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Meet some of the latest additions to the 
Southold Shelter ... 
Zoe's 1st Mother's Day!
Sweet Zoe came to us last month with 7 little ones who were only 2 weeks old.

Zoe, 1, endured quite a bit before she became a Mom, coming from a hoarding situation where she was not getting the loving care she deserves.  This, however, did not affect her ability to nurture and love.  Zoe is one of the greatest Moms we have ever met!  She is remarkably affectionate and sweet with people, too. 
1 year old Zoe

Zoe's pups are growing fast. Just days ago, their eyes were closed. 
Now they have started playing together. 
Watch a clip here: 

To learn more about Zoe and her pups, please contact the
Meet a Few More of Our Current Residents 
Looking for Their Forever Homes

Zucco loves to stay in bed late and lounge on the sofa. He is a gentle well mannered senior. Zucco gets along with all people and some doggy friends .

At the Southold Shelter
Buster is our longest resident at the Riverhead Shelter. He has been with us since July 2011, when he was 9 months old. Buster loves to play with toys, and has his own fan club! 

At the Riverhead Shelter

Gram spends her day using her nose, she loves long walks and plenty of treats. She is very gentle soulful and sweet. Gram gets along with dogs and everyone she meets.

At the Southold Shelter

Coco Too
Coco Too is just Too Cute ! Sadly, she was left by her family when they moved out of the state. She is incredibly sweet, good natured, and snugly; more than anything she wants to put her head in your lap.

At the Southold Shelter

Boone was brought into the shelter in January, 2017, and saved from a bad situation. He had been kept in wooden box in the backyard, and was used as a breeder dog. Boone is only 3 years old, and is a very sweet boy. 

At the Riverhead Shelter

Honey is one of our newest faces at the shelter. This pint size girl is beyond adorable. She is about 6 months old, and is so full of love and kisses. Everyone who meets her falls instantly under her spell, bet you will too. 

At the Riverhead Shelter

These are just a few of the special animals looking for loving homes. 
The shelters are full.
 We encourage you to visit us and Adopt Love

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