United Pres                          July, 2017
"The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot.
  The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage."
Psalm 16:5-6
It is nearly impossible not to feel proud on the Fourth of July. There are so many wonderful things about our nation that we often take for granted but get to celebrate on Independence Day. We have a Constitution that guarantees our right to free assembly, free speech, and freedom to practice our faith. We have a land of abundant resources and a diverse population made up of people from every nation on earth.

We Presbyterians can be especially proud of our role in what King George III was reported to have called, "The Presbyterian Rebellion." Not only did Presbyterians make up much of the Patriot's militias, but the form of government adopted by the Continental Congress and eventually the US Constitution is a democratic republic with representatives elected to enact laws and an independent judiciary, mirroring the Form of Government of the Presbyterian Church, USA.

One of the fundamentals of Presbyterian theology is that we are "reformed, but always reforming." This is a bedrock of our life as a church and as individual Christians, for we look to Jesus, "the author and perfecter of our faith" (Hebrews 12:2). As Jesus is the only one without sin, we must always be comparing our own efforts to his ideal, so that we may continually seek for God's will to be done "on earth, as it is in heaven."

For the past several years we have been hearing commentators talk about our democracy as being broken. The beautifully diverse population we have has been divided into partisan tribes. Our politicians have become more concerned with furthering their own party's political agenda and their own reelections than they have in pursuing policies that benefit the country at large and its ordinary people. There is a name for this kind of behavior. It is called sin, and it has corrupted our politics as it corrupts anything it touches.

We as Presbyterians are called to speak truth to power. It is in our DNA as heirs of the Reformers that we challenge those who would abuse their powers for ends that are self-centered, rather than to use them to serve God and serve the people. This is NOT a partisan issue. We are to hold all those who would be in public service to the highest of standards.

What gives me hope as a Christian is the certain knowledge that God is ultimately in control of the whole universe and that God's only motivation is benevolent love. As we see throughout the Old Testament, the people would ask for things God knew weren't good for them (such as having a "king" like other nations) and God allowed them to suffer the consequences of their poor decisions. History shows that tyranny falls. As Martin Luther King, Jr. put it, "The arc of history bends toward justice." We may leave the path God has desired for us, but God continues to lovingly call us back to his ways. He does that through his prophets, and Presbyterians have always been one of his prophetic voices.

We are in an unusual time. Trust God. Hold politicians responsible for what they do. That is the Presbyterian way. As Paul assures us, "In all things God works for the good of those who love him." (Romans 8:28) Just as the patriots survived the War of Independence, we too will get through these troubling times, and God will teach us many lessons as we do.

In Christ,
Pastor Jean

Come to E3 in July and August for a Special Series -- "The BE-Attitudes!" 
Beginning July 2 and running through August 27, the Beatitudes will be our theme for the E3 Services at 9:30 a.m. Each Sunday we will focus on one of the blessings Jesus promised in his Sermon on the Mount to those of his followers who share qualities that Jesus valued, but that were often not appreciated by society. At the same time, we will be continuing the VBS Mission to support beekeepers in Guatemala through the Heifer Project. E3 is an interactive, intergenerational service designed to enlighten, engage and empower us all to activate our faith. We hope to see you at an E3 Service this summer!

The Church Never Goes on Vacation
If you are planning a trip this summer, before you go away please remember to keep up your pledge or regular giving to United Presbyterian Church. The church's bills don't take a vacation and summer is always a challenging time for our treasurer, Pete Heberling, to make ends meet. Show your appreciation for Pete's work, by keeping your contributions up to date and making his job easier. But even more importantly, when you are in town come and worship! Our air conditioning will keep you cool, and the music and message will recharge your spiritual batteries. We thank you in advance for your support and we wish you a blessed summer season.

Presbyterian Women nationwide have a program known as Honorary Life Memberships. This program was established to honor a person for faithful service to the women's organization and to the church.
A donation on behalf of the recipient is made to the Presbyterian Women's Leadership Development Program, which is a program used to develop women leaders and prepare women to share their skills and gifts of ministry.
For her leadership and faithfulness to the women's work of our church, the United Presbyterian Women presented their President, Lois Dixon, with an Honorary Life Membership.
In the presentation made to Lois at the Women's Tea on June 6, Gloria Hanewald said, "Lois works tirelessly to promote our women's programs in our church and gives so much of her time to PW and other church activities. We are happy to present Lois with a silver Honorary Life Pin and Certificate as a token of our appreciation." You can see a representation of the pin above, incorporating symbols of Presbyterian Women's work of mission, peacemaking, compassion, and conservation in its design.

We congratulate Lois Dixon on this well-deserved honor.  

Thank you to all who helped make our SonQuest Rainforest VBS a success!

This week the young people of Yardville went on an exciting adventure to the Rainforest, where they encountered Christ in the midst of the wonders of creation. We are grateful to everyone who helped them along the way: Scott Cass, Craft Assistant;  Megan Gadsby, Discovery Leader; Christy and Sandy Neuman, Games Leaders; Rhea Mucha, Shepherd; Jean Pinto, Bible Storyteller; Sharon Pinto, Music Leader; Regina Schnerr, Snack Leader; Terry Wagner, Craft Leader; and Rose Wales, Shepherd. We also want to thank all of you for reaching out with flyers and for parents for bringing their children.
Summer Music'17
Sing - Play - Move! Praise the Lord! - Summer is here! Music is all around us The buzzing of insects, grass and flowers   blowing in the breeze.  It is also a time of singing, playing moving through dance to share our talents in a less formal way! Please consider your talents and ability to share them during our service at 11:00 am service! We are all so appreciative! A sign-up sheet is placed in the Narthex for name sign-up! Thank you!  

Survivors Enjoy their Final Outing of the Season

Wednesday, June 14 was a lovely day to celebrate Flag Day at the Sea Girt Lighthouse with the Survivors. Thirty-three intrepid seniors joined us for a fascinating tour of one of the most beautiful live in lighthouses on the New Jersey coast.  Afterward we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Shrimp Box in Point Pleasant Beach. Thanks to Rita Peterson who plans the Survivors events so capably. Look for our fall attractions in future newsletters! 

Socialize  -  All Together  -  Before (We Worship)

The acronym  -  SATB

That's Right!  Our Choir (and those who sang in our Easter Cantata) hosted the Coffee Hour July 2nd at 10:15 am.  A fantastic way to meet and greet others!  Thank you Choir for providing food, drink, and comradary!

Summer has come, and even our church organizations are taking time to rest, refresh, as well as plan and get ready for another vibrant and fun year beginning in September!  The staff and leaders hope you will consider your time and talents and join us being an active "voice" in our community!  Best wishes for your summer and look for what we offer in our August and September newsletters!

  July Birthdays
  Birthday greetings to the members and friends whose birthdays are in July:
1    Gracie Roberts
  4    Barry Carbone, Gloria Hanewald, Carol Heberling, Rita Peterson,       
            Justin Scharnitz
  5    Steven Bernhard, Natalie Katz, Paul McHugh, Holly Rowand
 10    Bob Mathieson
 11    Scott Cass
 12    Madison Leigh Cruser, Seth Miller, Alline Scharnitz
 13    Gail Fouse, Barbara Kavalek
 14    David Machin, Steven Wyrwas
 15    Megan Gadsby, Don LaCrosse, John Milne, Gene Rittman
 17    Jacob Yost
 22    Brianna Dickson
 24    Karin Casole
 26    Ellie Rittman, Marietta Burnett Williams
 27    William Guld
 28    Michelle Gravatt, Michael McHugh, Joseph Scharnitz 
 29    Richard Gomez, Tyler Gravatt
 30    Pat Anthony, Vanessa Rudziewicz
 31    Doris Worob

Monthly Calendar

Click on the link below to view our June happenings.


Computer Newsletter
We Pray For:

Healing for: Maria, Pam & Dan Rose, Paige, Wayne, John Borek, Ron, Bill, Kyle, Lenny, Pat, Cathy, Sally, Carolyn McPhee, Connie Davis and Andrea Pinto (all undergoing treatment for cancer); Esther Whitley (colon cancer); Tom Zeyack Sr. (liver cancer); Dot Bracaloni; Susan Anthony; Bob D'Angelo; Carol Francis (in St. Lawrence Rehab); Al & Carol D'Amico; Pat Anthony (test results, new diagnosis, and treatment); Val Zamborsky; Carrie and Esther (healing from breast cancer surgery); Bud Fisher (now home from rehab and in hospice due to cancer); Helen Fisher (suffering from Alzheimers); Frank Kostar (heart issues); Marilyn Kostar (healing from surgery and associated infection); Girja Singh (strength for future operation); Mike McHugh (for improved health); Mr. & Mrs. Walter (returning to NJ due to poor health); Lester (in ICU @ Deborah Hospital); Sharon Timm (continued healing from a fall); Jim (continued healing from a lung transplant); Verna Daggett (Pneumonia);
Jim K. (relief/healing of severe back and limb pain); Denise (healing of injuries from a fall); Barbara (guidance for both her doctors and her in determining her medical issues); Pat & Ted Brincefield (Karen Machin's aunt and uncle who live in Arizona and suffered from heat stroke during the recent heat wave); Amy's Mom (returning to physical rehab for one month); Dixie & Dave Senft (medical issues); and DeeDee (oral surgery). 

Healing & Comfort: for the family of Mr. Proccicino; Carol Schacht loss of husband and father, Dale Schacht; the families of Mr. Proccicino, Lester Morreale, Sue Cirillo, and Bruce Ettman upon their passing; and the families of those who lost loved ones in the fire and terror attacks in London England.

Concern: Nancy McHugh (strength for dealing with illnesses of her husband Mike  and father Fred Goldenbaum; James Bade (control of seizures); Laura Mraz for finding a new job; Debbie Furchak (caring for parents now at her home, Mr. & Mrs. Walter); Dave (who is angry and leaving the faith); Colleen (moving from one house to another house); the Fisher family (support as they care for Bud and Helen); and Landis and Harrison French.

Traveling Mercies: for Amanda and Lindsay Giordano going to Jamaica and for David and Nicole Machin.

Blessings:  for the marriage of Karen Machin's nephew, Chris Steele, and his fiancee, Serena; for the birth of Jacob Charles Rowand on June 28, 2017 to Charlie and Holly Rowand, and congratulations to grandparents, Jim and Sharon Neuman, and great-grandparents, Gene and Ellie Rittman. 
Thanksgiving: for Colton Thibodeau (successful botox injections treating effects of cerebral palsy); and safe travels for Sandeep Singh from Israel to New Jersey.
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