How to Manage UI Cost Effectively
Q & A 
Edition 7

May 29, 2014

What is SIDES?

Unemployment Insurance State Information Data Exchange (SIDES) is a web based system that allows electronic transmission of information requests from UI agencies to employers and/or Third Party Administrators (TPAs), as well as transmission of replies containing the requested information back to the UI agencies. 

How do I know if the state(s) my company conducts business in utilizes SIDES?

The link below will direct you to the states that are currently participating or plan to participate in the SIDES program.


What types of unemployment claims can be processed through SIDES?


Currently only UI information related to job separation data requests are available. Earnings verification, monetary and potential charges will be available soon. The link below shows which states have begun to participate in the following: 

Earnings Verification Exchange: and

Monetary and Potential Earnings Exchange:


How do I send UI information on multiple claims to the state agency and SIDES Broker at one time? 

SIDES requires programming to connect an employer's internal IT system to the SIDES central broker. This will allow the employer to customize their system to interface with SIDES. The employer will need to utilize their internal IT department for development and integration or may contact Us4U for a free consultation on the cost of the integration.  


Us4U is the 1st and Only UI Software provider certified by SIDES. 

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