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My late grandmother used to say, "Ugly people shouldn't make faces."  This tidbit of advice could prove valuable to Michelle Obama.

During Monday's inauguration luncheon, Ms. Obama was yet again caught rolling her eyes and distorting her face.  This time it was because she disapproved of comments John Boehner made to her husband about cigarette smoking.  Not that Obama is a better person himself, but living with that woman is something I wouldn't wish on anyone but him.

What is it about liberal women that makes them so hideous and unattractive ?  They are among the most unsophisticated, unladylike, argumentative, angry individuals walking upright on the earth.

When we observe the standard bearers of liberal women, i.e., Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (truly the most hideous of them all), and Nancy Pelosi -- even without including the other liberal harridans occupying elected office -- one must really shake their heads as to what men would subject themselves to that type of woman.

A friend recently mentioned the wife of Socrates to me.  Truth be told it took me a little bit before I remembered my high school Greek history studies.  His wife's name was Xanthippe which literally means "an ill-tempered, shrewish woman."  Suffice it to say that these women have been misnamed.

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