Understanding Your Metabolism
Foods and tips to keep your body burning.

Metabolism is the process that breaks down food to produce energy. It's a word we always hear about and probably the most common word used to blame weight gain, a decline in energy, mood swings, sleep problems, hormonal challenges, even aging.
We all know that as we age our metabolism slows, but some exciting research is out about what foods can help boost it up again.
When we are young, we have more muscle mass which helps us store and use energy efficiently. Your muscles are responsible for keeping your metabolic system working. As we age, we loose some of that muscle which adds to unwanted body fat.
"Metabolism drops off 2 to 4 percent every decade as we tend to lose muscle mass," Dr. Heber, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, explains. So, in your Twenty's, you burned 2,000 calories a day, fast-forward 10 years to your thirties and you could be burning as few as 1,920 calories a day. Doesn't seem like a big difference until you add all that up. Just 80 extra calories a day translates into eight pounds over a year, unless you pick up the slack with exercise. If you don't, keeping any weight loss or maintence goals becomes quite challenging, you will start loosing that fat burning engine. But by staying active (building muscle) and eating the right boosting foods, you can fight that metabolic slump and start fighting the fat.
Lets start with a few tips:
  1. Workout: You need a mix of both strength training with lifting those weights (because muscle burns more than fat) and aerobic activity. Add in some HIIT (High intensity interval Training) workouts. These are quick exercises ,sprinting, jump roping, Stairmaster etc. This will kick start your body to use fat as fuel.
  1. EAT: Skipping meals will only put your body in a panic mode and start slowing down your metabolism (to protect itself) By having a very low calorie diet, it can slow your metabolism down 15-20%. Start with breakfast and have a number of small meals during the day. This will keep your blood sugar steady and your energy up.
3.Think Protein: Incorporate protein with each meal and snack. This will keep you fuller longer. It gives your metabolism a bump up (Thermogenesis) and also helps preserve lean body mass. Remember protein comes from many different sources, like veggies, beans, legumes (plant based options) as well as fish, eggs and lean meats.
4.Stand up :
Most, people sleep 8 hours per night and spend another 7-10 or more sitting at a desk. That leads us to a pretty sedentary lifestyle. The human body was meant to move and to be active. Back in the day people spent many hours hunting, gathering and foraging for food and fuel, not sitting and ordering lunch from a desk. So get up, walk to lunch, around the block or even better, try a standing desk. Why not burn those extra 50 cals / hr while standing...(that's an extra 30,000 cals /yr and 8 lbs less of fat) It all adds up.
5. Sleep:
Not getting enough quality sleep has proven to slow your metabolism. This may be because your brain secretes more cortisol when under stress, therefore slowing the bodies need to rev up its engines. Try for 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep so you can get the rest and recovery that your body is asking for. 
Foods that Boost Your Metabolism
These foods are not the super charged manufactured beverages, fake foods or super supplements you may be tempted to try or drink daily (and millions do) These foods are healthy and help aid in boosting your metabolism. For example this works in preventing oxidation, aiding in hormonal and cellular responses, balancing blood sugar, and many more thermogenic qualities that can lead to a long burning, healthy lasting life.
Incorporate these foods in your diet and you will insure to increase your metabolic burn as well as your health.

Chia seeds
Green tea
Chili peppers
Coconut oil
Nut butters
Apple Cider vinegar
Protein & Fiber (beans, legumes, fish, tempeh, turkey, chicken, quinoa, organic tofu, eggs)

Remember your metabolism works on a cellular level. It is the powerhouse that creates your energy. So consistency is key. If not taken care of it can bring about low immunity, colds, fu, depression, acne, stomach issues, lack of energy, weight gain, and disease. So put all this into action and you will begin to see improvement and a change outside as well as the inside.
Keep that fire burning internally today and every day.

In Health,

Lisa Fallon Mindel

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