Rutgers Rules! Barchi Discusses Historic Commencement
In the annual intercollegiate competition to get the top commencement speaker, Rutgers rules, NJTV reports. The University scored the president of the United States, on no less auspicious an occasion than the university's 250th anniversary. At right, watch an enjoyable clip of President Barchi discussing the occasion, President Obama's speech and Rutgers' continuing rise in prominence.

Spotlight on RU-Newark's Grad Rates Finds Big Success
RU-Newark has a graduation rate for black students that is far above the national average. But instead of offering out-sized athletic scholarships or perks to potential out-of-state students, the university is doubling down on a bid for students who are often ignored-low-income, urban, public high-school graduates with mediocre test scores. Read The Atlantic story here

Focus on Affordability in RU-Camden, Atlantic Cape 3+1 BSN
RU-Camden and Atlantic Cape Community College have expanded a collaboration that allows students to pay lower tuition and fees at Atlantic Cape for an additional year, a savings of more than $20,000, before transferring to the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden. An artist's rendering of the new RU-Camden Nursing and Sciences building, to open in 2017, is at right. Read more here.