Mobile Robot Seminar Series

You have seen the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) used as a vacuum cleaner (iRobot), but AMRs are also reshaping how products are delivered in manufacturing, logistics, and medicine. This 3 hour seminar will demonstrate how Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) are applied in manufacturing and logistics.

The seminar will cover:
  • Room Mapping & Configuration
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Safety
  • Route scheduling & programming
  • Human interaction
  • Product delivery and cost

Universal Robots 2017 Training Calendar 
  • 4 Locations
  • Core Training
  • Service & Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Training

In-Position Technologies
will be exhibiting

The Colorado Convention Center 


Millibar Foam Vacuum Grippers
Ideally Suited for Handling Items Where Only Partial Coverage is Possible

Millibar's foam gripper product line is versatile and ideally suited for handling items where only partial coverage is possible. They can handle a wide variety of shapes, dimensions, weights and materials.

Foam grippers hold firm and securely to all surfaces, without vacuum loss.  Sizes range from 25mm to pallet dimensions. Foam vacuum grippers are perfect for robotics, material handling, stacking, palletizing and EOAT applications.
  • MiniGrip: Rectangular and round
  • FlexGrip: Port grippers, valve grippers and Flexbag
  • Plug and Pick: Port grippers

Smart Processing Commander   
Machine Control Interface for High Precision Laser Processing Applications

The SPiiPlusSPC is user interface software for high precision laser processing equipment that provides complete machine control and easily integrates, manages, and coordinates the SPiiPlus motion control system, laser, and other potential machine peripherals (vision, galvo, etc.).

This easy to use, comprehensive environment for manual and automated machine operation leverages SPiiPlus EtherCAT® based motion control product line for complete machine control. Suitable for many 2D and 3D laser processing applications
'out of the box', with customization options available for more complex applications.
Create simple or complex motion/process recipes from one or multiple imported CAD files (DXF, DWG, Gerber, NC Drill, STL, etc.) and/or the SPC geometric functions.

SmartSCALE, The New Standard Encoders
IP67 Design with 5 Nanometer Resolution

Magnescale Co., Ltd. has released an exposed, non-contact magnetic linear encoder capable of achieving 5 nanometer resolution. 

SmartSCALE is the world's first exposed, non-contact magnetic encoder achieving 5 nanometer resolution by combining the most advanced magnetic device technology with the development of a new algorithm processing circuit (based upon proprietary technology).  It is compact in size and offers high reliability by eliminating many of the mechanical elements that are necessary to a typical enclosed linear encoder.
  • Wide gap and clearance tolerance 
  • Individual non-contact component design
  • 5nm high-resolution
  • Sealed structure with IP67 protection grade
Get Remote Access to Your Universal Robot
Get in Touch with Your UR Robots, Anywhere, Anytime - From Any Device

Industry 4.0 is here; now you can access a UR robot from anywhere with any device using Airgate's new ARCS rm solution.

ARCS   rm is UR certified software that provides an encrypted VNC connection between the robot and any internet-connected device that the robot owner has granted access to. Once connection is established, the PolyScope GUI on the robot's touch screen will stream to the connected device screen.
 ARCS rm (remote management) provides you with an extra communication dimension to your collaborative robots. The easy to install and easy to program solutions enables you to be in touch with your robots through a secure link, which works any time of the day and independently of your location. The solutions reduce overall production costs, improved quality, minimized downtime and increased operational efficiency.

Low-Cost NEMA 17 SmartMotor™
Providing the Same Features Found in High-end SM SmartMotor Line

Moog Animatics is pleased to announce the release of its new, low-cost NEMA 17 SmartMotor ™,model SL17406D. 

The SL17 SmartMotor is described as "low-cost," but it certainly isn't lacking in features or performance. In fact, the robust design of the SL17 model provides many of the same features found on our high-end SM SmartMotor line, including:
  • Integrated drive and controller, which reduces wiring, increases reliability, simplifies installation and reduces setup time 
  • Torque, position, velocity and contouring modes 
  • Encoder feedback with trapezoidal six step and Field oriented Control (FOC) commutation modes
  • Powerful AniBasic (BASIC-like) language with over 200 commands: IO, program flow, dat handling, math and motion
  • IEEE-754 single precision-floats 
  • Dual trajectory generators

In Position Technologies, Inc.,  7403 West Boston Street,  Chandler, AZ 85226