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Dear SCFA colleagues,

It is time for us to prepare for our annual SCFA board elections for the next Academic Year.  The official procedure is that we form a nominating committee which selects candidates, followed by a vote by the membership.  The SCFA Executive Board consists of a minimum of seven and up to eleven members, who serve staggered two year terms.

In accordance with SCFA bylaws, a nominating committee has selected a slate of candidates to fill the four open SCFA board positions for the two year term beginning October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2019.  Thank you very much to the nominating committee Kirsten Gruez, Kimberly Lau and Laurie Palmer.

Hunter Bivens, Deborah Gould, Vanita Seth, Megan Thomas and Richard Montgomery, will continue their terms on the Executive Board.
Three current members of the Executive Board, Ben Carson, Chris Connery and Ronnie Lipschutz have agreed to serve a new term if re-elected. One new Board member, Daniel Selden, will join us for two year terms if approved by the membership. All nominees have agreed to serve.

1. Ben Carson
2. Chris Connery
3. Ronnie Lipschutz
4. Daniel Selden

Other nominations of members who have been in good standing as of April 1, 2017 may be made upon petition to the Secretary of the Association. Suggestions from the broader SCFA membership for the nominating committee to consider are most welcome. Petitions must be delivered on or before June 16, 2017,  to the Santa Cruz Faculty Association, at scfa.assist@gmail.com.

In accordance with the SCFA Bylaws, if no nominations are submitted, the slate shall be
considered elected by acclamation.

Best regards,
The SCFA Board

With faculty participation, the FA is an effective political voice. Together , we decide how to use it. Visit   our website to find out how to join your colleagues by registering online.