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I've been in a theological mood lately. Perhaps it is because I recently became a grandmother and got to see the miracle of new life up close again and what a precious gift of God it is. Maybe it is that I was just in a serious car accident and walked away without a scratch, which made me marvel at God's providential care. Or then it could be that when I shared my concerns about the church's financial need, there was an immediate and generous response, which brought to my mind the truth of the contemporary song, "God is on the move."

Indeed, God is always on the move; we are the ones who often fail to notice. Sometimes during the summer, when the pace is slower and we can pause for refreshment and renewal, we can more easily perceive God's ever present power and glory in our lives. I encourage you to take a walk and breathe in the sweet summer scents and imagine a God with such knowledge of chemistry to be able to create delight for our nostrils. Listen to sacred music and you will never ceased to be amazed at the talent and inspiration of those whom God has given beautiful voices and uplifting words to sing. On August 21, you can experience a total eclipse of the sun, a rare event that brings perspective to the ingenuity behind the development of the galaxies of the universe that God planned perfectly to bring us life and consciousness.

One of my favorite verses of the Bible is Psalm 34:8: "Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him!" When we sense that God hold's our very life in the palm of his hand and his purpose is always loving kindness, we can face all the challenges of life with serenity and gratitude. After all, God gave us Christ, who faced the greatest challenge of all - ignominious death - and with God's help rose again and conquered the power of sin and death for us all.

May Your Summer Be Blessed!

Pastor Jean 
Enjoy an afternoon of song and dance at United Presbyterian!
Little Wolf Players
Summer Lovin' 
A Fun Afternoon of Love Songs and Refreshments!

Saturday, August 12th 2:00 pm
at United Presbyterian Church
in the air conditioned sanctuary.

12 Yardville-Hamilton Square Rd.
Yardville, NJ 08620

$5 at the door - donations also accepted
All proceeds go towards our October cabaret!   
United Presbyterian Church is blessed - 
UPCnj church
by a very responsive and caring congregation! The staff at UPC have asked for assistance and participation in several areas and YOU have responded over a brief period of time unconditionally!
Here are just a few areas you have assisted with prayer as well as reflection upon God's words:
          We are meeting our bill obligations during a terrific span of hot days. Thank                           goodness the air has cooled!
          Our Flower Chart has only 1 date in October open in need of flowers!
   ALL  Sundays during the 11am Traditional service have been filled with
            very talented names performing their talent within the Arts! BRAVO!
Thank you many times over for ALL that you have sacrificed and done for your church community.  It has been deeply appreciated!
Summer has come, and even our church organizations are taking time to rest, refresh, as well as plan and get ready for another vibrant and fun year beginning in September!  The staff and leaders hope you will consider your time and talents and join us being an active "voice" in our community!  Best wishes for your summer and look for what we offer in our September newsletter!
Coffee Hour at 10:15am on Sunday, August 6th is sponsored by the Outreach Committee!  Thank you Outreach, and please enjoy beverages, nibbles, and the social gathering!
                                                   FELLOWSHIP  HALL 
Thank you One and All for your talents this summer offering Special Music/Arts as well as on occasion, an offertory!  All Sundays during our season May - September had names with talents were enjoyed! Your time and talents were and are APPRECIATED!!! SING - PLAY - M-O-V-E!

Vocal Frog in Throat
ALL  COMMITTEE  MEMBERS!!!  Please check the month's calendar for meeting days, dates, and times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Have a yen to stretch your tongue - No, not out! Behind your teeth?
   Sing - Play - Move to the words in your heart?
   Have fun within a very diverse group of individuals?
   Learn interesting musical facts?  Well... PRAISE THE LORD!
   Join Choir - Try It!  We will meet Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 7:30pm
                                    FOR A FUN SPELL OF TIME

August Birthdays
  Birthday greetings to the members and friends whose birthdays are in August:
  1 Nancy Giordano  
  2 Kim Hoff
  3 Lee Dickson, Betty Reinert
  5 Rosemary Bateham, Brian Chhedi, Bonnie Heberling
  6 Kevin Oravsky
  7 Aidan Sheehan, Richard Vandegrift
  8 Virginia Benck
  9 Ryan Cattley, Joyce Vaughn
10 Karen Galvin
11 Claire Amelia McAnlis, Keith Scully 
12 Wendy Anderson
15 Jacklyn Katz, Matthew Luna, Charles Rowand,
   Samantha Rose Rudziewicz
16 Katie Cruser
17 David Carle
18 Tommy Guld, Luke Hafitz
21 Jean Pinto
22 Ryan Bernhard, Terry Fouse, Alicia Windfuhr

Healing for:  Maria, Pam, Paige, Wayne, John Borek, Susan Anthony, Pam, Dan, and Scott Rose; Ron, Bill, Kyle, Lenny, Pat, Cathy, Sally, Carolyn McPhee, Pat Anthony (having surgery August 8 th @ University of Pa. Hospital), Connie Davis and Andrea Pinto (all undergoing treatment for cancer); Esther Whitley  (colon cancer); Nickie & family (healing from a car accident); Jim Krika (healing from severe pain all over body); Dot Bracaloni; Susan Anthony; Al & Carol D'Amico; Bob D'Angelo; Val Zamborsky; Stefan Revesz (39 year old who suffered a stroke); Marianne McCloy (healing from injuries from her horse); Carrie and Esther (healing from breast cancer surgery); Helen Fisher (suffering from Alzheimer's as well as prayers of support for the extended Fisher family); Frank Kostar (heart issues); Marilyn Kostar (health issues and coping with Frank); Carol Francis (St. Francis Rehab); Girja Singh (strength for future operation); Dixie & Dave Senft (medical issues); Healing for Mike McHugh (home from St. Mary's recovering from procedure to drain infection); Claire McAnlis (tonsillectomy); Baby Liam (in need of heart surgery); Maria Demeter (healing from severe vertigo); John Lesko  (shoulder surgery); Ginny Demeter (coping with shoulder and arm pain, eventual shoulder surgery in a few months and growth removal soon); Marianne (testing); Bob Conner (healing from foot tendon surgery); Arlene (healing from knee replacement surgery); Mrs. Walter (recovering from broken hip and broken rib); Cindy (recovering from knee replacement surgery); Nando Avilla; Pat & Ted Brincefield (Karen Machin's aunt and uncle who live in Arizona and suffered from heat stroke during the recent heat wave); and Nancy Giordano (carpal tunnel surgery). 
Comfort for: - Bereaved families and friends of Tom Zeyack, Sr.; Bud Fisher; Terry Worthington; Paul Grant Sr.; Venna Bray (friend of Virginia Benck); Dale Schacht; David McWilliams; Thaddeus Davis (30-year-old drowning victim who was an expectant father) and concern for his mother, Loretta Boyce, and family.

Concern for: James Bade (Control of seizures and wisdom for the doctors to successfully treat his seizures. He is seeing specialists for further treatment); Jodi (medical tests); Eileen (test results); Loretta McMahon (having testing done in Princeton Hospital); Nancy McHugh (strength for dealing with illness and an aging parent); Debbie Furchak (in need of peace and strength while supervising the  care for both her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Walter, who are in a living/memory care unit); Laura Mraz (for finding a new job); Marietta; Gary (home from rehab); young adults with mental issues coping with substance abuse, also prayers for their families; all military personnel serving our country; all children and grandchildren (keep them safe and blessed).
Thanksgiving for: the birth and thriving of Kaira Jean Pinto Singh; Maeve Pinto Singh's exceptional recovery from her Cesarean section; traveling mercies for Sandeep Singh going to Israel by way of India; blessings for the marriage of Chris & Lindsay Mazurek; and Paul McHugh's 25th birthday. 

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