2018 Robotics
Seminars In Arizona 

In-Position Technologies will be hosting a robotics seminar in Chandler and Tucson, AZ on January 30th and 31st to discuss the future of robotics and motion control, and the fundamental aspects of the automation industry. 

Please see the list of presentations for each seminar on the event registration and register now!

Lean Robotics Animation

The why and how to guide to getting started with robotic automation.

Lean Robotics is a set of processes developed by Samuel Bouchard of Robotiq that applies Lean Manufacturing concepts to deploying robotic automation with emphasis on getting fast return on investment from your robot.

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In-Position Technologies will be closed  December 25th,
26th, and January 1st

Maintenance Free UR Cobots Operate Continuously in Harsh Environment

Aircraft Tooling, a Texas-based repair center for the aviation industry, was surprised to find that the UR robots could withstand the high temperatures and harsh environment while performing metal powder and plasma spray processes. The cobots have now been in operation for three years without breakdown or service requirements.

Robotiq - Collision Detection 

The Collision Detection Skill uses the data measured by the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor to define at which force and torque values the execution of a program has to stop due to a potential collision. The Skill can be used to prevent any damage to robot tooling, parts, work surfaces, robots and other components with which the end-effector can collide.


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Lexium MDRive with Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder
For applications that require position tracking and updating, regardless of the state of system power, Lexium MDrive products with multi-turn absolute magnetic encoder for monitoring and storing position information will be available beginning Q2 2018. 

Absolute MDrive products will eliminate the need for a homing routine each time a system is power-cycled, reducing the setup time required by the machine on startup. Ideal for reducing the overhead of mechanical homing switches or sensors.

Watch a product demo, which includes soon-to-be-released absolute encoders:

Watch Here

Product details, pricing and release schedule will be shared once finalized. 

Field Test Sites Needed

Want to be one of the first to try this new product? Select field test sites are needed beginning Q1 2018. Please contact your BDM if you are interested in participating. 

Parker's Electromechanical Products For Life Science Applications

Parker's dedicated electromechanical business is an industry leader in servicing life science positioning applications. Whether you need one component or an entire integrated system, Parker has the right solution for you. 

Designing your own or buying off the shelf, Parker Electromechanical & Drives Division offers an unmatched portfolio of electromechanical solutions for every life science application including:
  • Sample Handling 
  • Liquid Handling
  • Scanning and Imaging 
Advanced manufacturing and assembly processes allow Parker to build quality and consistency into every element of your motion system. 

Download Parker's new life science capabilities brochure to learn more about our product offering for the various applications!

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