1 pm. Location: 1600 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101. Event details can be found on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/145423992873191/ Event details can change, so please check FB/online postings for most current information before driving to the event.
Social Justice Action Quarterly Planning Meeting
Sunday, January 28th, 12:20-2:00pm in Founders Hall
A light lunch will be served
The UUFSD Social Justice Action is officially kicking off our 2018 Year of Action. Join us as we plan for inclusionary programs and projects which allow for participation for all ages and abilities. May this be the year that we find spiritual growth in justice work.

As Rev. Meghan wrote in the January Quarterly Magazine: "As Unitarian Universalists we are called to help make the world a more loving place for everyone. But do not mistake our congregation for a social justice organization. We are a faith community, a place to grow in spirit. Many find this calling grows in our hearts as we ourselves grow in our capacity to see the inherent worth of all people and feel our human connection to and dependence upon our beautiful and fragile planet. In my experience a sense of deepening compassion comes first; then it is often followed by the desire to turn that feeling into tangible action."
May this be a year in which we once again actively live our principles of justice, compassion and healing.
Birding with Ridgon Currie
Saturday February 3rd at 9:00am
Anstine Audubon Preserve, 2437 Hutchinson St., Vista

This preserve is only open on Saturday mornings so we shall pay it a visit. If we have time we may also be able to visit near-by Whelan Lake.
There should be a good variety of wintering birds.
Please let me know if you plan to come and if you need a ride. We shall finish by noon; bring lunch if you wish and we’ll find a spot for a picnic.
I hope that folks will come who cannot come during the week. If there is a better turn-out, we shall do more Saturdays in the future.
There is no charge for these outings but an associated contribution to UUFSD is always welcome.

Rigdon Currie
415-999-5855 (mobile)
 What’s Happening at Camp de Benneville Pines
2/17 – 2/19 PSWD Elementary/Family Winter Camp
4/6 – 4/8 UUFSD Camp
4/20 – 4/22 UU Men’s Retreat
5/3 – 5/6 UU Women’s Retreat
7/8 – 7/14 PWSD Elementary Camp
7/15 – 7/21 PSWD Jr High Camp
7/22 – 7/28 PWSD Sr High Camp
7/29 – 8/4 PWSD Family Camp
Hold the date--March 17-18--for the All-UUFSD Casas de Luz Home Build
The UUFSD Board of Directors is very excited to be sponsoring and leading an All-Fellowship home build through our wonderful Casas de Luz program. The Board members have already personally contributed over $2600 to this build. The total cost including food and lodging in Tijuana is $6000.
On March 17-18, 2018, we will build a permanent home for a family in Tijuana. Through direct UUFSD generosity, a family will have protection from the elements, a home in which to raise their children, and be able to develop strong community bonds. Please check out casasdeluz.org for more information.
Our goal is to have 30 UUFSD builders that weekend. The per person cost (age 11 up) is $150 with a family rate of $300. Even if you can’t join us, donations are welcome. It should be an enriching and community-building weekend for Fellowship members and friends.
If you are interested in donating and/or participating (adults must have a passport or Global Entry card), please contact Mark Tuller at tullermark@gmail.com or Kathy Faller at faller.kathy@gmail.com . We will have signups each week at the Welcome Table.
Attention Opportunity Drawing Winners!

LAST CALL! Do you have these tickets? Third choice- 764213, Fifth choice- 459979 and Sixth choice- 764185.
Saturday, January 13th is the last call for the winners of the Opportunity Drawing for those who donated to Reverend Meghan's Installation. If we do not hear from you then we will do another drawing for the remaining prizes. Please text Linda Pratt at 858-735-0509.
Prizes will be distributed on Sunday, January 14th. If you will not be at UUFSD, please make arrangements with Linda Pratt for pick up.
Congratulations to Rich Franzwa, Nagdeep Guri and Karen Reimus!
Donation Drive for Tijuana Fire Victims

You may not have heard but there have been many fires in Tijuana. We were doing a home build two weeks ago and experienced it personally as we were leaving the build site. Luckily that canyon fire was stopped before it could harm many of our Casas de Luz homes.
Unfortunately, we have heard about a community in Colonia El Aguaje de la Tuna that was not so lucky. On December 7th, 25 families lost everything in a fire. We visited them last week and made a video showing the destruction. Its grim. 
Fire El Aguaje de la Tuna December 7, 2017
We went back to take some donations and Christmas decorations/gifts and met some of the families and their leader. We were amazed at how fast they are building temporary structures (web site has an updated video). While we will be exploring helping them build more permanent homes, they have need for supplies to help in the short term. Specifically tarps to make temporary roofs before the rain comes. Also blankets and warm jackets/clothes for the cold while they are sleeping in the open. Many of them only have the shoes they were wearing at the time of the fire, so more shoes would be good.
Thanks for considering supporting this community in need. Please contact Kathy Faller at casasdeluz16@gmail.com for more information on how to help.
Indoors or Outdoors?

“Why are we meeting indoors today? It’s a beautiful day – warm and sunny.” Have you ever heard someone say this? Maybe even you’ve said it, out loud or to yourself? As a general rule we hold services outdoors so we can enjoy our beautiful and unique worship space together. But sometimes we need to meet in the Hall. Well, here’s the scoop on how the decision is made to hold services in Founders Hall or in the amphitheater. The factors to be considered are:

1.  It takes a full hour to set up for a service, whether indoors or out. The sound engineer and set-up crew person must make the indoors/outdoors decision prior to 8:00 a.m. Consequently, whatever decision is made for the 9:00 service will apply to the 11:00 service as well. 
2.  Weather: Moisture is the enemy of outdoor services, both for reasons of protecting delicate electronic equipment as well as providing safe footing for congregants and service leaders. If it is raining, has rained but has not dried out, or is forecasted to rain before 1:00 p.m., the service cannot be held outdoors. Cold or windy conditions which will make it uncomfortable for the service leaders, musicians, or the congregation dictate that services be held indoors.
3.  Certain services during the year are planned ahead of time to be held inside (e.g., the twice-yearly Music Sunday, evening services/vigils, any service requiring the use of the large TV screens.) 
4.  And very rarely we make the decision to hold the services indoors if either staffing or scheduling issues make it otherwise impossible to hold the service outdoors. 
Your Friday Good News Report!

Instead of Firing Illiterate Employees, Company Teaches Them How to Read

For the First Time in 100 Years, Humpback Whales Return to NYC Waters

Instead of Trashing Groceries During Cooler Malfunction, Store Donates 35,000 Pounds of Food
Note for those who use the Le Port School parking lot on Sundays : the gate code is 253
Other Events of Interest

Exciting News! Mean Mary is coming to Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
for a rousing evening of music. She plays guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin and
can go genre-wise, from bluegrass to rock and roll, Celtic, and so on.
You can read her inspiring story here https://www.meanmary.com/bio , and listen to her music here https://www.youtube.com/user/meanmary80
Make sure to mark your calendars and bring your friends to Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 8778 Cottonwood Ave. Santee, CA 92071
Friday, February 2nd
Doors open at 6:60 pm, show starts at 7:00pm.
Tickets $10
(619) 562-0833
Questions? Contact Pam Kerr sungaia_99@yahoo.com

PSWD Western Regional Assembly
April 27-29, Portland, OR

We are delighted to announce that advance registration for the Pacific Western Regional Assembly is open! Adult registrations received by the January 31 early-bird deadline save 10%.
Registration and full details about the 2018 Pacific Western Regional Assembly, April 27-29, in Portland, Oregon, can be found on the PWR Regional Assembly website .
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito
1036 Solana Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone: 858-755-9225