Bird in the Hand



Male, Age 64

$350,000 of 20yr Term


This gentleman is a retired bird watcher.

That sounds wrong already.  He's retired, and he like to watch birds, but he didn't retire from bird watching.


Let me start over.


This gentleman was diagnosed with Parkinson's.  He had all the symptoms-- tremors, rigidity, myalgias, falls, depression-- the whole list.  He'd been treating it the best he could with medication for years, and he and his wife were resigned to a life of dealing with this debilitating disease.


He also had a history of multiple TIA's-- known (inaccurately if you ask me) as 'mini strokes'. 

And some migraines, some blood pressure, some extra weight.


Earlier this year, he found a new neurologist, who challenged everything.

He questioned both the Parkinson's and the TIA history.  Took our bird watcher off all meds, and the 'wait and see' process has begun.


We got a bunch of declinations, some postpones, and a couple high ratings.


But my good friend at American General was willing to go Table 4, thanks to hard work from the client, his doctor, his agent, and us.


It stands as one of my proudest moments in the 'fight for your life'.






Annual Premium:   $8,541

Advisor's Compensation:   $6,833




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