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November 2017

"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal . " - Steve Maraboli

Upcoming Events
Volunteer Luncheon
November 17th, 11:30am

Day of Action
November 18th

Food Packing Event
November 28th, 4pm

Business After Hours
December 14th, 5-7pm

Muscatine Data
Households Utilizing DHS - 2,887

US Unemployment Rate - 4.1%

Iowa Unemployment Rate - 3.2%

Muscatine Unemployment Rate - 3.0%
Note from Executive Director

Traditionally, November is a month of giving thanks. So let me start by saying thank you to the Muscatine community for supporting us for over 60 years. United Way of Muscatine has changed a lot over those years. During our origins, when we had the name United Fund of Muscatine, the main goal of the organization was to collectively raise money to support the work of non-profits in our community. Even in 1970 when the name United Way of Muscatine was adopted to more closely align with United Way of America, the goal remained the same. However, in the last 15 years or so we realized that it isn't enough to just raise and distribute money to organizations doing great work in our community. Instead, we looked for ways to have a better impact on Muscatine. In some cases, that involved holding the programs that we funded to higher standards of accountability or finding ways to reduce duplication of services. In other cases, it involved us facilitating other programming to help fill gaps or taking on programs ourselves when there wasn't a better home with another organization. Having a positive impact on our community is something we strive to do even today. With changes in the community needs and shifts in the methods that people show their support, it's more important than ever that we make sure that we are continuing to have the best impact that we can. For the first time in many years, we're asking for the community's input on how we can best meet their needs. I hope you'll take some time to follow the link to the survey below and give us your feedback. We'll be using this feedback to make sure that we do our part moving forward to have the best impact on our community. I thank you again for your support. And thank you for reading.
Shane Orr
Executive Director

United Way of Muscatine is asking community members to participate in a short, simple, online survey about social issues and United Way of Muscatine. Please take a moment to participate in this online survey by Friday, November 10th at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2017UWMSurvey or by visiting: www.unitedwaymuscatine.org and clicking on the link for the community survey. Thank you - we appreciate your participation in this important survey!

Partner Program: Family Resources


Family Resources strengthens children, families, and individuals by providing quality services that engage community resources to create effective solutions..


Family Resources has served the Muscatine community for nearly 50 years. This summer, we renewed our commitment to the community by moving into a new office that offers increased accessibility and security for anyone seeking our services. Family Resources offers several services in Muscatine including counseling, sheltering, rehousing assistance as well as comprehensive services for survivors of domestic or sexual abuse, human trafficking, homicide and other violent crimes. Our office is located at  801 Oregon Street in Muscatine with other offices in Davenport, Moline and Clinton.
Are you in need of assistance?
Find more information on our services at  www.famres.org. All calls to our 24-hour Crisis Lines are free and confidential
Iowa:  866-921-3354
Illinois:  309-797-1777
How can YOU help?
Attend a Fundraising Event
Donate lightly used items to our Donation Center or Shelter
Find more information at  www.famres.org.

Trinity Muscatine Public Health Spotlight - Iowa Health Insurance Options

Iowa Health Insurance Options

Do you or someone you know have a need for insurance coverage?  Open enrollment is currently being offered through the Marketplace for a limited time, from November 1st-December 15th.  So act now to apply!

Insurance is a difficult topic to navigate but let's take a quick look at the options available to individuals. 

1)  Employer coverage - Most places of employment have a required set of hours that an employee must work in order to qualify for this benefit.  You would need to speak to your HR department for more specific details for this job based coverage.
2)  If a person isn't offered health insurance at their job or if the monthly premiums seem too high they can look into a couple other options like...
Marketplace - Open enrollment for this coverage runs from November 1st-December 15th, with coverage beginning on January 1st of the following year.  It uses household information to see if individuals qualify for any subsidies with their monthly premiums and coverage.  Anyone can apply for this insurance but if a person is offered "affordable" employer coverage, qualifies for Medicaid or makes more than 400% FPL they will not be eligible for any subsidies.   Outside of open enrollment the Marketplace has a Special Enrollment period (SEP).  For someone to be eligible for an SEP they would need to have had a change in their household such as getting married or divorced, giving birth or adoption of a child, death of a household member, change in address or loss of insurance through a job.   

Contact Information: (Available in both English & Spanish)
Website: Healthcare.gov
Phone: 1-800-318-2596

Medicaid - This type of insurance accepts applications throughout the year, meaning there is not an open enrollment period like there is for employer coverage or Marketplace coverage.  It does however have very specific requirements to qualify and uses guidelines like income, household size and legal status to make a determination of eligibility.   

Contact Information:
Website: https://dhsservices.iowa.gov/apspssp/ssp.portal (online state of Iowa application)
Muscatine DHS Office
Phone: (563)263-9302
Address: 315 Iowa Ave. Suite# 2, Muscatine, IA 52761
3)  Care for Yourself - There are also other programs available within Muscatine County that offer limited coverage to individuals.  Care for Yourself covers the cost of breast and cervical screenings for women over the age of 40 or women under the age of 40 and have breast symptoms.  Income guidelines are generous and documentation of legal status is not required. 
Contact Information:
Trinity Muscatine Public Health
Phone: (563)263-0122
Address: 1609 Cedar St., Muscatine, IA 52761

Imagination Library Spotlight - Bennett Family

1. How did you hear about Imagination Library?   I heard about the program through friends, as well as the Muscatine Community School District. 

2. What book are you reading right now?  Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
3. What do you/ your child like about the book?  My three year-old adores this book.  She thinks it is funny and loves learning new vocabulary words, such as "foolish".  It teaches a great lesson- always be yourself!   

4. What is your favorite book that you have received through Imagination Library? And why?  Our youngest really likes Where's My Nose?  It is interactive and allows her to learn while reading. 
5. What do you like most about reading with your child/children? 
We read at least three books before bedtime every night.  It encourages us to turn off the TV and spend quality time together. 

6. Would you recommend Imagination Library? If so, why?  Yes!  As a teacher, I appreciate the need for early exposure to literacy.   It is so important that we introduce our children to books at such a young age. It has created an excitement for reading.  Our children look forward to checking the mailbox, hoping for a new book. 

7. Has Imagination Library helped grow your home library?  Yes!  The Imagination Library provides us with a variety of books that we might not otherwise choose.  I appreciate the multi-cultural perspectives that the collection provides. The books provide a "window" into a world that my children may not otherwise experience. 

8. Anything else you would like to share?  Thank you for providing the children of Muscatine with such a valuable resource!

Thank you to the Bennett family for sharing.  For more information about Imagination Library, or to share your story, please contact  Lori Dietrich a  lori@unitedwaymuscatine.org .

To register for Imagination Library online, please visit our website.

Annual Volunteer Lunch - All Volunteers Welcome!

United Way Day of Action

Food Packing Event for the Muskie Lockers

Business After Hours

Kids First Vintners Dinner a Success!

Attendance was great for our Annual Kids First Vintners Dinner.  We had touching presentations from Charla Schafer, MCSA Executive Director, Franklin School teachers, and Troy Kulland from Central Middle School.  Thank you to the MHS orchestra for some great entertainment!
Iowa Hunger Summit

Nichole and Nora Dwyer spent a day learning about hunger in Iowa.
Kids First Pancake Breakfast


Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our quarterly Kids First Pancake Breakfast.  A BIG Thank You to the Muscatine High School students who got up early on their day off of school to help cook and serve breakfast!  Everyone's support is greatly appreciated by the kids who benefit from the Kids First Program!
Women United Lunch

Thank you to all who attended the Women United luncheon!  Great presentations were made by Jerri Robison (Women United Chair), Dr. Naomi DeWinter (President of Muscatine Community College), Angie Johnson (Executive Director of UnityPoint Health Trinity Muscatine), and Brenda Christensen (MPW, Women United Member).  
United Way Attends Iowa Nonprofit Summit

United Way employees spent a couple days at the Iowa Nonprofit Summit.  Nichole presented on Volunteer Management and Kim and Shane presented on Collective Impact.  Nichole, Kim, and Michele spent the remaining time in learning sessions.
United Way