Thanks for Making Our Special Day of Mission a Success!
There is a contemporary Christian song by Casting Crowns that breaks my heart to hear, mainly because it is so painfully true. The chorus goes like this:

If we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching?
Why aren't His hands healing?
Why aren't His words teaching?
And if we are the body
Why aren't His feet going?
Why is His love not showing them there is a way?

One of the reasons I love our "The Church Has Left the Building" Day of Service is that through it, we show that the Body of Christ's arms do reach out, our ministry does heal the hurts of the world, and the power of Jesus' words not only are heard but are proclaimed in deeds. Four years ago, Curly Rentner and I accepted an invitation by the Woodside Presbyterian Church in Yardley, PA, to learn about their "The Church Has Left the Building" program. Both of us thought, "This would be a wonderful thing to do in Yardville." And so, with the leadership of the Outreach Team, our congregation jumped in. This year, appropriately, our theme was Going Deeper, for each year we have had more people participate and more lives impacted by the acts of kindness our church does on this special day. It warms my heart that together we serve our community and fulfill our calling as the Body of Christ.

Thank you to all who participated and keep reading to see the impact you have made.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jean
It didn't seem possible that we could put together even more weekend meal kits for hungry school children than we did last year, but indeed we did! Benita Rommel once again organized this very successful drive which resulted in donating 202 packs with 4 meals in each pack and as many jars of peanut butter. This amounted to over 1,600 pounds of food! Thanks to all who contributed and assembled the packs, including: Rita and Karl Peterson, Gloria Hanewald, Virginia Benck, Soam Chhedi, Marilyn Machmer, Rose Wales, Lynn Lasser, Jean Malloy, and Nancy McHugh.
Joan Reid, Nancy Giordano, Bob Lasser, Paul McHugh, and Tom Zeyack getting ready to post the Highway Cleanup Sign before heading out to beautify the neighborhood.
Bob Lasser, Tom Zeyack, and Rhea Mucha at the half-way point. Tom brandishes a poker that made it possible for the bionic man to pick up litter without bending those titanium hips!
Lois Dixon and Nancy McHugh earn a well deserved rest as the residents of the Group Home enjoy the musical stylings of "Banjo Bob." Thanks also to Jim Dixon, Verna Holmes, Jean Malloy Jean Pinto, Curly Rentner, and Bill Sullivan who cooked and served for the event.
Thanks to Farmer Curley (Rentner), Charlie and Kevin Oravski, James Shedrick, and members of the Youth Group, our vegetable gardens are weeded, tilled, and planted.
This is the first year that our handicapped garden created by Matt Gomez for his Eagle Award Project has been completed and planted. Anyone confined to a wheelchair will now be able to garden again and enjoy the fruits of their labor!
This is the very last of the donations of clothing and housewares that poured in. Thanks to Pat Anthony and her helpers, Carol Conner, Irene Mason, Lydia Patterson, and Rose Wales who took many trips of cars full of much needed items to HomeFront. Thanks also to all of you who generously gave those items.
We received a lovely thank you note from Nancy McHugh on behalf of the family for all the cards, prayers and kindnesses that came from church friends on the death of her beloved father, Fred Goldenbaum. Mike continues at home to recover from surgery and Paul has a new job, which is an answer to prayer. Thanks to Pat Anthony, Jean Malloy, and all who prepared meals for the McHughs as part of our Church Has Left the Building Day.
will be going on the River Belle Cruise in Point Pleasant Beach NJ on June 13th. A buffet luncheon is included in the cost. It is a two hour event from 12:00 Noon - 2:00 pm. It is a filled event at this time.
Summer Music'17
Music-Music-Music – Our Choir year has been wonderful – weekly anthems, solos, and two cantatas.  Our late Spring and Summer are a time to demonstrate the variety and talent of UPC’s individual artists! Sing? Dance – all types? Play an instrument? Recite poetry? Love marionettes and puppets? We’d love to hear from you! Look for the “Music” Sign-up sheet in the Narthex! Consider your talent and share it with us! All Men of the Church are invited to sing Sunday, June 17 th Father’s Day during the 11 am service. Anthem TBD. Rehearsal for the special music will be at 10:30am on June 17th. Join the fun!
UPW will meet at the church parking lot on June 5th at ll am to carpool to "One Steep At A Thyme" in Jamesburg, NJ. for an afternoon tea. Our meal will include salad, quiche, scones, tea sandwiches, dessert, 3 kinds of tea and iced tea. Ladies are reminded that wearing your favorite tea party hat is encouraged!
Reservations are now closed, but if you would like to come and have not made a reservation, speak to Gloria Hanewald or Lois Dixon to see if there have been any cancellations.

Women’s Book Club - will meet at Massimo's in Robbinsville at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, June 12th .After dinner we will be discussing ELLIS ANGELS by Carole Lee Limata . It is a heartwarming story about the compassionate ladies - in- white and the loving care they gave their immigrant patients. Reservations are Gail Fouse. Trust you are able to join us for our annual night out.

Although Session did not meet in May, they took the following actions by e-vote:
1). That the next stated meeting of the United Presbyterian Church Session be postponed from Tuesday May 15, 2018 at 7 p.m. to Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 7 p.m.
2). That the request of Paul Glazewski and Judith Diehl to be married by Pastor Pinto in the sanctuary on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 1 p.m. be approved. Paul and Judith are friends of Lois and Bob D'Angelo. Pastor Pinto met with them and recommended approval of their request.
3). That the request of Skyler Horner and Eric Colon to be married by Pastor Pinto in the sanctuary on Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 11 a.m. be approved. Skyler is the granddaughter of our Boy Scout Liaison, Joseph Remley. Pastor pinto met with the bride and groom and recommended approval of their request. Our church's wedding policy on fees for non-members applies to both of these weddings.
Gift Cards - UPC is once again offering gift cards from various stores as alternative gifts for loved ones. A small percentage of the gift card sale is a fund raiser for the church. It’s a great gift idea for Father’s Day, Birthday, and Graduation as well as Showers (Bridal/Baby). Orders need to be in to the church office by Sunday June 3 rd !


UPMen - will be meeting at the Golden Dawn Diner Saturday, June 16th 9:00 am Whitehorse-Mercerville Road Hamilton, NJ. Any questions, please contact Jim Dixon by phone 609-298-3398 or email Come enjoy fine fellowships AFTER arrival at the diner - fine weather!
Choir will be hosting Coffee Hour on Sunday, June 3rd at 10:15 am. Come join fellowship with all of your friends as well as enjoy some food and drink! So -
Do - come!
Re - Bring a bit of joy!
Mi - Enjoy!
Mobile Meals of Hamilton Township, Inc., organized in 1975, delivers hot, nutritious meals to Hamilton residents whose physical, mental or social conditions require a home-delivered meal service. Qualified individuals are homebound, chronically ill, handicapped or convalescing. Age or financial ability is not a factor. There is no limit on length of service although it varies with each individual client. The objective of Mobile Meals of Hamilton Township, Inc. is to aid in providing adequate nutrition for the elderly and handicapped. This service enables them to maintain health and independence in their home for a longer period of time. Daily meal delivery also decreases the feeling of isolation often experienced by the homebound. Hot afternoon meals are professionally planned and prepared by Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton dietary staff. Meals are delivered five days a week by a group of caring and dedicated volunteers.

All gifts marked for mission during the month of may will be donated to Mobile Meals of Hamilton to support their important work. Please give generously!
Birthday greetings to the members and
friends whose birthdays are in June
 1 JoAnn Lawrence
 2 Ginny Demeter, Jennifer Martino, Jaclyn Wyrwas
 3 Theresa Briggs
 4 Karen Machin, Dolores Stark
 6 Sue Lanning
 8 Frank Casole, Brandon Stanley
 9 Amanda Mraz
 10 Mason DePew, James Dixon
 11 Aaron Hafitz, Marie Steward
 12 Gloria Rentner
 13 Joseph Dinger, Lindsay Giordano, Linda Smyth
 16 Gideon Bernhard, Daniel Machin
 21 Gregory Cattley
 22 Cole Bernhard, Brad Hafner
 23 Michael Catana
 24 Soam Chhedi, Tony Nami, Jim Neuman
 27 Joan Reid
 28 Nancy McHugh, Pierre Williams, Bill Franz
 29 Rhea Mucha
 30 Sophia Morolda
Healing – for all those ill with cancer, undergoing surgery as well as treatment for cancer including Laura Burdge & Betsy Holderried; Sally Bailey – breast cancer; Sylvia – return of cancer; Steve Gabel – operation & chemo; Nicole Sgizer – brain tumor; Gail – Breast cancer and colon cancer;  Carl – bladder cancer; Lynn Lasser – concern about test results; Livia – diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer; Carol & Al D’Amico; John Demeter; Lenny; Dan Rose; Mathew Johnson; Pam Rose; Scott Rose; John Borek; Bud; Margaret Archibald’s Niece – Fiona suffering from rectal cancer; a family member of the LaCrosse family suffering from Crohn’s Disease, her children’s needs as well as help with insurance coverage for treatment; Mike McHugh; for those awaiting test results; Mr. & Mrs. Walter who are both in failing health as well as strength/support for their family members; John – recovering from surgery/rehab; Linda Ramos; for those in hospital, or, having surgery and in recuperation – including: Cathy Carpenter, Rick – safe & successful knee surgery; Tom D. – heart surgery; Alice, Barb – fell at home badly bruising herself; Jim; Linda Tadlock – suffering from complications from MS & is in the hospital: Reva Rinehart; Lew Rogers – heart; Jenna Ciambelluca; Ruth Zeyack – heart; Bill Hoyer – upcoming heart surgery; Marianne McCloy – upcoming knee surgery; Debbie Krevor - leg; Brian – hospitalized with a broken neck and back; Mr. Hrabcheck – recovering from pneumonia; Mike – recovering from back surgery; Matt Machin; Charlie – hospitalized with kidney failure; Fred – heart issues recuperating as well as also home; Crystal Purvis; Rosemary Bateham – suffering from Alzheimer’s and moved to a nursing home in Monmouth Junction; for those in need of improved health including Frank & Marilyn Kostar; Karen & Keith, Donna, Violet, Carl Ezzo; Susan Anthony; Lenny; Audrey Barkelow – healing; Eileen – fell & has both stitches and broken bones; Dot Brocaloni; Walt; John; Lisa recovering from neck surgery; Tom; Alice; Tony; Charlie in hospital with 105 fever, Ruth Gail, Carl, friends of the LaCrosse family suffering from depression; Carly Mauer; French family – reconciliation; Audrey Buckalew – hospice care; and Peggy Reilly (cancer).

Traveling Mercies – Carolyn Reynolds traveling to Indiana (healing prayers needed for successful hip replacement surgery, healing, and rehabilitation); and Stephanie Frantz (William Frantz’s granddaughter) spending 3 weeks in Paris with a group from the Fashion Institute.

Concern – For for all those taking final exams and successful completion of these exams including Gracie Spreat.

Comfort – for the bereaved family of Fred Goldenbaum (Nancy McHugh’s father), for school shooting victim families from Santa Fe, Texas; and the bereaved family of Ronnie Lemoine (Rosemarie Wales’ Cousin’s son).

Thanksgiving – For the birth of Leila Jean Pinto, daughter of Noah and Sharon Pinto and granddaughter of Rick and Jean Pinto; for Karen Machin’s safe travels while visiting her grandson, Jonah; for Barbara and Ed’s 52 nd wedding anniversary; all mothers; for Michele’s new kitten DeCou bringing joy to her life; for Paul McHugh’s new job; for the sacrifices of all our fallen military this Memorial Day.

At Everest, kids conquer challenges with God’s mighty power!

​Each day kids will sing songs, play games,
make fun crafts, learn Bible verses, hear a Bible story, and meet the Bible Buddies (Klymer the snow leopard, Cliff the marmot, Mallory the goose, Pike the mountain goat, and Vetty the brown bear) to remind them of God’s Word.

​The fun begins:
Monday, June 25th to Friday, June 29th
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
at United Presbyterian Church
Each year during Vacation Bible School we participate in a Mission.
This year we will be supporting
Children's Home Society 
​By collecting books for their parent/child reading program.
This year we have are collecting children’s books, especially those for children ages 1-4.​
Please bring a book each night if possible. 
Click on the link below to view our June happenings:
Computer Newsletter
PHONE: (609) 585-5770
Remember when you go away this summer, the church is still going strong and its bills don't go away. Summer is always the hardest time of the year for our amazing treasurer, Pete Heberling, to pay the bills and make payroll. Don't make Pete's job harder than it has to be! Keep your giving up to date. God AND Pete will be pleased.