September 28, 2017




Dear Friends and Neighbors:
Unusually High Water Bills:
Our office is aware that a large number of constituents have received unusually high water bills.  There are at least 5,000 residents city-wide who have already reported this to Public Works & Engineering.  The administration and PWE are aware of the situation and are currently looking into the cause.
If you have received an unusually high water bill since Hurricane Harvey, please either call 713-371-1400 to report it, or scan your water bill and include it with a brief statement including your contact information, and email it to  Please do not report this to our office in the first instance; it needs to go to water customer service to be properly logged.
The administration has said that if you report an unusually high water bill, eligible accounts will be placed on administrative hold, penalties will not accrue and accounts will not be disconnected until this has been investigated and resolved.
Train Horns in the Quiet Areas:
Federal law requires the installation of certain safety mechanisms in order to establish a quiet zone where trains are not required to blow their horns.  Hurricane Harvey destroyed many of those safety mechanisms in the city of Houston.  As such, for safety reasons, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has ordered the sounding of train horns within the affected quiet zone areas. This includes the Union Pacific Railroad crossing at San Felipe St. (just east of E. Briar Hollow Ln.), Westheimer Rd. (just west of Highland Village) and Richmond Ave.
PWE's Transportation and Drainage Operations began inspecting all 13 quiet zones in the City of Houston soon after Harvey, however, the FRA identified six additional locations during their own inspection. The city has been in contact with the FRA and Union Pacific Railroad and will keep them updated as to when the locations have been fully repaired.  Once the work is completed, Union Pacific will remove the order to sound the horn and the quiet zone will be in effect again.  This repair work is anticipated to be completed within the next two weeks if not sooner (barring any issues with material or weather). 

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