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January 16, 2016
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Twenty Seconds That Could Save Your Life
Barbara Ames
Nutrition, Health & Food Safety Agent

Want to avoid getting sick? Did you know that the best way to protect your health and prevent spreading germs that can cause infections and disease is inexpensive, easy and quick? It's as simple as washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds! ...Complete Article  Audio

This Winter, Use Firewise Thinking
Kylie Ludwig
Community Vitality & Financial Management Agent   

Winter is often the most dangerous time of the year for house fires. Home and shop heating system maintenance should be done prior to winter, but it's never too late to start that maintenance. Most fires are the result of lack of maintenance. 

Featured Recipe
Our Favorite Chicken Noodle Soup
Even though it sounds too good to be true, chicken noodle soup can actually help you get well faster when you are suffering from the head and chest congestion that comes with cold and flu season. The hot broth can clear congestion and ease a sore throat; it also provides the fluids that our bodies need more of when we are sick. The chicken provides protein, which our immune system needs to fight off the germs. And the vegetables and whole grain noodles provide vitamins and minerals that boost our immune systems.
So, keep this soup at the ready to help your family fight off colds and flu this winter. It freezes well, so put some in freezer containers just in case there is a time you are not feeling well enough to cook. ...Complete Recipe

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This newsletter is a bi-monthly publication of K-State Research and Extension and University of Missouri Extension to provide information on safe food preservation.

January/February 2016 Newsletter 
Nourishing the Next Generation 
This newsletter is a bi-monthly publication of K-State Research and Extension designed for grandmothers and grandfathers who care for a child (or children) of any age: infants through teens. Others who may be interested include other family members, many child care providers, neighbors and friends.

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This is a monthly newsletter published by K-State Research and Extension's Rapid Response Center with news articles based on questions received, current food safety issues, or information based on the time of the year.
Calendar of Events
Agronomy Night - Girard
Event Flyer

January 25
Girard High School Cafeteria
Summit & Cedar Streets
Girard, KS

Farmer's Market Regional Workshop

February 20
Southeast Area K-State Research and Extension Facility
400 Hwy and 32nd (Ness)
Parsons, KS 67357
Hazardous Occupation Training
Event Flyer

February 20
LCHS Vo-Ag Building

2016 FCS Lessons

February 23, 2016 and

March 22, 2016
Starting at 10:00 am
Southeast Area K-State Research and Extension Facility
400 Hwy and 32nd (Ness)
Parsons, KS 67357
March 4-5 Lamplighter Inn
4020 Parkview Dr.
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Meet the Agents

Barbara Ames

Nutrition, Health & Food Safety
Phone: 620-331-2690

Family & Child Development
Phone: 620-724-8233

Kylie Ludwig
Family Resource Management & Community Development
Phone: 620-784-5337

Martha Murphy
Foods & Nutrition for
Limited Resource Families
Phone: 620-232-1930

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