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New Product: Lucuma Cookie Bites!




I have a delicious new superfood product I call Lucuma Cookie Bites, filled with creamy coconut, lucuma fruit powder, maca root, raw honey, wild brazil nuts and spices.  These taste just like little cake doughnuts, I am told :)  Sweet and buttery, the perfect snack. 


There are also some new recipes and a video recipe on my blog that are there to inspire the creative forces within.  The video, if you have yet to see, is a recipe for Strawberry & Cacao Caramel Layer Bars, truly a treat.  This easy recipe can be done quickly, and is great to serve those new to raw foods, since it has familiar flavors and nice layered textures.  


One more note, I would love if you share my website/videos/recipes with the people you know.  My goal is to share delicious, nutritious and fun food with those that love being healthy and want to make it themselves.  So if you could take a moment to help inspire others around you, whether you make a recipe yourself and share it with a friend, or you send my information along to those that want to make this kind of food, I really would appreciate the community spirit that this kind of superfood, whole foods lifestyle needs :) 




Love & Blessings,


Lucuma Cookie Bites 3.5oz

lucuma cookiesThese little cookies are filled with bold flavors, a unique tropical ingredient called Lucuma, maca root powder, and Wild Brazil Nuts.
This Amazonian treat is handcrafted and handrolled into little bite-sized cookies. 

The texture is like a dense cake, and the flavor can be described as a tropical maple syrup, perfectly salted to enhance the sweet flavors of the yummy lucuma.  

Lucuma Powder:  An amazonian superfruit that is high in beta-carotene, iron, niacin (B3), calcium and phosphorus.  It is in the sapote family, and has a creamy yellow fruit, that is sweet and maple-like in flavor. 

Wild Brazil Nuts:  Grows wild in the forests of the amazon and filled with high amounts of selenium, the number one plant source of this mineral.

Each bag contains 6-7 cookies and is 3.5oz. 
Cost is 6.95 per bag.

Go to Store: http://alchemygoddess.bigcartel.com/

Video Recipe & Tartlets

www.divianaalchemy.com for all recipes!   


Strawberry & Cacao Caramel Layer Bars

Raw Cacao Caramel Bars
Raw Cacao Caramel Bars
Recipe Here:  http://www.divianaalchemy.com/videos/

View our videos on YouTube

Cherimoya Cream Tartlets


I love a sweet treat that is bite sized and full of bold flavors.  This recipe is versatile and can be adapted to fit the season.  Cherimoyas are ripe in California right now, and I had my first since being in Hawaii this week!  This exotic fruit tastes like bubblegum and is very sweet.  I recommend eating a cherimoya fresh, then using one to incorporate into a recipe if you have extra, since they are so delicious on their own.  The Cherimoya cream is simple and highlights tropical flavors, to mingle into a delicate cream that is fit for a bright sunny day.  You may use any crust/cookie recipe you wish to pair with the cherimoya cream, but this cacao recipe works well.  The crust is an easy place to add herbs and superfoods, since the fats from the nuts and coconut can stand up to the strong and bitter flavors of herbs, and balance them with the right combinations. 


I am also adding a raw dairy recipe here, as a filling, and the same crust can be used as the base.  The star ingredient here is raw cream.  If you can't find raw cream, but raw milk is available, just let the raw milk sit for 12-24 hours and let the cream rise to the top of your bowl or cream separator.  Then you can skim off the cream.  You may need to separate the cream a few times to get a thick whipped cream texture for the end product.  You could potentially use young coconut meat or your favorite yogurt in this recipe as well, for a simple, creamy and smooth filling.


Chocolate Cookie Dough

1 cup coconut flakes

� cup brazil nuts

3 T cacao powder

2 T raw honey

3-4 dates, pitted

1 tsp maca powder

1 tsp reishi or chaga powder

� tsp cinnamon

� tsp real salt


Mix coconut flakes and brazil nuts in food processor until a flour forms.  Add remaining ingredients to food processor and mix until combined into a sticky dough.  Press into tiny glass cups, or tart tins.  Set aside.


 Cherimoya Banana Cream

� cup cherimoya, seeds removed

2 T banana flakes or powder (or � ripe banana)

2 T coconut oil

2 T cacao butter (or coconut butter)

1 tsp maca powder

1 T raw honey

pinch real salt

� cup coconut water or pure water


Melt coconut oil and cacao butter and place all ingredients into a high power blender.  Mix until creamy and pour into Chocolate dough cups.  Chill for 1 hour or more and top with edible flowers.


Real Whipped Cream

1 cup raw cream

pinch real salt

1 T raw honey (un-crystallized is best)

1 vanilla bean, deseeded or 1 tsp vanilla powder


Mix all ingredients in a food processor for 30-45 seconds, or until whipped cream is forming soft peaks.  Scrape down sides and lightly pulse until the peaks are stiff.  Pour into Chocolate dough cups.  (if your food processor is large, it may be better to do a larger batch so it mixes evenly, so just double the recipe)


Upcoming Class & Events Schedule


Caramel Apple Cream PieRaw Food Classes at my local Co-op in Port Townsend, WA:

Live Pie Mandalas: March 13

Sunday, 2-4pm  

At the Co-op Annex 

We will learn the art of live pie making, complete with seasonal ingredients and superfoods.  This is one of my favorite classes to teach, since raw pies are my specialty :)

More information, email or call me: alchemygoddess@gmail.com    360.981.2328

I will also be at the Alcove at the PT Food Co-op on March 9th & 10th from 2:30 to 6, selling my superfood goodies and book!!!

Raw Foods 101: April 16, Saturday 2-4pm

At the Co-op Annex

Learn some simple techniques to bring raw foods into your lifestyle, with smoothies, delicious salads, and sweet treats.  This will be a great overview for those that want to brush up on raw food techniques and get inspired to add more raw foods to their diet. 

Complete PT Co-op Schedule Here



Longevity Conference


April 1st, 2nd, 3rd in Costa Mesa California.  I will be driving down South for this special event and will offer an array of my superfood treats, some new products, my book with the opportunity to talk with me in person :)  Would love to see you there for this Amazing gathering!




Thank You!  Love Julia
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