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April 2018
This product of the ALSO Underserved TA Project is designed for Underserved grantees to provide them with regular and concise information including resources, training opportunities, open solicitations and more.

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! #SAAM

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) calls attention to the fact that sexual violence is widespread and impacts every person in our communities.  The goal of SAAM is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and educate communities on how to prevent it. All the following resources, and more information about sexual assault can be found at https://www.nsvrc.org/.

ALSO Hosted Underserved TA Webinars 

In partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women, the ALSO Underserved TA Project has developed a series of webinars designed for Underserved grantees. This series consists of topical webinar on a particular subject of interest followed by facilitated discussion webinar. The format of the topical webinar is presentation-based, whereas the following webinar in the series is a facilitated peer-to-peer discussion for a deeper dive as to what the topical webinar content means for underserved populations and organizations that served them.

Our first topical webinar Providing Sexual Assault Services to Underserved Populations was held on Thursday, February 22nd at 1:00pm CT. See the link below for the recording, and please consider taking a few minutes to fill out the survey.

Our first discussion webinar Facilitated Discussion on Providing Sexual Assault Services to Underserved Populations was held on Thursday, March 29nd at 1:00pm CT. See the link below for the recording, and please consider taking a few minutes to fill out the survey.

Other Webinars & In-person Training Opportunities*

Archived Webinars

Title:  Informed Consent for Sexual Assault Exams: It's Not Just a Signature, It's a Process
Host Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Technical Assistance (SAFEta)

Sexual assault victims must provide informed consent for a medical forensic exam. Although the concept of informed consent is a term that healthcare providers are very familiar with, there are additional legal implications associated with consent for the exam that providers need to understand. Victims need relevant information on the impact of participating in or declining each component of the exam.  

TitleHIV & Intimate Partner Violence Among Asian American and             Pacific Islander Women: Overlooked and on the Margins
Host: Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence 

This webinar surveys the landscape of what puts women and girls at risk - including biological, socioeconomic, and cultural considerations; and offers recommendations to connect AAPI women to safety, testing, treatment and care.
Title How Language Helps Shape Our Response to Sexual Violence  
HostSexual Assault Forensic Examiner Technical Assistance (SAFEta)

This interactive session will explore the language of sexual assault: how we talk about and write about this crime. We will discuss specific examples of the language we use and explore how to discuss sexual assault in a way that more accurately depicts the crime. This session is applicable to all members of the response team who work with survivors of sexual and domestic violence.


TitleTransforming Care in Tribal Communities for Sexual Assault Survivors Through Partnership and Technology
Host: National Indigenous Women's Resource Center
Date: April 18, 2018
Time: 2:00pm-3:30pm CT
For many remote Indian communities, it often is difficult to create, develop and sustain trauma-informed and culturally appropriate services and resources as part of a health response for Indigenous women who have been sexually violated. Join us for this webinar to learn how we are working effectively in partnership to respond using telemedicine to the needs of victims of sexual assault living on tribal lands with limited resources.

Title: Reaching Latino Male Survivors of Sexual Violence 
Host: Casa de Esperanza 
Date: April 19, 2018
Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm CT

When Latino male survivors of sexual violence make the decision to disclose their abuse or seek support, we want to ensure that rape crisis centers are prepared. This webinar focuses on the key considerations needed to enhance outreach efforts to Latino male survivors of sexual violence. Attendees will be equipped with strategies, messages and resources to support these outreach efforts.

TitleBeginning with the End in Mind: Instructional Design Basics
Host: Futures Without Violence 
Date: Mary 10, 2018 
Time: 1:00pm- 2:30pm CT

Understanding the basics of instructional design for adult learners can help improve the organization, quality, and consistency of education and training programs. This webinar will cover the basics of best practices around instructional design. As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to f ollow a process to identify the learning needs of your audience, u tilize the learning needs of your learner to write objectives for educational offerings, and  consider the appropriate delivery method(s) for your instructional design.

Link to registration 

TitleNSVRC Storytelling Webinar Series
Host: National Sexual Violence Resource Center
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm ET

-Session One (April 12): Introduction to the Value of Personal Storytelling for Sexual Assault Intervention

-Session Two (May 10): Understanding a Trauma-Sensitive Approach to Storytelling

-Session Three (June 14): A Review of Ethics Guidelines for Working with Sexual Violence Stories

-Session Four (July 12): Publicly Sharing Sexual Violence Stories to Effect Change 

Title: Creating and Maintaining a Safety Net for Survivors with                       Disabilities 
Host: Vera Institute of Justice Center on Victimization and Safety 
Day: May 15, 2018
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm CT

This webinar will provide information to domestic violence and sexual assault providers on how to connect survivors with disabilities to additional, necessary resources and how to ensure that those benefits and resources are protected even when an individual with a disability is employed as a part of the movement.

In-Person Trainings/Events

Title Supporting Organizational Sustainability to Address Violence Against Women (SOS Institute) Training
HostFutures Without Violence
Location: Atlanta, GA
DateMay 2- May 4, 2018 

This Institute is an interactive 2.5-day training for OVW grantees to enhance the organization's capacity and develop a solid infrastructure.  The Institute includes organizational development topics such as: a) Review of organization's mission and core values; b) Planning for and addressing organizational growth, transitions and change; c) Funding strategies and budgets that support organizational strengths and assets; d) Collaborations to maximize and share resources; e) Staff and leadership development; f) Tools for Board development and engagement.  

Title : 2018 National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC)
           "Bold Moves: Ending Sexual Violence in One Generation"
Host: California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)
Location: Anaheim, California
Date: August 29- August 31, 2018
The conference facilitates opportunities to share information and resources, advance learning, develop skills, and increase professional capacity to support survivors of sexual assault, to raise the profile of sexual assault as an important community health and justice issue, and to prevent sexual assault from happening. Registration opens April 2018.
*To use OVW grant funds for any training & technical assistance opportunities, you must send an email to your OVW Program Manager, Kara Moller, at Kara.Moller@usdoj.gov to request approval. ALSO Underserved TA Project webinars and in-person trainings (including New Grantee Orientation) do not need prior approval.
Funding Opportunities & Resources 

Specialized Services and Mentoring for Child and Youth Victims of Sex Trafficking
The purpose of this program is to enhance the capacity of applicant organizations to respond to the needs of child victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE)/domestic sex trafficking (DST). Under this initiative, OJJDP expects successful applicants to develop or enhance mentoring service models and mentor training based on best practices to focus on the needs of youth who are at risk or are victims of CSE/DST; develop or update strategies to recruit and maintain mentors to serve under identified and underserved populations; begin or enhance efforts to identify and enroll youth who are in need of services; and provide needed services to these youth.
DUE DATE: May 15, 2018
AMT OF GRANT: $450,000
  OJJDP Solicitation

Title: Money to Match your Mission: Identifying and Applying for                 Grant Funds
HostGrant Space
DateApril 19, 2018
Time2:00pm- 3:00pm ET

Finding the right funding match is key to getting the money you need to fulfill your mission.  To do this, you must know how to match your needs to funder priorities as you research and apply for grants. By asking yourself a few key questions before you start, you'll make the grant research and proposal writing processes more efficient and successful. In addition to discovering what these questions are, you'll also learn the seven basic elements of most proposals and how to integrate them into a successful proposal.

Grantee Spotlight  
This month we are excited to shine the spotlight on Hetrick Martin Institute!

Grantee spotlight and photos provided and written by HMI.
Hetrick Martin Institute - NJ is a trauma-focused, harm reduction clinical service provider for LGBTQ youth and their allies at
 our main site located at 550 Broad Street Newark, NJ and five mini-sites throughout the city of Newark. In order to meet the needs of our youth, HMI:NJ provides individual counseling, group therapy and intensive case management to our youth members between the ages of 13 - 21. Our culturally-competent programming couples our expertise in providing trauma-informed services to LGBTQ youth with age and interest appropriate approaches. While evidence based practices are at the center of our interventions, creativity is employed to promote youth engagement.

few poignant examples of our creative techniques can be found in our Narrative Therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy work and its integration with Hip Hop therapy approaches of songwriting. Additionally, we provide Kundalini yoga with an urban twist to make it as cool as it is calming. At HMI:NJ, we meet our youth where they are and foster their abilities to reimagine what the future holds for them!

Your work inspires us every day and we are confident it will inspire others too! Help us shine a spotlight on your or one of your partners work. Please contact us at  underservedtaproject@also-chicago.org   with your ideas for this section.

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